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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Giving A Helping Hand To A Needy Spirit

In my experience I often find on a daily basis that I have interactions with beings who are not physical in this world and yet they leave traces of their existence - perhaps a cool breeze because that is the course or transit method they use to either pass through our world on their way to wherever they are going or to come to our world.

My understanding of the cool breeze is that their culture exists in a different form of existence. It's not cold, it's just that in order to get to our place of existence they have to traverse a place that is cold.

Science tells us that space - where our astronauts and cosmonauts go is cold. This cold at such a level, I have been taught, is there to insulate different cultures both planetary and on the basis of personality characteristics from each other if these cultures are not compatible and yet for those who are allowed, because of their natures or because of what they may have to offer, to traverse from one culture to another they travel through this cold space in energy and when their energy arrives to touch us in some way - to bring a gift of benevolence which is almost always the case and in my case is almost exclusively the case for what I feel and who I interact with from other places - this cool breeze is an after affect of their travel.

I wanted to share that with you today because I think its been misunderstood at times.

I know you've all heard about ghost stories - of beings who are unhappy or need help. I have been trained to help these beings who are unhappy - who are stuck perhaps after having had a life here and being attached to remaining here even after their life - or other people who were attached to keeping them here even after their physical life was over and they are unhappy and trying to get help, attention by any means necessary to be rescued.

It is my intention here on Mystical Man to teach you in the next few posts how to rescue beings who are stuck here on this planet most of whom will have been living here with the occasional one who may have been stuck here from some other culture.

I will teach you the signs. I will show you the simple thing you can do to help these beings out. I will speak more of this in the next post.

Goodnight and goodlife.

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