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Friday, February 24, 2006

Fairies Are Real

Once upon a time, this is a true story though, I was driving through Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona headed towards Flagstaff which is a place I have a particular fondness for. I was just north of Sedona by a few miles, I recall. The traffic stopped because someone was turning left into a small business by the side of the road and so as I was sitting there I was looking around at the beautiful landscape and I noticed out of the corner of my eye - didn't really pay attention - something moving from one of the tree's and I think that I registered it - you know how you register something in your mind without really paying attention - I registered it as a bird but then what caught my attention is that it was moving so slowly and then I looked directly at it and it wasn't a bird. By that time it was almost directly in front of my windshield - it was a Fairy - I mean the kind that you read about in stories. I can tell you and it's absolutely true that they're real.
She was about - oh I'd say about four inches tall. She was completely wrapped though not covered entirely in a green garment. It looked like one length just wrapped around her and she had beautiful wings - now one thing I will have to say is that the wings weren't moving the way you'd expect wings to move on a butterfly - they were just absolutely still and she was also still but she was there physically and interestingly enough as I was watching her move slowly past my windshield from the right to the left I had someone else there that saw her just about the time I was thinking, "Am I going crazy?"
A car went by on the other side of the road - it's a narrow two lane blacktop - and as she was moving - the Fairy - to that side of the road but above the cars I noted as I was looking over my left shoulder by this point - and I might say the traffic had started to move - wouldn't you know it - that a car went by and there was a youngster - a young boy I'd say maybe oh eight, nine, ten years old - something like that in the back seat of the car very excitedly shouting apparently - course I couldn't hear what he was saying - shouting to his parents I take it and pointing and smiling and maybe laughing with glee at the Fairy.
So I was reassured because here was another witness - course I have no idea who he is and where he is but if he ever reads this he will undoubtedly remember the experience and it's good - maybe you'll know if you're out there - it's real isn't it - it really happened.
Well of course traffic got moving and I was looking back over my shoulder furiously trying to be a good driver and move along and sure enough once I moved a little bit with the car I couldn't see the Fairy anymore but I thought I'd bring it to your attention because I've heard from a lot of people that they don't believe that Fairies exist - that it's just a fiction, a story, but they really do exist and regardless of pictures that may or may not have been taken of Fairies - I don't think you can really take a picture of something like that but you never know - I have seen one and I will swear to it.
It was a beautiful sight. That's all I have to say. I thought you'd be interested. Some of you may know that they're real. Oh I grant that I have seen the little twinkling lights above a tree and so on and I think that that's them as well but this was something special and I wanted to share that with you today.


Pinkness said...

Thank you so much for sharing this experience.

I've not seen a fairy that I can recall, but I must have as a child because I've always been attracted to everything fairy...stories, pictures, figurines, etc. Love fairies!

Maybe, some day....

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend,
Thank you for your comment. A suggestion - if you ever go for a hike in the woods someplace - preferably where there are pine tree's - they don't have to be tall but perhaps in reasonably good health meaning not cut or scarred up to much - then I'd like to make a suggestion. First, it's alright to walk with someone else but here's what to do - try to make it a point to make it a cheerful walk. Don't get too involved in too many heavy or serious subjects.
I'll tell you why. Someone reminded me of that fact when I used to take walks in Arizona up in the mountains and so as an experiment I made my walk - instead of a time to ponder and consider life and its various aspects - I made a specific intention for this walk to be cheerful all the way - to think nothing but happy thoughts. I know that might sound a little amusing but I did do so and lo and behold when I was coming near the end of my walk, not the very end but near the end, I saw some twinkling lights - broad daylight mind you - above a pine tree. I just knew they were Fairies.
Give it a try if you can and if not, well you can pass it on if you like. Alright.

Pinkness said...

Thank you, I'll try that. I do do a lot of pondering during my walks in the woods and the pondering tends toward my past, which hasn't been a bed of roses.

I happen to live in the forest surrounded by really tall pine trees. I have much guilt though because I have cut down pine trees among others to clear a space for a garden and small orchard.

I was told once that a person who has to cut down a tree can talk to the tree the day before and tell it what your plans are and it can make a choice to join with another tree or move it's consciousness out ahead of time, but it still didn't feel right once I did it. Yes, I have great guilt about this still.

Do you have any remedies for guilt? It's pretty painful. I've read that it doesn't have consciousness so I have no idea how to deal with it. I khow this guilt would interfere with seeing faries above a pine tree.

Thanks for all your words here, each and every one. A smile comes to my face every time I click on the links to your two blogs. You make a difference in my life.

Good life to you, too, and thanks again.

Robert Shapiro said...

Pinkness, I have not forgotten your question. Please check the Benevolent Magic blog of 3-5-06 entitled From Guilt To Acquaintenship - especially towards the end for an answer to your question about guilt.

Anonymous said...

My friend has seen a fairy, and I'm from arizona! that's really cool.