The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gentle Influence With The Weather: Tornados, Part 2

I started you last time on preparations towards influencing the path or direction of tornados. I feel I need to give you a little background though on the tornados themselves from the spiritual point of view which is my speciality.

Tornados are not simply scientific anomalies though they can be seen that way by some. They are energy transformers.

Mother Earth, as I've been taught, uses these cyclonic winds to pull on her own body - to pull out energies that are no longer compatible with her and in order to disperse these energies and make them less hurtful to her body she uses high winds moving in a cyclonic pattern to disperse these energies because if these energies stay in a solid mass they cause her harm and yes - pain.

She is not attempting to harm us, our houses, our cows, our animals, any of our buildings. She is trying to reach her own physical body - the land.

We have similar situations in our bodies. We have pains, we have aches, we have diseases - we have our own methods of treating them - our Physicians, our Chiropractors and others. Mother Earth does the same but for herself. So when you see a tornado, while it does cause terrible damage, pain and misery to many people know that it is not the intention of Mother Earth to do this.

If those houses or people were not there that tornado would still be going to those exact spots because having nothing to do with the people or the animals who are living there, there is something deep within her body that only the cyclonic action and the vacuum effect - or suction effect of a tornado can pull out energetically and disperse.

I feel it's important for you to know this so you do not feel that Mother Earth is trying to harm us. That is not her intention. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Gentle Influence With The Weather: Tornados, Part 1

Now it is time to start something new. I have in the past avoided truly deep subjects except for touching on them a little bit to give you previews of coming attractions.

Given the state of the world today I feel it is important to begin to teach you things that you can use in a crisis. In the coming weeks I will focus more on these subjects but for right now I'd like you to consider the tornado.

I am not suggesting that you stand out in front of your house and pretend that dangerous weather doesn't exist - what I am suggesting is that in ancient times and even in places today there are those who can deflect tornados. I am not talking about disappearing them.

I am talking in this case about deflecting it by way of requesting with physical energy that the tornado go around what it may be headed towards such as your home or barn.

I'd like you to practice on this before I give you any more and to do the practice you must work on something that is natural and by a natural form I mean something that exists on Earth beyond human beings.

I'm going to suggest that you work with clouds for now as they are widely available to interact with almost everywhere.

I'm going to suggest that you take your right hand alright - and make it flat as if you were going to shake hands, then move it towards the sky and with your left hand pointed down by your side with your palm towards your leg but not touching it - pointed at the ground you understand I'm going to suggest that you first start breathing.

Breathe in a little bit - through your lungs of course but imagine or for those of you who can - breathe in through your left leg or breathe in through your left arm and exhale through your right hand pointing it at the sky but do not try to move the clouds yet.

Then say this after doing that once or twice - say, "I am asking that the clouds co-operate with me and I will not overly do this. I will do this once or twice and only that for practice."

Then - while you're breathing and breathing in through your left hand pointed towards the ground or your left leg if you prefer, aim your right hand towards the sky and have your hand in a position that if you were to put your arm down your palm would be facing towards your right leg - you understand eh.

So move your right hand up towards the clouds and do not push the clouds - if you could reach them - you understand it is like an extension of your hand - do not push them with your palm. Rather - gently move the back of your hand against a cloud.

If the cloud is moving in another direction or wishes to move in another direction it might do so but it might slow its motion. That would be enough of a slowness to be perceptible to you. On the other hand it might stop.

I am not suggesting that you try to disappear clouds. They are important and they are part of Mother Earth's body but just move your hand back and forth gently parting the clouds if possible or moving a cloud by touching it with your extended energy from your right hand.

That's your homework. It is intended to be a step towards learning how to deflect dangerous cloud patterns such as tornados but we are a long way from that goal. Start with this and I'll say more about this next time.


Friday, February 23, 2007

A Cat Protector

Many times something will occur in your life - even if you do not have a pet that might surprise you, possibly even alarm you and yet always there's a good explanation.

