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The Wand Position
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bees Looked Out For Me

After having read Mystical Mountain I was reminded about a similar encounter I had years ago when hiking in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona.

I remember walking down a side trail - and I had never had any problems walking down that trail but suddenly I had a very insistent bee encouraging me I felt, to go elsewhere - and generally speaking when I have such an encounter I am not as afraid of a sting as I am concerned about the surroundings.

So I retraced my steps and when I got back to the main trail the bee hovered - meaning was sort of hanging around the branch trail and was joined by another bee and this was unusual because normally a experience like that ends rather quickly because the bee is either involved - meaning there's something that the bees are doing ahead and they do not wish to be disturbed or the bees are warning me about something.

Often when bees do this kind of thing they are giving warning as they might give to anyone - but bees kept hanging around and I took a couple of steps back on the trail I had been on, the main trail, and the bees kept hovering nearby but they did not approach me.

Finally I took about twenty or thirty steps back and I waited...and while I was waiting the bees left but I stayed where I was and looked around at my surroundings more closely. Off in the distance was a very old cabin in a falling down state of condition.

I don't recall the reason the cabin had been maintained except that I believe it may have been at one time the home of a famous artist or writer - but don't quote me on that - and as I waited I saw something moving in the distance.

I stepped back a little bit further very slowly so that I would have cover. I was about perhaps, maybe two hundred yards away and before I could say Jack Robinson I saw a bear moving about in the bush there.

I continued to, naturally, retrace my steps slowly so as not to arouse concern by the bear until I got well out of the bears sight and then I managed to pick up the pace a bit back to the car ;-) without running.

I got back to the car and I remember that after my initial recollection that this was bear country, though I had not seen one before in that part of the world, I felt a lingering gratitude to my bee friends who had made such an effort to assure my safety.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Pathway Has A Purpose

I have begun a route that will support all of your journeys to the most comfortable place that your hearts and minds and personalities can support.

Much of the true magic I have been teaching here and on my other main blog is creating a tunnel - but it's a tunnel with windows and gaps and openings that will allow, as you do the work, a sense of capacity and creativity and a feeling of capability into your lives that you have not known before.

It is my intention in the paving of this tunnel to create something firm underfoot and yet yielding when it needs to be. The promise of magic in this benevolent way is that it serves all beings - no one is left out. In order to arrive at our benevolent future we must walk the benevolent path to the best of our abilities.

I know that those of you involved in this work with benevolent magic, living prayer and now true magic are walking that path.

I cannot guarantee a rosy future or even present but I can guarantee a sense of confidence and self-assurance. When you devote time and effort to the betterment of all beings in this pathway I am laying down for you, ultimately those good feelings become part of who you are.

You no longer have to fret about what you can't help in other parts of the world. You have the tools now, you can begin to do benevolent magic, living prayer and even lay some plans for the future for true magic that you will do to support benevolent causes for all beings.

It is my intention to lay that path a little more and then to allow you to work on your own. I will be available for questions when I can answer them but we will go on here for a time - you and I interacting together - and I shall do so as long as I am able. I am counting on you to carry on the good work wherever you are, whenever you are reading this.

Remember - if you have doubts look into your own hearts. You will find great strength there that you have not known before. This work is intended to bring that strength to your attention and to help you to feel a confidence that you deserve.

Goodlife to you all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Details on True Magic

I have been asked a question and I thought I would give a brief answer here.

When I have been giving True Magic for people to do, which as you know is referred to as true magic because it is benevolent to everyone all the time everywhere and that's why it works and also since it is that benevolent it tends to fall within and is encompassed by the soul's purpose on Earth, there has been some confusion about the turning or rotation involved in some of the steps.

The soul as I've been taught and I believe on the basis of my experience has its journey on Earth in co-operation with Creator primarily to come to experience and to discover, so the experience of things happening benevolently is welcome for the soul.

Now the question however had to do with why when we're doing true magic and when we turn around at times or rotate as I call it - why is it always to the left? And I have mentioned that it's to the left because that's the way the Earth turns - and even so, the question hangs in the air - but why do that...and I'll say why.

In order to make our intentions known and to ask for the best to happen it's not sufficient to just say words. Words are good as in living prayer or benevolent magic of course but to take it to the next step - True Magic where one does things as well as to say words and to interact with benevolent energies - you turn to the left because that's the way Earth rotates and therefore you are doing something physical that denotes that what you want to happen and what you desire to happen for the benevolent outcome of all beings is something that is happening on earth on the planet you are standing on.

And you notice how often I'll say you look towards the sky to do this or that. That connects you physically with the sky - say the sun or the moon - it connects you with the sun and as a representative of Earth citizenry you then revolve yourself or rotate because you are demonstrating that you are an Earth citizen on the Earth and as your feet move around in that rotation on the earth you are physically saying with your body - I'm requesting help (from...various sources - the sun, the moon perhaps) - for all those here on Earth.

