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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Unexpected Beneficial Results From Using The Heart Warmth

migor3231 has asked a question relating to the Heart Warmth, also known as How To Know. I feel this question might apply to some of your experience as well so I am sharing it here with you.

migor3231 question on How To Know, Part 1:

This must be very important, paying atention to the iner voice i mean when you talk about that alot. and i have a question, when i make the heat in my chest, do i have to wait until it goes away until i ask my next question, couse it will always be warm there, for every question i make! what if it doesn't go away for few minutes? still wait or try another day?Thank you, Goodlife

My answer:

migor3231, the heat is lingering in your body because it is working for you and with you. This is what to do.

Even when you don't have a question now for you, bring the heat up and let it be there. Your body is utilizing this heat love energy to work to clarify and support you.

Know also that after allowing the heat to work in your body for a time eventually you will be clear and the heat will not linger so much when you ask questions. If the heat lingers again at some point this means it would be good to allow the heat to be present to clarify you once again.

More will be said about that process in How To Know, Part 3.

As far as asking your questions then, you'll have to wait another day to ask a question as you suggested.