The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moving Meteors Gently

Moving meteors and asteroids and the occasional comet can be done gently and benevolently with no harm to any being anywhere as long as you follow the procedures recommended with background provided on the written blogs here and here, and on

Regardless of the position of any meteor, asteroid or comet you may have learned about, always reach towards the sky and use your right hand to do this work.

Remember always, the skills I'm teaching you here and also what you can learn on the other written blogs and on are intended to improve the quality of life for all beings.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your Co-operation

Thank you for your participation in the preparation for my mystical and profound work on transforming radiation magically.

It's good that you have read this and also for those of you who have participated - I appreciate.


Transforming Radiation

I know that many of you are very concerned about the radiation risk and impact from the tragic situation in Japan. I am also concerned. 

I have been given permission now from all sources to do something very special that will work for the betterment of all beings. I'm putting it here in this brief announcement because I plan to do it very soon. I have every confidence it will be very helpful and if you wish to participate, and only if you wish to participate, you could say the following Living Prayer. It's up to you.

If you like you could say, "I am asking that all of nature and all of the nature in all of us recognize that one countries tragedy and problem is very much a challenge for all of us to help, to participate and I commit myself spiritually to be prepared to do so now in the most benevolent way for me and for all beings."

Goodlife to you all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

4-15-11 More About Protecting The Earth

This a time of Earth changes and Mother Earth may not always be able to protect you. Sometimes there might be dangers from deep space in the form of asteroids, comets or meteors.

You may be able to help to protect Earth and all her peoples by learning how to apply Long Touch which you can study here or here.

Remember, in order to stay clear to do this work as well as much of the other work I recommend here and on my other blogs you will need a practice on Clearing which you might find by looking here or here.

Note: At 9 min., 56 sec into the video a few words are missing. They are, "aim your hand."

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Transforming Radiation With True Magic

Atomic radiation has been causing harm in Japan and elsewhere. As it begins to migrate globally there is greater and greater need to transform it into something that is more benign. In this video you will be given a True Magic that will help in that process.

This video is meant for the more advanced students but all who are interested in the most benevolent outcome in this radiation situation are welcome to watch it. If you're feeling comfortable and are confident with your level of skills taught here*, as well as on the Benevolent Magic and Explorer Race blogs or by other formal Shamanic and Mystical training you have received, you can attempt this True Magic.

*Here is more about True Magic and also procedures to do it that I recommend.

Know that as a general rule of thumb, as people say, it's important to care about that which you are performing true magic for. This way you do not have any inner conflicts or feelings in conflict in your body with that which you are attempting to do. This could not only cause you to feel uncomfortable but it would generally impact the true magic so much that it may not do any good.

This is what I recommend. Go outside if you can and as always try not to wear shoes that are insulating you** - keeping your energy, you understand, from moving into the ground. If you need to wear shoes try to wear something that is made of a natural fiber - even leather, that's fine but not plastic or rubber - not an insulating material.

Then go out on the land someplace. And remember - always to go someplace where you feel safe including your own backyard if that is a place to feel safe but if you go out in the country or someplace else always do these things someplace where you have permission - that's important - so that you can feel safe and so that those who may have some claim to the land upon which you are standing will be comfortable with your presence.

It's always good to do true magic in a place where there is no conflict - outer or inner. This way it is more likely to work in the most benevolent way. You can of course wear insulating shoes to get there if you have to drive there or have to go in a vehicle of some sort but once you get there put on non-insulating shoes or go barefoot if you feel comfortable there and then stand out on the land.

[**If it is cold where you are then wear what you must and when you say the words or make the motions do it slower and a little longer in the way that feels good to you. Those of you who've been doing this for a while will know how long to do things. If you are relatively new to it then hold each position perhaps an extra 30 seconds and when you're saying the words say them slowly. That will help if you're wearing insulating shoes.]

We face north because that is the direction where creation takes place and it is also the direction where the manifestation of what we are attempting to create begins to take place in our outer world as well as in our inner world.

We turn to the left because that's the way the Earth turns and manifestation is then most likely to occur.