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The Wand Position
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Friday, October 27, 2006

What Really Can Be Done

I cannot really tell you how important it is to assume the impossible can be done. I do not mean to consider that it may be possible - that something heretofore considered impossible might be done but really to take in as a belief that the impossible can be done.

This does not mean that terrible things can be done - it means that things that we have considered in the past or have been brought up to believe cannot be done, really can be done.

It boils down to permission. What we have taken away from us when we start to grow up - and even when we are little children is permission - don't do this, don't do that, that's just your imagination. All of these things that are very well intended by the adults or parents or grandparents and even friends that we grow up with.

Many of these intentions are well grounded so that we will be safe - at least in the eyes of those around us but how often is permission taken away, and of course we wish to please these people - yes, how often is permission taken away when simply by allowing that it may be possible - certain solutions could be derived. If not at a tender age then maybe someday when one grows up.

I'm not here to blame anyone but rather I am mentioning these things because when I was younger I had some things that were also taken away but there were other things that were encouraged.

I was fortunate enough to have parents that allowed me to imagine and such imaginings have led me to having perhaps, greater permission to assume the impossible can be done.

I grant that when I started my work at the very beginning that I didn't believe that any of these things could be done. That was conditioning that I received as a result of my life up to that point but once I started having results and I had the evidence of my own eyes and other senses I came to it quickly - perhaps not as quickly as I would have liked but I came to it fairly quickly that the impossible can indeed can be done.

I will be addressing the "impossible" more on this site - and while I have begun many of these topics on Benevolent Magic I will carry on with further lessons here and try to advance your capabilities as much as possible.

For all those of you who are ready to embrace them - I salute you. For others who are not sure I welcome you to consider the possibilities.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What About Earth Changes

Let us consider now, the term "Earth changes" which many of us have been hearing for years and years. Having just experienced one of these changes in a most pronounced way I have come to a conclusion that may seem obvious to most of you.

I have considered it in the past but my feeling is this - the real lesson of Earth changes is that our host, Mother Earth, must do things for herself.

How often have we had friends over perhaps, and needed to do something for ourselves. Sometimes it was something simple albeit perhaps a little embarrassing and other times it was something more complex.

How is it possible to do these things when people come over and yet we find a way don't we - and that's a simple if somewhat amusing situation but what about when you are host to millions of beings to say nothing of animals and plants and all kinds of beings eh and you have to do something for yourself.

My feeling is that a lot of what Earth changes is about, is about acceptance and allowance. Mother Earth is a sterling example to us about allowance - what she allows us to do on her and even to her. I would like to say that I know many of us would prefer that we be good guests and not harm Mother Earth and yet how do we live, how do we survive.

My feeling is that Mother Earth does understand that it is in our nature as it is with all life to survive as best they can.

Maybe that's the key. Lets consider how we can survive as best we can on Earth while doing as little damage to Earth as possible. I know many of you have considered this but I'm adding my voice to yours in a gentle way to support that.

Earth changes may simply be about bringing to our attention that Mother Earth is alive, she must do things for herself as we often do and that we can - as a good guest accept that with a minimum amount of complaint. I am hopeful that Earth changes now and in the future will be as gentle and benevolent as possible for all of us and for Earth herself.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Attraction And Application, Part 2

Now that you've tried or have found your place to pull yourself towards - lets do something else in that vein.

I'd like you to pick a place on the land that is closer to you. Again, it is not to be something manmade, not to be a human being, not to be an animal but simply a place on the land.

Always try to make it someplace where there is nothing manmade including - for example - an electrical wire in the air going from one place to another between you and the thing you've picked - to the best of your ability as far as you can see - just someplace in this case blank on the land but that you can see, that is not too far from you. It can be - oh say a hundred yards away or as close as 75 feet away but you don't have to measure it, just make your best guess.

Then I'd like you to do the same exact homework as last time. Imagine a rope or a connection between you and that place and using your solar plexus - pull. The intention is not to pull the land towards you but because it is an immovable object to pull you towards that.

There is a reason to do this and I will say more about it in time but that's your homework for now.

I will say this last thing. I believe that there was a time in the past when there were people all over the Earth that knew how to do these things. Now there are just a few of us - I can feel that I'm not the only one.

I want to pass these things on and since I have not many apprentices at the moment I'm nominating you if you want to participate.

