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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Choices In The Reservoir Of Feelings, Part 3

Now I want to talk to you about how we can use the reservoir of feelings to support and sustain us - to acquire what we need even in a moment of pressure where we need to respond in some way and we do not have another person there to guide us.

This is what I recommend - first and foremost learn the following Living Prayer. Say to yourself if you cannot speak out loud or if you can whisper even - say this though it's always best to speak this out loud quietly - I recommend you say, "I am asking now to feel and to know the best guidance to lead me through this moment and help me to arrive at the most benevolent place for me now."

Then wait for a moment or two or even for longer if you like and after you have that, slowly turn if you can - not just your gaze but your body would be best - maybe you'll be sitting on a swivel chair or maybe you can just turn slowly. You don't have to stare at people or circumstances around you, you are turning to feel physically what position your body would be in to feel at its best.

If you need to go some direction, go in the direction where your body feels at its best. For those of you who know how to experience the warmth as I've discussed here before many times, use that as your best guide. For others, you may have to have some other means of knowing where and how you feel best - move in that direction.

If it is an idea or an action or something that you need to say - then if you can feel the warmth - focus on the warmth, maintain your focus on the warmth and speak. You will have to speak slowly because while focusing on the warmth and speaking you're doing two things at exactly the same moment and the warmth, which is the physical evidence of loving yourself, will lead you to the best words to speak that will be the most benevolent for you and very often when we are doing the most benevolent thing for ourselves we are doing the most benevolent things for others or contributing to that.

Three, if it is an action that is required then see if you can make motions in this way of feeling the warmth, maintaining the warmth and making those motions. I'll say more about these things soon in part 4 of this series and in times to come but for right now focus on the homework as I've suggested.

These lessons I speak of here are always precursors of things you may come across in life and the homework is intended to make those moments experienced by you be ones of much greater ease.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Choices In The Reservoir Of Feelings, Part 2

Last time I talked about a reservoir of feelings and this time I want to expand on that. A reservoir of feelings does exist - some of them cast off from other people or even animals. Some of them simply sloughing off when we no longer need those feelings and some of them even dropped off from those who have passed over at the end of their life cycle.

These feelings can be measured and there are experiments going on in that direction as well as experiments that have proven to be successful. I do not claim to be a scientist but you can research it if you want to look.

My whole reason for existence here - my raison de on this blog is to suggest what we can do about things that may be causing us or stimulating us or even enticing us to do things that we might not wish to do otherwise.

As I stated last time, I believe that there is a reservoir of feelings just as there may be other kinds of reservoirs but when we are in a situation where we don't know what to do and we need guidance or direction and there is no one around to help us or that we feel comfortable asking - many times what ever the charge is - you know what I mean - you have been in a place perhaps or situation where it feels as if the air itself is charged with some feeling because everyone is either rooting for the team or is angry at this or that person or is happy and excited at the prospect of something - if there is this reservoir of feelings and I've just given some examples - it is possible in our highly receptive state during which we need guidance or direction - we might simply pull from the reservoir that is present.

Of course, as an example, we know that that's how mobs come together. Frequently other perfectly reasonable people might come together to perform something that they might do as a mob that they would never do otherwise as individuals.

This has caused great tumult over time to say nothing of pushing history this way or that way but how can we use this reservoir of feelings to support us when we come up against something - we don't know who to ask and we feel isolated - how can we tap it in a way to support us so that we will do something that is benevolent for us and hopefully benevolent for others? I'll say more about that next time.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Choices In The Reservoir Of Feelings, Part 1

Choices, so many choices - yes. It is difficult that. Sometimes the most seductive choices are the ones we know are not good for us and yet, there is an attraction - have you noticed it?

It is always there - sometimes subtle, sometimes just out of reach in terms of being able to describe it in a lucid way but it is there isn't it. Enticing - ever present.

Sometimes it is something that is actually desirable - benevolent - perhaps taught to us by well meaning individuals.

Other times it something more unpleasant - even malevolent. Did we create that ourselves? Was it taught to us? Was it the result of circumstances?