Some of you who live with cats, as a blog friend does, have experiences like that. A recent post referred to such an event of being woken up in the middle of the night by the cat and that the cat made such an effort to wake this blogger up that she actually received a couple of small scratches. Why do things like this happen?

Of course there are other dramatic situations such as another incident like that that I'm aware of that happened to an old workmate years ago where after a particularly hard night out and about he came home and fell asleep on the couch and was wakened in the wee hours by the cat furiously touching him and yes scratching him and his body to wake up and while that was an unpleasant experience when he woke up the house was on fire.

He grabbed the cat and got out. Well, his apartment was a total loss. Of course one has to consider - what if he didn't have a cat?

Now I'm not here to campaign in a public relations sort of way for having cats for we all have our favorite kind of pets or none for that matter. I am saying that animals never do anything without a reason.

It is easy isn't it - almost seductive to imagine that cats in particular are mysterious and one never knows why they do what they do but in my experience with them, and that is extensive, I have discovered that cats are keenly interested in our spiritual development.

Granted, some cats are better at this than others and therefore show more interest in encouraging these qualities in us and will work with us if we show them or speak to them declaring our interest in this fashion.

I have found in the past that it is necessary that the cat actually be awake - not in a meditative state as they can get but actually awake and to make eye contact with them - and don't just stare at them. State out loud if you do claim this as your own desire - state, "I am desiring to further my spiritual goals and I welcome you to help me and teach me and share with me in the best way you are able to accomplish that intention." Those words ought to do it.

If your cat has the capability he or she might take you on as a student. I have had this experience with cats before. Granted - by the time I stated that to a particular cat I had already had many, many interactions with spiritual cats.

I have heard many people say that they have had these experiences with dogs and horses and birds and other things and I have had some of these experiences as well but I'm speaking to you about this today because of being reminded about the blogger friends experience.

I do not feel it is my place to tell her that her cat is doing this or that but on the other hand it has stimulated me to remind you that animals do nothing without a purpose.

It is very important to know that their purpose is not always rudimentary. It's not always - they need to eat, they need to go out - something like that. It is often very subtle and frequently has to do with protecting you if they are a beloved pet.

In the case of the recent "attack" of the blogger friend, I have looked at this and realize that there was a discomforting energy present in the room that the cat was not able to remove by interacting with the spirit. I am not saying that there are malevolent spirits per se and this spirit was not specifically malevolent but it was lost.

This happens and there are ways to help them to find their way home and I will speak about that another time on another post but for right now I'll simply say that the cat could not deflect the spirit and was concerned that it would harm her beloved friend and therefore as a last resort made the effort to wake her friend.

Keep in mind that cats and your beloved pet whoever they are always have a reason for what they are doing. I will say more about these things in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Letting Go

Have you ever been overwhelmed by something that just either took you by storm or by complete surprise and there was really nothing you could do about it. Perhaps it didn't have anything to do with you, it might have happened to others or perhaps you were only peripherally involved but it upset you or set you on edge.

This may happen on a regular basis simply by watching the news and feeling compassion for those suffering. Many of you probably say prayers for those who are suffering and that's good, I do that too. I usually say Living Prayers - it is something we can do yes - but there are other times when a situation is so consistent and ongoing, such as wars as happen all over the world from time to time and are ongoing now unfortunately that wear you down and might even cause you to start getting upset on a regular basis because you are worrying.

When times like this come up when worry is overwhelming it is best to let it go but how to let something go. It is difficult that isn't it? There needs to be something physical involved in letting go I have found, in order for it to work well. This is what I use and I am hopeful it will work for you.

Instead of letting go which is kind of vague in my mind I do something else that we've all had to do from time to time simply because life can be difficult - yes. I have used something where it could be called - giving up.

Giving up and letting go are exactly equal in the physical feelings they produce. So this is what I recommend - if you have a comfortable chair, sit in that or anything where there are arms that you can grip onto even if the chair is not that comfortable but is adequate to sit in.

