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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More On Helping Lost Spirits

Many times I experience these days wherever I may be, the sight and the touch of Light Beings.

How is it possible? All of the training I have had has allowed me to become sensitive to seeing things that are there and feeling things that are there.

Being open to co-operating with spirit and helping beings who are either in transit from life here as we know it to the beyond or even beings who are from beyond and in transit has earned a level of their trust to me as well.

Do you know that I have one or more beings, one that I'm particularly fond of, who bring me lost spirits. Now it's not as if they troop into the room in a way that everybody can see because they are not part of our world and yet many of them have been.

They come in all forms - young and old and even occasionally an animal but most of the time they appear as human beings and occasionally as something that is other than human who just happened to be passing through our world and got lost for one reason or another.

My favorite Guide who brings them to me will, from time to time, contact me if I haven't noticed the guide which I may not since I might be doing something else - and she - as I like to call her - will often contact me by doing something that I find really rather charming.

I will feel a slight cool breeze on my left hand or occasionally a sense of very light touch on my left hand or arm and because it's on my left I always know it's her because she always approaches me from that direction and usually she has company though every once in a while she comes just to give support and comfort which is very much appreciated.

When she comes with a guest however it is almost always someone who is lost and I have been trained how to help them to find their way home.

I have discussed that and also various aspects of that which you can track down here and also here for those of you who are interested in how it's done and may or may not wish to co-operate in some way. I'm not suggesting you do so but if you're interested you can read the article.

After I have helped the being to move on and sometimes even before I have helped the being I will see that particular guide move off in the general direction of where I always see her disappearing and sometimes she will wait, I feel to comfort the being that she has brought who is lost and after I help them to get to where they need to go in the most gentle and loving and benevolent way for them then she will occasionally - she's only done this occasionally, the guide, she will wave or acknowledge me in some way but you know - a funny thing - she's never actually said a word to me. Its always been gestures.

I find it very comforting to know that beings like this and I'm sure many others are helping those who get lost or take wrong turns or somehow get confused in transit either from physical life to beyond or simply passing through our planet for one reason or another on their way from home perhaps to another place or perhaps simply returning to home and get lost.

Many of us have gotten lost before and it is always so comforting to find our way home isn't it.



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Thank you

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Thank you for your compliment Margie. I appreciate very much. Goodlife