These unknown feelings yes - sometimes drives yes - are hard to put a definition to. Oh not that there are not whole fields of research and education to say nothing of application by those who do involve themselves in the revealing of such unknown drives but really I'm talking about something that we are exposed to simply by being here on Earth.

We know, science tells us, that certain elements are conductors - certain portions of physical existence around us conduct energy better then others. We see this often when we are youngsters playing with magnets - maybe there are iron filings involved or maybe it's just a piece of steel or a pin - something like that with the magnet.

It is fascinating. We even know that our physical bodies contain elements but what about other forms of attraction? Is it possible that there is a pool - like a reservoir of feelings that are not our own that we can actually become enticed by?

Is it possibly because we have some personal bias or is it also possible that due to our natural way of being receptive - we are born that way out of necessity so that others can take care of us but can this receptivity also cause us difficulties at times especially when we don't know what to do and we need help or guidance and none is available.

Is it really possible that there can be a pool - a reservoir as it were of feelings available? I will say more about this next time.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Supporting Ourselves And Mother Earth

Now - you'll find that in the coming months you'll feel a sense of restlessness and regardless of who you are or where you are this situation will prevail.

The restlessness is not due to anything that is in your immediate environment but rather it is something stimulated by Mother Earth herself. Mother Earth is, by her very nature, a being that is in balance all of the time.

What we perceive as her weather patterns are actually the means she uses on the surface to stay in balance. Sometimes she must have vigorous storms because what's going on on the surface someplace, maybe not the place where the storm is at all, is so out of balance she must do something in the exact spot that is going to put her into balance.

I know there has been comparisons before along the lines of chakras and meridians but that is not my job here. Rather I am here to talk about the sense of restlessness.

We are made up of Mother Earth's body. Granted - we are sparked by Creator through our souls and yet we are physically made up of Mother Earth's body and any time we have a physical feeling that won't go away and that is not caused by our environment or something that is happening within our own body exclusively, then we can be certain that this is caused by the fact that Mother Earth is feeling this.

This restlessness on her part is a need for us to be in balance. Because we have our own lifestyle and and our own means of living, she does not interfere with us beyond which she must do for herself. This restlessness is something that we must serve for ourselves.

When you have that feeling try to do something that will help you to personally feel more in balance. By that, if your life is sedentary try to do something that is more physical, that feels good to you and is as benevolent as it can be.

If, on the other hand, your life is very active all the time try to do something that is relaxing. If you have difficulty relaxing then see if you can learn some form of meditation or even something that is very rhythmic even though it is physical. Swimming for example, using the same stroke all the time at a steady pace or perhaps some form of dance.

When we do that we will feel physically more in balance and we will not have that feeling of restlessness. I feel that this feeling that Mother Earth is feeling - and therefore we are - can be treated in this way for us and that's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Take A Chance?

It is time now to experience life as we have known it before in its more balanced state. Our souls are restless - how many times have we heard that but why are they restless?

Do we miss that perfect world of Creator - of course we do but is it something else? Mightn't it be - perhaps. Maybe Creator has something planed for us - not in store for us but planed for us that's different.

Maybe it's time for us to begin acting as the Creator's apprentices that I believe we are here to be. In some ways one might be able to make a point if one desired, that we have been doing that. Many times doing beautiful things but also at other times spiraling down through one mistake after another to discover consequences. All Creators, I believe, must know and understand consequences.

I'm not trying to suggest that we are some kind of creator of terrible things but I believe we are, when I look at it at a distance - not necessarily as a participant though that I am but when I step back and look at it at a distance - we do seem to be students.

Students often make mistakes and then teachers, if they are kind and available, correct us. Sometimes gently, lifting us from one path of error to a path that will lead to something more balanced but what if we don't listen? What if we refuse and steadfastly stick to our path of error?

Then sometimes the teacher gives us a bit of a nudge or maybe even a gentle kick and of course it can continue from there. A student here - us all yes - we find ourselves very often getting nudged, poked and prodded. I wonder - is the teacher Creator? Is the teacher our guides or is the teacher that restless part of our souls looking for the next step for us?

Maybe as a apprentice we are allowed to take a chance and try a pathway that might be more benevolent even though it might feel like a risk. I wonder - is it just a foolish thing?