Then sit in the chair and grip the arms of the chair, not so much that it is uncomfortable for you but enough so that you can tell you're gripping something. Then as you gradually release your grip on the arms of the chair say out loud, "I give up" while you exhale a breath and then lean back after having released the arms of the chair and relax as much as possible.

This works for me. You can do it once, twice or even three times in a row if you feel it's necessary. I have on occasion done it once or twice in a row but usually once is enough. This has worked for me and I hope it works for you.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Dreams In A World Of Compassion

Have you been having any intense dreams lately - ones with feelings that are so intense that you wake up with your heart pounding?

I have these dreams sometimes also. They are not meant to frighten us, though that's the way we remember them.

In my experience these are teaching dreams - someone is teaching us and we are learning.

In our life here we experience ourselves as individuals. We don't, as a rule, feel other people's feelings. Oh we have these experiences to a degree if there is an intense feeling in one place stimulated by something - perhaps we are in a theatre and we are swayed by the drama going on on stage or in the movies or other people around us are reacting to something and we might get caught up in it as well.

But what's going on in these intense dreams is what I believe to be training. So much of what we need to develop these days is compassion. We don't have to experience and live other people's lives directly, of course not but we do need to have a sense of feeling - not necessarily empathy where we take on the feelings of others but a sense of true compassion where we can sympathize to the best of our ability with others and offer perhaps a sense of pathos or at the very least a sense of consideration and kindness towards those who are having a hard time.

Nothing may really be required of us other then that feeling and perhaps that consideration or kindness. We don't have to give away everything we have but that kind of consideration, that kind of kindness is often appreciated.

Sometimes the people who we are kind to don't demonstrate their appreciation, other times that appreciation is demonstrated only in subtle ways but if enough people do offer kindness - in time those who are suffering grasp that the world and those around them do have a sense of compassion towards them and this - for those who are suffering in those moments can be very comforting indeed.

I believe, in these dreams, we are learning what other people are feeling by temporarily feeling it ourselves. I do not believe however that the place where dreams exists is an actual place where human beings live. I feel it is a teaching theatre where our guides and teachers allow us to experience these feelings because we may be exposed to others who have them and we may therefore be called on to be compassionate.

I grant that there are other points of view about dreams and I do not claim to have all the answers but this is what I believe based on my experience.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Welcoming

Where have all the beautiful creatures gone? There has been concern for some time now about many different animals and plants species dying off. Recently - on news programs has been reported an alarming decrease in the number of bees.

This is something I have known about for some time. We all know that bees can be a little bit annoying sometimes and for some people actually dangerous and yet when you consider how, by their very needs and existence, they provide food for us by pollinating plants that we eat and through that pollination gather what they need to keep their fellow bees going and new generations to arrive we can see how valuable they are for us and simply to live in existence with each other.

How can we encourage the bees that we welcome them - this is the key.

If we are going to experience a thriving plant community so that we can eat and that other species can thrive because of the interconnectivity we have with bees and other species we must learn how to welcome them.

It is not sufficient to simply say - well, there are Africanized bees and they frighten us. We cannot simply dispose of whole colonies of bees and groups of other animals simply because we do not understand how they fit into our lives.

What can we do though - I am not here to point fingers at anyone saying that they are bad. What can we do to welcome the bees?

This is what I recommend - you have perhaps been welcomed somewhere or you have welcomed others to your home, to your office or to your life.

See if you can capture that feeling - meaning imagine being welcomed or imagine welcoming as you have welcomed before.

Hold that feeling within you and while you maintain the feeling - it is vital that you maintain the feeling - simply say, "I welcome all species of beings on this planet who are interdependent with human beings and with whom human beings are interdependent with."

It won't be easy because you will have to speak while you maintain a physical feeling. The words do not have to be precise but it is helpful.

