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Thursday, October 27, 2005

UFO's, Some Of My Recollections

Greetings. Many of you know me by my site. On this site I have chosen to share things that are a bit more personal part of my life. I want to welcome you to coming to this site and I will make additions here from time to time based upon my recollections and the events of the days as they go by. I just wanted to welcome you for this opening comment and give you a short example of what you might expect here.
I have on many occasions been able to see and by see I mean observe things that are not readily available to the naked eye of various people.
For example, once I was riding in a car that was driven by my friend Julie. We were driving across one of The Nations on our way to visit a friend and I remember looking out the passenger window up at the sky, in a place that Julie could not see because she was on the other side of the car driving, and observing a vehicle in the sky.
It had a narrow part in the middle and two bigger parts on either end and was clearly what is known as a UFO.
I've had many such sightings over the years, perhaps the most spectacular of which was a time when I was living in Pasadena, California. I don't remember what year it was but it was a time when the Super Bowl was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena so there was a lot of activity in the sky's from helicopters and so on.
A friend had come over that day to comment and work on my first book which was called, Allies. It's not in print now but if you try you can probably find a copy.
I recall that she had just arrived and I happened to glance up in the sky and there in the sky were three ships, also known as Flying Saucers but that term's not quite appropriate but they were disc shaped and they were orange in color not bright orange but sort of red - orange. They were in a triangular pattern, very close triangle pattern, three of them and they were clearly spinning is how I observed them and wobbling so I do understand why they might have been called Flying Saucers by the man that gave them that name.
I recall that because everybody was watching the Super Bowl that there was no traffic and we stood out in the street and looked up in the sky. Here's the interesting thing to me and that's that up to that point in time I had seen many ships and I know others have but this was perhaps the most spectacular sighting I have had and I remember staring at it for about twenty minutes and then my friend could not, you know this is an interesting thing, my friend standing right next to me could not see them.
It is a fascinating factor there. Apparently there are things that can be seen by some and not by others. So she's looking in the sky and she can't see it. It's as plain as day to me but she cannot see it. This does not mean that there's something wrong with her or there's something right with me but rather that I was meant to be able to see it at that time and she was not meant to see it at that time. This is my conclusion.
Those of you who have seen such things may know what I am talking about and those of you who would like to see such things and have not seen them yet just know the time is not right for you. Well I remember looking at them for about twenty minutes and then I recall glancing away for a moment because she wanted to go in and work and when I looked back I could not see them anymore.
Interestingly enough at one point I remember stepping out of the position I was in physically in the street - you know as I said to go in and work and I could not see them and then I stepped back into the position I was in and I could see them so apparently being in a specific spot can make a difference.
Well, that's my recollection for today. I'll add other things from time to time here. I have seen many things in my time - Beings, ships, Light Beings, I'm sure some of you have seen these things too. So that's all I have to say for today.
Welcome to this site and goodlife to you all.