Can we sometimes respond gently to that rib or that jibe that we receive from others? Can we laugh with them? Sometimes it goes away when we do and other times it sticks. It's hard to say isn't it. So many different pathways. Do they all lead to the same place.

Maybe that place is expanding. Maybe the place is getting better and maybe in order to get to that place we're going to have to do something different.

Maybe we're going to have to try to take the risk and be more benevolent or is it that we need to take the risk - yes - take a chance and be as benevolent as possible. Maybe that's good enough, given the world situation, for now. We can always try it and see if we seem to be getting a poke or a prod from one of our teachers or our guides or - could it be Creator.

If so then perhaps we need to try something else. I feel, though it is a strain for me as well - sometimes even a struggle, being more benevolent can be a demanding teacher but what are the rewards. Perhaps there are rewards.

I know when I have experienced benevolence it has been rewarding for me and many times when I have done something benevolent and others feel good I also feel good.

Risks, rewards, chances - a world, a school, a place. We continue on eh. Perhaps it's worth the risk.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Finding Our True Friends

Easing on to a new path - do you ever feel like you're doing that.

Sometimes the road we've traveled has been hard fought, hard won and we feel like we want to hold on - grip tight in order to maintain our balance and yet there are so many opportunities now and all the opportunities have to do with expanding our road.

It doesn't mean we have to get off our path and go on to something completely different though that is available. It means that we can expand our road and that everyone all around us has the same opportunity and is often doing it.

Does this mean that our paths are likely to cross or does it mean that our paths are likely to merge since, with all of us here on Earth at this time, the chances of the pathways that we take in our lives merging simply because there are so many of us here are not only likely but guaranteed. What does this mean for us?

Does it mean that we must do everything together with others? Does it mean that we cannot have any more alone time or personal space or private space for ourselves and our activities? Sometimes it will seem like that but other times it will be what we've been asking for all this time.

Can you not remember - I'm sure you can how many times you've said - where is my real family. Where are the people that will like me and love me for being exactly who I am now. Where are the people who know me, the people that I know and the people that I will like and love for being exactly who they are. Where are my true friends and where is my true family.

It has been so very hard to find this in the past and when we have discovered one member of this group it is a joy and that's something to be treasured always.

Now it is easier because these pathways merging as they are will often merge, not always but often merge like to like so that we may find ourselves with others who we will like for being who they are and they will like us for being just who we are without any pretense at all.

It's going to be easier because where we go, what we like to do and how we like to do it will be attractive to people who like that in others and perhaps even demonstrate it on their own. So be alert. Nows the time for opportunities. Nows the time for expanding the community of your own presentation. It can happen. I wish you a most benevolent opportunity for it to happen for you and I wish you as always, a most benevolent goodlife.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Look

I was reminded recently by something I saw on another blog - it was a beautiful if somewhat sad picture of a cat who had an unusual look on the face. This unusual look, a stare they give you often, is something I have seen before several times with cats and dogs and sometimes people for that look in the eyes always means the same thing.

It is often found in the eyes of the elderly dog or cat or horse or other being. It means the same thing. It means - will you......

This look is very simple. It does not require any action on your part. You don't have to do anything, you don't have to take them anywhere but it is important to be able - when you are able to say something. It can be said only if you mean it and no further action on your part is needed. Also it is only necessary to say it once.

They must be awake when you say it or at least if possible conscious in some way. If in the case of a human being or an animal that is suffering they are not actually awake or under sedation you can still say it in those circumstances but only if you mean it.

This is what to say or something like it, "I am giving you permission to move on, to pass over, to die. You can, I am sure feel that urge and that need and if you've been staying here only because you love me but you feel the call to be elsewhere or you are suffering in some way that I do not see and it cannot be measured by others then please know I love you and if you need to move on and pass over into the life beyond it is alright with me."

Never say that unless you really mean it because at that stage of life whatever being is told that including a human being they will read what you say by the feelings they have in response to your feeling. In other words, what you are emanating as a feeling.

So don't say it until you are ready to say it and do consider that this is a permission that we all may wish to ask some day. We come to this planet, we live as well as possible and some day we must move on even though we may be surrounded by loved ones.