I do not recommend that you have a picture of a bee or you imagine a bee. It is more important to say some version of the words while you maintain the feeling.

Now - in order to do this in the best possible way I recommend that the words be said outdoors where bees in energy might live, if not in the season that you are in, perhaps you are experiencing winter - then at some point.

If there are bees or other stinging creatures around and you are concerned for your well being you can say it indoors - that's also alright. This is what I recommend though in the case of bees.

Now there may be other animals or even plant species that you feel a kindred spirit with or that you feel because of their no longer being, many of them, that you feel their loss. You can do the same thing but you see - the need to do it may not be necessary there.

The request that you are making out loud and the feeling of welcoming welcomes all species. So I'm going to say that it will work for all species for which the species themselves might be interdependent with human beings but also and perhaps more importantly here in this case, for which human beings are dependent upon.

Give it a try, see if it works for you. Goodlife for you all and goodnight.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Steps Along The Wisdom Path

When we walk the path of life it is often very difficult to notice the next step that is best for us but there is never any lack of advisors is there. People we know are happy to give us advice whether we ask for it or not eh. Still, we often do that ourselves.

How many times have our friends spoken to us and in the course of speaking about their troubles we have, with the best of intentions, shared or given or at least offered our advice on how to solve their situation. Sometimes this is well received isn't it but many times it is not so well received.

We might hear, "Oh I tried that" or "Oh, I don't know" or oh this or oh that. What do you think - maybe next time when your friend or even an acquaintance, perhaps somebody you're riding next to on the train or the bus, starts speaking of their problems in a way that might even surprise you then just this once - don't offer advice.

Now if they ask you, "What would you do in a situation like that" - if you can identify with that circumstance and only that - meaning you've had some experience yourself along those lines then I'd recommend you say to them your actual experience.

Say for instance, "Well this is how I experienced that. It may not be exactly what you had but this is what happened with me." Then tell what happened with you. You don't have to name names if you don't want to but just say what happened with you and when you're done - stop.

Don't say - you could try this - you could try that and don't say, "If I were you..."

Rather just speak your experience when it is actually asked. Now, it's important to make sure you don't project some nuance on somebody. If they're telling you their problem and you get the impression that they're asking you for advice I'd say - many times they may not be asking. I'd recommend that you wait until they actually give you a direct question.

Even if you feel like you have the magical solution then I'd say - only if you've had the feeling that they would like that would you offer it. You could give a hint of that for instance.

You might say - I can identify with what you're saying - I have a recollection there - meaning that you have something to offer and then if they ask you what that recollection is then go ahead and speak your experience always couching it in terms that this is what you experienced, this is what you did and this as far as you know are the results - because you may not know all of the results - just the results that had to do with you or those near you. This is what I recommend.

I feel it is a way to show love, honor, respect, appreciation for life. It is a way to help others to define that next step. It is what you can offer and it is best to offer it in a way that speaks to your experience.

In that way you are sharing your wisdom - not only your knowledge but you see - your wisdom because you will have something to say that this is how it worked out. I don't recommend you sharing this unless you've already got some results that you can share.

This is my recommendation for your steps along the wisdom path.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Once upon a very long time ago we were all part of the same egg - I recall it clearly.

I heard a voice during that time say, "But what else is there?"

There was a long low vibration and the vibration seemed to be answering, "I don't understand" and the little voice said, "Isn't there something else beyond the egg?"

The rest that had answered said, "We don't know" and the little voice said, "I'm going to go and find out."

Well that was a long time ago and you know what I've been feeling ever since is that there is a re-gathering and the re-gathering is taking place very comfortably.

I believe what's happened is that we now have the full dozen eggs but we still have not returned to the overall egg. Perhaps that's what's going to happen next. I'll look forward to that and I'll look forward to being with you all in that most beautiful place.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Co-operation. Let's Welcome It Now.