I'm not going to reveal anything dangerous here. I have from time to time had critics who have honestly, genuinely and from their hearts suggested that this is not a place to reveal such things and I agree that it can only be done here gently and with heart. So I will merely lay the foundations as I have been doing here.

Know that the homework I've given in this last post here and this one today can only be used for benevolent things and I assure you, safety mechanisms have been put in place to make it possible to only use it for that which is benevolent.

So, practice on the land and practice with good heart. There is reason, there is purpose, there's love and there is yes - co-ordination involved here. Co-ordination of a different type that is designed to enable you to interact benevolently with the Earth in ways that she uses, as I've been taught - in balancing and ordering and in interacting with all parts of herself.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Attraction And Application

There was a time in the beginning of my career when I had doubts. No matter what I was able to do I would - even after having been trained and having accomplished it well - I would have doubts. I would question what had happened.

Now as time has gone on and I've been trained to do many, many more things and have the evidence afterwards of having been involved in these creations I no longer have much in the way of doubts.

In fact I feel comfortable when observing the physical results - such as inviting the rain or even deflecting from this place or that place in the world some event of proportion.

Excuse me for being vague but I have been taught to do some things involved with the natural processes of Mother Earth and have been taught how to know, with physical evidence, when it's alright to request that this happen and when it's alright to participate in the motion of something one way or another - by this I mean I have on occasion been able to reduce through influence with Mother Earth the power of an earthquake or move very gently a storm - so that it would miss land.

Along these lines it is easy afterwards to say - did I really do that - and I have found that over time I'm more aware of having participated in it.

Now I'd like to bring it to your attention, more of the steps in accomplishing these things and to also let you know that you also will have doubts because we have been trained to believe that we cannot do things - that the impossible is all around us and that we are just trying to get by as best as possible.

In my experience we can do a great deal - even an individual. I am an individual and I have been taught how to do many things. I have encouraged you over time to try this, to try that. Many times these are all steps towards benevolently influencing - now I will suggest that you try something else.

Be alert to the fact that I'm not suggesting this so that you would actually accomplish what it is I'm suggesting - this is simply another step in your training if you wish to participate.

I'm going to recommend that you put your gaze on an immovable object. It must be something that is - in its own right - solid and a portion of Mother Earth. So this means that it cannot be something manmade - not a building for instance.

It can be a very large old tree which does not necessarily have to be alive but it must be well and firmly rooted to the ground. It can, and this would be better, be a mountain or a mesa or even a hill. If so then it would be best that you are either at the base of it or even at some distance from it but can see it. It is not to be the moon or the sun or a star in the sky - it must be something on the land.

This is what I'd like you to try. I'd like you to look at it and then with the solar plexus, if you know where that is - I think you do, I want you to pull. Don't pull the object towards you - rather imagine a cord or a rope if you like between you and that object and pull with the idea that since it is an immovable object you see - pull in such a way as you can feel yourself being drawn towards it.

You have to do this from your solar plexus, not from your belly button but from your solar plexus.

Thats all. Just do it once. If you feel like it and if you feel comfortable you can do it twice. Now this isn't to attract yourself to anything but it's a step towards homework and I'm going to suggest that you try it now. I will say more about this next time.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Earthquake In Hawaii

Greetings. I want to let you know I'm alright and I also want to thank you all for your prayers and your concern.

Please everyone say Living Prayer or your own kind of prayer for everyone here in Hawaii and everyplace else that you feel may need it.

If you don't remember what to say I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now in the most benevolent way from all those beings who can help them."

Thank you again. Goodlife.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ants As Messengers

I have spoken before about the amazing things ants will do to not only communicate but to also deliver messages. I have been blessed in that I have received messages from many different creatures - ravens, ants and others but now I would like to say just a brief reminder about ants.

Ants have made it their devotional work to remain on the Earth however unwelcome they seem to be to us at times to deliver messages.

They have the capability to move in patterns not only to express their own needs but to deliver most important messages. You will all notice - perhaps you have seen it already - the various videos available here and there on the internet now showing ants moving in a pattern that resembles a vortex.

Do not be alarmed when you see this. It is actually a wonderful sign referring to a total link of complete unity which has taken place for all beings.

It is essential you see, for all beings on Earth and beyond to have a moment when a total link takes place. This allows us all to move forward into a more benevolent world. It has taken place and these wonderful messengers have given us the message.