We, at that stage of life, may need their permission because it is possible for a human being to hang on so tightly to someone they love that one feels obligated to stay alive no matter how much suffering is involved. I know this is not something that is easy for anyone but I do feel that it is important to put it out here because life and death and life again is part of the normal cycle here on Earth.

I recall once having to break the news to a friend of mine that her cat whom she loved dearly who was giving her the look really just needed to be told by her that she gave her permission to pass over and that it absolutely did not mean that she would pass over right then and there but that it would probably mean that she would no longer be getting the look because her cat needed to know that she had that permission.

I know it may seem strange to you that a beloved pet might do this but you see they love us so much that they need to know that we can get along without them and that they don't have to suffer and that they have our permission to move on when the time's right for them.

So she did do that and of course her beloved cat stopped giving her the look. I just thought I'd mention that.

Remember, if you make the statement to your pet releasing them from their bonds to you that it cannot be made with reservation - meaning you cannot say - I give you permission to die but please, please stay with me as long as possible. You see that doesn't really work because your cat is paying attention to your feelings first and your words second.

So it is absolutely essential that you be prepared to say this. Don't just say it as words because they are not enough. So practice, practice saying it out loud and remember this must be said out loud. It can be whispered if the moment calls for that but it must be said out loud in some way and you must truly give them permission from your feelings as well.

So, I know it is a sacrifice and yet I can almost guarantee you once you say that with the feeling of really releasing them from hanging on to the bitter end because you need them so much - once you give them that permission you won't see the look anymore.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Lifting Of A Veil

Upon awakening on a Tuesday morning in the very near future you will find a sense of change. It will be subtle at first but as the day goes on you will notice it more.

The change will be a definite feeling. It will not be harmful in any way but rather it will be a sense of increased interest from person to person. By this I mean that there will be a sense of greater awareness of people around you and of you by other people.

This is a removal of a veil. The veil has been self-imposed for quite a few years now and the veil was brought about initially by fear and a desire to disguise oneself to the point of invisibility. Not that you would be unseen but so that you would be less seen unless you made a point of being seen.

You might reasonably ask - what is this all about? There is an awakening to possibilities going on. This awakening allows us to see each other for who we really are. Interestingly enough this will not be something that we will be able to see ourselves, for who we really are - any more than we do now but it will allow others to see us - who we really are.

Now if you have a good friend or you are in a good relationship of any sort that allows you to be completely honest with your friend or friends and allows them to be completely honest with you, you may find that you'll be able to say something to your friend or friends that is a observation about them that they might find complimentary - not because you're looking to compliment them but rather it will be an observation of some quality they have that you've never really noticed before and if you are good friends you will be able to mention this to each other.

Likewise if you have a good friend or friends they will be able to mention something likewise to yourself. Be on alert for this. It will happen on a Tuesday and I just thought I'd let you know.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Moment

On awakening from a deeper sleep we find that our perspective has changed and that that perspective has up to that point in time been one of theatre. The old saying - the theatre of life - yes but the theatre we have been in has encompassed a large part of our life.

This part of our life has had to do with how we relate to everything.

When we are born here on Earth we experience a great many things, some of them wonderful but a great deal of them are baffling and after a time we adapt to that which is wonderful yes but also to that which is baffling. We spend most of our life trying to find what is natural for us.

Think about it, all of us here - billions of people trying to find what is natural for us. In that process we explore many things.

Some have reminiscent feelings of what is natural - occasionally we find something that feels natural and that's good but now what is happening due to there being so many of us all looking for the same thing consciously or otherwise - Earth herself as she often does has responded to our need and she has created an energy within herself to assist that process.

So you might notice now and for a long time to come that for a few moments when you wake up in the morning if there is no alarm clock involved or if no one has woken you up suddenly that they'll be a few moments when you feel as if you are in a unusual space and that space is the natural space.

You may feel, not everyone will at the same time but you may feel that sense of being in your natural world. When that occurs just know, Mother Earth is trying to help you. See if you can memorize that feeling.

Your body will be completely relaxed and you will feel as close to peace as you have ever felt. See if you can memorize that feeling so that if it occurs during your life - during your working life and during your relationship life and during your fun life that that is a reminder that it is possible to integrate into your life.