Co-operation - what an important word that describes an action, an experience and a feeling that we all must make an effort to incorporate more and to co-operate with - yes. How is it that we need to co-operate more with co-operation?

Consider how often people attempt to offer us things - things that we very often need but for some reason, perhaps we are shy, perhaps it's our conditioning, perhaps there's some other reason - we do not go along with the co-operation then - yes even kindness of others.

I know that many of us are afraid at a deep level that there are strings attached and I grant that in some cases this may be so but I do want to encourage you to consider taking risks now. Just little ones with people, especially those whom you may not know very well who offer something to you that requires no more than a simple thank you.

I'd like to suggest some homework. It may sound very simple. It may to some of us, yes even sound boring or tedious and yet to others of us it might sound very difficult indeed.

This is what I'm going to suggest - pick a week, any week sometime in the next 2 or 3 months and during that week at least 3 times - if someone offers to do something for you whether it is someone at work who decides to buy your coffee for you or whether it is someone who simply opens a door for you - when they do so simply say thank you.

A nice thank you that they can hear, alright or some other greeting or comment that is equal to thank you in your language or in your style.

It is important however for the other person to realize that you are thanking them.

Co-operation is something that was much more common in times gone by perhaps, also known as politeness but in our world today where we often find that there are so many people, there is so much stress and so much urgency to be many places more then we could really go and do many more things then we can really do in a single day - it is perhaps valuable to not only co-operate and to be kind but to co-operate with co-operation - to accept and receive the co-operation of others in the most benevolent way that we can.

Give it a try and see if it can work for you. It might be difficult but the reason to do this is so that you can learn how to graciously accept the co-operation of others. And don't forget, when you do things - polite things, nice things for others it makes you feel good doesn't it. Would you really deny others the opportunity of feeling good when they would do something for you? Of course not.

So, try it out - see if you like it. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Why I Channel

I want to talk for a moment about energy. In the course of my career I have done many things. One of them, as you have noted, is to channel at a very deep level.

Doing that not only allows me to bring through words of inspiration but much more importantly it allows energy from the most benevolent sources to flow through me and around me to co-ordinate all who are present into a feeling very similar to that which they had just before they were born.

When we are born here on Earth we come with an energy. Of course there is our soul and Creators spark yes but there is also an energy attuned to what we desire to do here as souls and also with Creators attunement for what we are able to do in the best way as possible for ourselves and others.

But as we all know throughout the course of life and trials and tribulations we have to face and go through we often loose that attunement - lose our way so to speak. This is why I have chosen to do this kind of channeling because it isn't words only.

Words are often magnificent but it is the energy that allows people to experience that re-attenuation. I feel good about that and I wanted to clarify the portion of the channeling experience that I feel so good about so that you could understand why - considering how disapproved of channeling may be by many people - why I would continue to do it in the face of that, sometimes, opposition.

So that's why - I have seen the value of the experience. I have noted many people who's lives have shifted as a simple result of being exposed to this energy. I have heard stories - and many of them at that from these individuals who have often reported on how they have been supported towards achieving their personal goals and fulfillment as a result of being exposed to this benevolent energy.

I do not claim to be the only person that does this but since I have seen these things I can say that I am one who has been blessed to be exposed to - and have been able to allow this abundant and beautiful energy to pass through me and provide this service.

I welcome those especially to Earth who are also performing such valuable contributions as I feel blessed to be able to provide. I am hopeful that my humble contribution is supporting life here as I have been guided to provide it in the most benevolent way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Choices In The Reservoir Of Feelings, Part 4

I spoke to you recently about the reservoir of feelings. Here's how to draw the most benevolent feelings to you.

After you have done the other processes I've referred to before, then experiment. The next time you find yourself in a situation that is charged - meaning you can feel a strong sense of feelings of one way or the other and perhaps you are not certain what to do - it might be something simple - I would prefer that it would be - then this is what to do.

