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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oak Creek Canyon Adventures

Many’s the time, when I lived in Sedona, that on Fridays I would drive up to Flagstaff just for something different and to have a relaxing day.

Driving up there though, took me right through Oak Creek Canyon and I certainly had many unusual experiences there.

I remember once, on a hike, seeing twinkling lights above a pine tree and they just felt like little beings and that was nice. 

And of course there was the time when I had one of my most spectacular sightings when I saw a glass ball, I don’t know if it was actually glass but it was completely transparent and there were two people talking in it - two fellas. There was just room for them and the glass ball was just floating right up the highway maybe about 20 feet above me and that was pretty amazing.

Then another time when I was really not that far out of Sedona, just a few miles, there was - I saw crystal clear - a fairy just float right across the road. Looked just like one. Wings and beautiful green dress. She was really gorgeous. 

I wasn’t the only one that saw it. There was a youngster - a boy in a car going the other way - he saw it too. I remember because I was watching the fairy go by and then I saw the youngster cause I was sort of turned around. He was pointing out the back window. He was talking, probably yelling to his folks - hey, look what I saw.

And one other time I want to mention and that’s when I was up at the top of the rim, they call it. You might say the top of the hill when you’re coming out of Sedona past the switchbacks. 

I was just driving - not that far, a few miles from Flagstaff and all of a sudden I had an urge to turn onto this road. It’s what they call a fire road. I guess they cut them through the forest there to make way for fire engines if they’re needed. 

Anyway, I went way down this road. Up along the way I saw cows and a few other critters but I went way in there, miles and miles and I had a feeling to stop. There was a little clearing there and I pulled off and stopped. 

I swear I hadn’t been there more than two minutes when I saw this spirit - was just amazing. She must have been at least a hundred feet tall and she was dancing, just twirling and dancing and just looked like she was in complete rapturous joy. 

She was dancing around the trees and the trees seemed to be bending towards her. She had some kind of a green garment on - and it was just fabulous. One of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen in my life. A nature spirit you could say I suppose but she seemed like she was just something fabulously special.

So I’m just recalling these experiences. I’ve had a few other experiences up in Oak Creek Canyon. I don’t know if you’ve been there. It’s north of Sedona and it’s really a special place. So if you happen to go there keep your eyes open. You never know what you’re going to see.