Examine the moment - what has prompted it? I will say more about this in time.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Future Echos

Echos of a past not fulfilled often cause us to feel as if we are functioning in life without all of our apparatus but you know in my experience there are so many things that are available.

It's like walking through a store isn't it - we pass by an item that we've always wanted. We stop perhaps and look at it with great desire and then because we do not have quite enough or we need to allocate our funds differently we move on with a longing and yet as we walk along we see other things - perhaps get reminded of other qualities and other people, places or things that the items on the store shelf bring to our attention and that causes us to feel warm and comfortable.

Sometimes we have to leave things behind us that we wish, hope and desire for and move on down the road of our life.

This is not always easy. Sometimes it is very difficult and yet, if there is a desire for that which was unavailable to us in the past - a desire of a need for fulfillment that we felt was only attached to that which was in the past - we sometimes find that that desire can be fulfilled in our present or just around the corner in our future though we do not always recognize those qualities of potential fulfillment.

This does not mean we must lunge at everything which may or may not, we don't know - yes, be just right for us but try to pay attention to those little twinges - sometimes pleasurable twinges which may be indefinable. Perhaps not having words or even concepts that come to mind but a feeling that seems to resonate.

If it is resonating only on the basis of familiarity we cannot be certain can we - that it is something desirable but if there is a warmth or a good feeling, a relaxation, a peaceful feeling, something we can define physically as a feeling that we would say feels good to us - not just familiar but actually good then perhaps there is something about this thing that is for us.

Letting things go, even things that we desperately wanted at one time, is part of life at times isn't it and yet it is possible that that desire, that need for fulfillment will be filled in some other way now or in the future just up around a bend in the road.

Goodlife to you all.

Monday, January 08, 2007


There has been a request. The request involves a person who has been using materials lets say, that are not legal but my answer will cover not only recreational materials but also alcohol.

I grant that this distress call went up on someone else's blog but I do not have at this time a means to directly contact that person so I will share some wisdom offered some time ago to someone living in a place where alcohol was much more the concern.

The lady, another mystical person - I would call her a mystical woman, was inquiring about a friend of hers who's husband when not under the influence was a good man - kind, sincere and devoted to his family but when under the influence was not so good and violent and acted crazy and it took a while for him to come down from it.

As I shared with the mystical lady at that time there is a long technique involved in clearing someone of these kind of energies but the cause is important for you to know. When people are involved with these kind of materials or alcohol what happens is that it opens up their auric field and energies, whatever they are, can migrate towards them.

I have discussed this before and I will mention it briefly again. When those energies migrate towards them they are always migrating through our world. Many times they are entities or beings and they do not understand our world and if they get stuck in somebody's energy field it happens unintentionally.

Now if you were stuck in somebody's energy field you would be distressed and upset and after a time you might be alarmed and frightened - and after a time you might be angry - and after more time you might be outraged.

In short, if you were stuck to something you'd want to get unstuck pronto and if you didn't get unstuck pronto you'd be really upset.

This person that I'm talking about has that problem - the one that I read about on a blog. He feels it is negative energies but he also said that he was taking drugs.

For one thing, I know it's not easy to give up drugs or alcohol but I feel it's important for you to know first how it comes about that you feel that around.

For starters, and I hope that person finds this material, I suggest that when you do come down from those drugs that you lie down someplace and relax as best you can. Then say out loud and only if you mean it - say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and clear my physical body and my auric field of all energies and entities that may be harming me and bring those energies or entities to the places where they need to be in the most benevolent way."

Then just wait. If you're sensitive you might feel something but it will only be benevolent. If you cannot feel anything then wait for 20 minutes or so.

Try not to think and if you catch yourself thinking don't get mad, just relax and work on not thinking. You can close your eyes if you want. If you fall asleep it's alright. If you don't want to close your eyes for any reason then if you can - stare at the ceiling - meaning stare at something neutral. If there is stuff printed on the ceiling then I recommend you close your eyes but if the ceiling is a neutral color - white perhaps or beige that's a good place to look. It will help you to not think.

I recommend you do this on a daily basis especially if you're involved in drugs or alcohol because these gold light beings and light beings are loving beings and they will come and they will clear you.