Say the Living Prayer I suggested in part 3, then wait just a moment - not long - a few seconds. Then feel - again with your heart and the warmth if you can but if you cannot focus into either the area of your physical heart or your solar plexus, whichever is easy for you, and focusing there and maintaining your physical focus there after having said the Living Prayer then ask to acquire physically the words to say that will feel - and that's the most important - feel physically the best to you and you can say them under your breath or quietly to yourself first to see how you feel physically in reaction to them or to speak them out loud if only words are called for.

I would prefer you do this as a situation where only words are called for, perhaps in some meeting or a conversation with friends. That's actually the best way to do it. I would prefer and I would recommend you do this in a situation where there's nothing riding on it you see - oh perhaps people are watching television you see - something like that where it's just a matter of a comment but you'll know by the reaction of others whether you have pulled on a feeling that is the best thing to say in that moment.

Remember, we're not just looking now for something where you get approval but rather what is the most benevolent thing to say that will have the most benevolent impact - meaning will be good for you and be good for others.

Often we cannot think of that in the moment, I know you've had those experiences - I have too where we remember a moment like that and we have a thought - we have the words later that would have been perfect for that moment but we didn't have them at that moment.

Let's practice this way first in such a situation as I said, like watching TV with others, where there's nothing really riding on what you say but where you can say something - following the suggestions I've made and see what an impact it has.

I'll say more about this in time as always but for now that's part 4 of this process.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Merging

There is a uniqueness of flavor approaching not only lives here on Earth but our artistic lives as well. I know that some of you do not think of yourselves as artists but very often what you are good at, whether it be a profession or a hobby or some particular skill, takes on at least the aura of artistry as you hone your skills in that expression of yourself.

This coming flavor will provide a sense of connection between all of our experiences as human beings and other beings on this planet. We do not think of ourselves as trees or animals but there is a connection. Certainly we are made up of the same matter - Mother Earth's body but there is more.

Creator has created this planet yes but there is still more. There is the aromas of life. There is the flavors of life. There is also the sounds of life. Many of these things are coming together now in a re-patterning of our existence so that there will be times when you're around a tree that it will have a definite sense of personality and there will be times when you're near a rock or a boulder and it will remind you not only by some nuance of its appearance but it will remind you of someone, some thing special, some time or some event.

There will also be times when you will be around a person who will remind you of a special time in the forest or a place or a thing.

This merging of expressions of life is always here as a precursor to showing us that humanity is merging with all life. This merging will be the most benevolent experience any of us have ever known and all barriers as we have known them will fall away.

I feel that it is important to herald this now as in the coming years you will see, smell, feel, hear and taste the results.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why Is It

I sometimes wonder why the world is the way it is. We look up at the stars at night and there is a definite feeling - have you noticed it - of peacefulness.

Oh sometimes we see what we call a shooting star and it has beauty. Generally speaking I find the night sky has beauty - don't you?

And yet we experience our world here where there is definitely beauty often all around us whether we see it or not - someone does - and yet there is so much struggle and strife. There is certainly a tendency to assume that we're doing something wrong as a society to say nothing of as individuals and yet my feeling is that we are surrounded by beauty - for the sky is on all sides of the Earth isn't it and there is much beauty here on Earth.

Perhaps if we pull back from our view of life here it's not so much that things are getting worse on Earth as we are simply becoming more aware of what's going on on Earth because of our communication system and those who would inform us but perhaps it's possible that since we are surrounded by beauty in the sky and so much on the Earth we cannot even see it in a single day but hope that others do - in the smiles of babies, in the beauty of our pets and the beauty of plants and animals in general - often that we don't see but our friends send this beauty to us in pictures of animals.

You get them I know, I get them too. So there is so much beauty around us perhaps it's the other way. Perhaps the beauty is slowly seeping into Earth. It's an interesting idea that, isn't it. Maybe Earth is like a reverse tea bag. The more Earth is in this space the more we absorb beauty. I wonder. I suppose it's possible.