I will say more about this as time goes on. So I just wanted to mention it to you now because when these moments take place which they must - we can all expand benevolently and with no effort - changing nothing outwardly but allowing our spirits, hearts and souls to become more of our native personalities on a daily basis.

Goodlife to you all.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Life Supported After Death

I recall a time once when I looked outside just through a window and I saw a great many people walking along but there was something odd about it and I realized they were above ground and yet they were walking.

It was like - rows of people - maybe 2 or 3 rows and there was something further that was odd about it and that is that their garments were very colorful - different colors but not unlike the garments we have today.

This was during the time when I was living in a mountainous region in Colorado.

After watching this for several minutes it came to me what it was about and it explained the unusual energy in that area where I was living.

The trail of people seemed to just begin at one point in the air - not way up in the sky you understand for I was looking slightly down into a valley - and then it just disappeared.

I realize though what it was about. This was a pathway that souls were taking from one point to another after death.

They clearly didn't see me, so I was seeing something that was beyond their perception but was in that moment available to my perception. I have since been taught and can attest to as a result of this experience that there are circumstances in which people will come together after death and not immediately proceed on with their lives.

Of course there are individual circumstances like this but I'm talking about something that's more of a group or collective experience.

This situation is not some cursed kind of a reality but rather allows these beings to feel a sense of connection with other beings when they feel, as a result of their lives or experience, disenfranchised. I've been taught that it's a way that souls get in touch with their hearts after death.

Many of the teachings I've been exposed to lead me to believe that many of these people have had a hard time in life and have tried one way or another to escape life while living it. I've also been taught that this experience that I was a witness to briefly was something that they experience for a very short time - just enough for them to get used to the idea that they are not alone and that others like them have had a similar sense of disenfranchisement.

I'm mentioning this to you today not because I expect it to be of any great startling revelation to you but rather because it's important to know, even if you feel totally disenfranchised and even if - I hope not but even if your life ends with that feeling, you will be guaranteed an opportunity to feel a connection with others and I believe you will move on with a sense of union with all peoples.

The faces on these peoples - maybe I didn't say - they were all types and a distinct feeling was that they were from all times but they were meeting in that moment to feel a sense of life being worth living.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Orienting Yourself

I recall as a youngster feeling out of step with the other kids at school. This may very well have been the same feeling that they had but of course one doesn't know at that tender age - still that feeling persisted for some time and really - has threads even now in my life.

The one thing that I have come to realize over the years is that it is very possible to feel out of step when one does not have the awareness, especially at a tender age, that you have a skill or an ability that simply hasn't either been discovered by those around you and can point it out to you in a complimentary fashion or that they simply have not observed it or don't say anything.

Two suggestions - parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, everyone who are around children - pay special attention if your youngster shows a special aptitude for something.

It isn't going to make the other children feel bad because if you notice that they feel funny or they seem to look down and start studying their shoes or their toes when you are complimenting someone be sure and say to them all when your done - even if you have to go around and say it when the time presents itself - that they also have special skills and of course they will immediately ask you what they are and you say - I'll point them out to you when I see them.

It's very important to reinforce this, as I'm sure many of you know.

Now for the young people out there I want you to pay attention in your life. Have you noticed something that you're good at or that you find is easier to do.

I'm not talking about a lifetime job or a career here, I'm talking about something simple - something that you do in your day to day life. Perhaps it's something that you think is insignificant or even trivial.

Be aware that everyone is born with - usually three things that they can do very easily that other people will struggle with. They might seem to be everyday ordinary things or more likely it is some portion of something that when it is put into your life at a later time will be a cornerstone or even an essential part of something else.

So try to pay attention especially when your friends say, even sarcastically, that it's easy for you to do that. Pay attention to that because those remarks - while they might feel hurtful or even as delivered as an insult, a put down - turn it over on the other side. It might be an observation that something is easy for you and obviously since they said it that way - isn't for them.

This is a way to find out that something is a talent or an ability that you were born with. I know that might seem obvious at times but other times it's very vague.

It's good to pay attention to these things especially when there aren't any parents, grandparents, friends or uncles or aunties around to observe and tell you that you have talents and abilities and that even though Earth and her peoples and your family and others are here to welcome you that somehow these talents and abilities - whether a part of something else or something specific in itself - are needed now in some way on the Earth or you wouldn't have them.