This is not giving you an excuse, a free pass to use drugs and alcohol. It is intended however to release those beings from you so that you will not be harmed and they will not be harmed. This is not a case of the good guys and the bad guys. It is a case of you doing something that opens up your auric field even though you may not have known that it does that. When you take drugs or alcohol that's one of the things that happens and untreated it can cause problems for you and others. So try this method. Perhaps it will help.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Something We Can All Agree Upon

Have you ever wondered why the circumstances of life these days have to be - so it seems eh - so challenging.

In order to bring about the absolute need for communication, appreciation and most importantly allowance for different ways there are now actual support systems in place to encourage peoples of the world to come to 100 points of agreement.

In 100 points of agreement, people sit down together and they start a list and they keep going until they have 100 points that they can agree upon that are true for them.

Now if this was one hundred points of disagreement - well.....I do not mean to jest too much but I think that so many of us could come up with one hundred points of disagreement about things we don't like in the world, things we don't like about what this government or that government is doing and so on - what this business or that business is doing but what is needed now is 100 points of agreement.

So, this is not something that is intended to start at some high level and that the dictates will come down from above which we all must follow like lemmings.

No, this is something that needs to start on a person to person basis. Think about it, ask your friends - what do we agree upon. Don't be assuming that you agree upon anything. Start with the most basic, such as we all need sleep, we all need to eat, we all need to have work that we enjoy doing and allows us to feel fulfilled and go on from there.

This is very valuable because it not only allows people to see how they are alike but also that the motivations and the expressions for those needs come about in different ways but that those goals are behind these expressions and those drives.

Please consider starting this with friends or family and expanding out from there to your neighborhood or your community.

I feel that it might be possible to develop a list that could even include everyone on the world where people can honestly say yes, we agree - we need to do this, we need to do that and I feel that it is worth starting now. I am asking that this be something that you consider - not just as a new years resolution but as something that you personally can participate in.

Start it where you live and accumulate those points and when you feel that you and your friends and your family and your neighborhood and your wider community can agree on those things then feel free to share them on the internet here and ask for others to choose whether they agree as well.

I feel that when we can get 100 points of agreement about our world and most importantly - our needs as individuals then we will be able to find a way to get along with each other and work together to achieve these points of agreement for the betterment of all.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Those Who Know The Way Are Among Us Now

Have you noticed lately that you will speak the way you have always spoken to others and they do not understand what you want, what you're saying or there's a general air of misunderstanding.

Sometimes you will repeat what you have said trying to be more specific or using more words or less words and yet there are times when the people whom you've spoken to before simply do not react. They do not seem to understand you.

Is this some kind of anomaly? Are they being stubborn? Are they trying to avoid something? No, there is something going on here now that has been preceded by another situation.

For a long time now there have been people born here, living here and growing up here on Earth who have, "Heard", as one of these people described to me, "feelings louder then words."

What a wonderful description and in this situation these people, while it is a perception - an epiphany you understand that many people did not have - these individuals had difficulty in their lives because they would react to what other people were feeling rather than what they were saying or they would give priority to that since it was so clear to them but since everyone was not like that and they were in fact in the minority - most often they would be treated as if there was something wrong with them.

"What's wrong with you - I didn't say that - why are you acting that way" - and so on. And yet this talent, this perception was a herald of the days that are almost upon us.

It has begun. This is why, one of the many reasons why, I have been talking about feelings so much on this blog and on Benevolent Magic in the past. For you now you have still a little opportunity to prepare for this time.

Almost all the youngsters that have been born in the last 10 years have this capacity. In some parts of the planet they have it much more then others. In some areas in and around Asia such as Japan and Thailand this is particularly noticeable in youngsters born and yet you would find some who have grown into adulthood in much greater numbers in this part of the world where that is the case but all over the world this is becoming more and more obvious - and even those born with the tendency feel it emerging within them much more these days.

What can you do if you do not have that tendency and people are reacting to you in strange ways? You say something but they don't react that way. Sometimes they react only to your feelings and what they say back to you or what they do seems to be entirely strange.

This is particularly challenging for Therapists and others who are working with people on the basis of an attempt to bring about clarity through communication and through demonstrations of communication. That is one of my main motivations for speaking today on this issue.

Some people know about this, it is not a secret but I feel that it is very important to bring out the fact that this is not a condition - not something which needs to be trained out of people - for they can adapt to that training or have in the past but when it gets to be something that is predominant and cross-cultural then it becomes not just a phenomena in its own right but it becomes literally a fact of life.

Now let me talk to those of you who have this situation. First it is absolutely essential that you recognize this ability to, as my old friend said, "Hear feelings louder then words" as a gift. I know for many of you it has been a burden not a gift but this gift would actually allow you to help other people at this point in time.

You could literally sit in front of a person who felt lost and confused about their life, who is having trouble in their communications or who was simply not understanding themselves as well as they would like to. You could ask them to talk - talk to me you might say and what you would be doing for them would involve your interrupting them quite a bit because they would be speaking in order to explain this or talk about that and what you would be doing for them - the service you would be doing is that you would say, "Stop" at some point and you would say, "This is what I'm picking up" and you would simply describe to the best of your ability the physical feelings in your own body or what you feel that they are feeling as many of you would simply be able by that time in your life to interpret what the other people are feeling.

This would be a tremendous advantage for so many people who are confused and don't understand why, no matter what they say or what they work on with their minds, they are unable to achieve something and from their point of view seem to be blocked from it but in fact their body is feeling something else and very often those feelings are what the people really want to do and as many know, especially those in the world of motivation or therapy or simply wise teachers and friends, if something is not appropriate to do by the way these people are feeling that you may be picking up - it is possible to offer a suggestion for something that would be a substitute that is appropriate to do or is healthy to do and would serve that need, that feeling, that - yes - drive.

It isn't always something like that but very often it is a reaction to something. After all - if you've got a strong feeling to do something and you don't do it because you don't understand what it is you're feeling you would have piled upon that, other feelings of frustration, anxiety and so on - and yet for someone who has this gift of talent it is possible - especially if you are an adult and have developed a pretty good ability to speak to others - you would by that time know the difference between the anger and the frustration and you would know the core feeling - what that drive is - you would literally be able to tell people, "You really want to do're saying this - whatever you were saying."

You wouldn't necessarily have a handle on what they were saying because what they were feeling would be, as my friend says, louder. So you would be able to tell them what they were feeling. Very often this could be a breakthrough for those individuals.

Now I'm not saying you must do this. I'm bringing this all up today because I feel it is absolutely essential for everyone to understand that this is coming on to being the way.

You might reasonably ask in another situation, "What are we going to do. We have so many people in the world and so many different cultures and what's more challenging - so many different languages, dialects and styles of speech."

And yet we all have feelings and those feelings, physical feelings you understand - in our bodies, are exactly the same though they may not occur at the same time or in the same way. So we may need people to show us - Wayshowers if you would, how it is possible to in fact understand what we feel and perhaps if they can, try to figure out a way to show us how we can be aware of the feelings of others and perhaps read a little bit of what I've put here on Mystical Man and on Benevolent Magic and have an understanding of how to discover what we are feeling and even maybe learn what others are feeling.

If we can begin to do that we will have the foundation for a language which is unspoken. This is what I truly believe, on the basis of my experience and what I've been taught and also what I believe, telepathy truly is. Telepathy is knowing.

Words might be attached in our own minds as we think about the feelings that we are picking up from others but the actual telepathy is knowing.

If we know what others are feeling perhaps we won't approach them no matter how friendly they seem because their feelings are other then what they say. Perhaps other times we will approach people because no matter what they are saying, in fact they really want our friendship in a benevolent way.

It will take training for many of us to learn these things but fortunately those who have the ability are among us now. I feel it would be good to give them recognition, to honor them and then perhaps to ask them for help.

My feeling is that in the coming days we will find that these individuals will be honored for their abilities and that for those of us who do not have them, we will have to have a friend that does so they can not only interpret what others are feeling for us including what we may be feeling at times and we don't understand it but also so perhaps we can hope they can teach us or show us or help us to develop this gift for ourselves.

I will say more about this in time but I felt it's important and I've been feeling the importance of this for a long time to tell you more about why feelings are so very important.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.