I am hopeful that that is helpful for you and know that it's alright to inquire about these things. Goodlife.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Flash Message About Us and About Earth

Greetings, the following message is about a inspiration which I have received and am passing on to you because it may herald the end of a difficult time for many of us and therefore I'm trying to spread the message as rapidly as possible so we can all do what we are able to get through these remaining days of extra strain and welcome the more gentle time to come.

I have been struggling with my energy, my physical and my creative side because there is so much to do isn't there and we feel an urgency to do all we can and yet it seems like every day we find that the energy levels given to us are either dropping or it feels like our energy cascade has a hole in it eh.'s important to know something. Right now Mother Earth is recreating herself and not unlike all very young beings she needs to be nurtured and assisted.

We have all wondered why there are so many of us on the planet now. We have wondered perhaps - are there too many of us but in fact the reason we have over five billion on this planet is that five and a half billion is the magic number by which Mother Earth can experience about one third of our physical energy to replenish her own.

There is a reason we call Mother Earth - Mother Earth. We are used to her giving us energy but in this situation she requires energy from us and like all children everywhere we want to help our mothers - yes.

In this case we want to help our Mother Earth when we can. So for the past week and for perhaps another three to four days she's going to need our help. So don't be alarmed if you feel more tired than usual and if the schedule that you normally are able to keep up seems to be overwhelming.

If you can get extra naps go ahead. If you can take certain things out of your schedule that won't be missed or can be delayed a week or so - go ahead. This will be over soon but I felt it was important to let you know because so many have been feeling overwhelmed. Many of you have had the feeling of being overwhelmed for some time now. That's because it has gradually built up and we are at the crescendo of the demand now and that's why it's just - almost too much.

You've also noticed that dreams are rather overwhelming and sometimes vivid and jumping from one thing to another unexpectedly. This will be a passing phenomena.

I want you to know that this is something we've all trained for on the soul level and it will be alright. We can get through this.

Here is a brief message from Isis to encourage us on our path over the next few days:

"This is Isis. Those of us in spirit world have also trained for this. Those of us who assist spirit world eh - angels, guides are working so hard that those of you who channel sometimes have a hard time making connections - have you noticed. That's because of this energy drain but then when you think about it, it's only natural isn't it to care for those who need it especially a family member like Mother Earth and it will be alright."

If you're having a gathering I recommend that you do a group meditation to support and provide love for Mother Earth but in order so that you don't get too drained this is what I strongly recommend you do.

First I recommend you do that group meditation in the daytime and outdoors. If it's a sunny day that would be best but if it's cloudy where you are or rainy then stay indoors, that's fine. The daylight alone will be enough. So...picture the sun in the sky in your imagination.

Then either stand on the ground - preferably without plastic or artificial soled shoes - but wear what you need to wear and perform your meditation in your usual way though in this case I recommend that you do not hold hands, if that is your method but if you wish and you derive strength from doing this you can take one finger and touch the person next to you. I would recommend that you do not use your left hand for this, only your right.

So...then do your meditation as you normally do but add Mother Earth as a receiver of the greatest benevolence available - in your own words of course. And also, every time you breathe be conscious of breathing in the sun's energy. This will help.

If you are doing this at night then breathe in the moon's energy - that is also alright but don't take energy from Earth. Give energy to Earth but not your own.

We must learn how to use the energy of the planetary bodies around us. If you are living someplace where you can see many stars in the sky at night and the moon is present then starlight is also acceptable since starlight is essentially light of suns and suns are intended to give energy - and as human beings it is our nature to give energy but we have forgotten, many of us, that the energy is not always intended to be our own but is intended to be provided by the circuit of the sun, the moon, the human being.

Practice breathing in the sun or if your schedule is such that you are up more at night - practice breathing in the moon. That might be easier because you can actually look at the moon and breathe - alright - just breathe in and exhale normally. While you're looking at the moon you can breathe in and exhale normally 5 times.

Do you know how this gives energy to the Earth? Every time we exhale regardless of who we are or where we are or what we're doing, part of the energy of our exhaled breath always exits out the bottoms of our feet. This is why I have often suggested that you do not wear something so insulating on your feet when we do these special things I am helping you to learn here on these blogs.

If you want to have a better contact with the sun then close your eyes and hold your head towards the sun and breathe in the sun. Do this for just 3 breaths keeping your eyes tightly shut but you will feel the sun's warmth on your face and thus will create a connection.

If you prefer you can tie a cloth around your head covering your eyes or wear extremely dark glasses while looking towards the sun but you must close your eyes as well.

The point is to feel the connection with the sun. Just breathe naturally and try not to think about anything. This allows us to be our purely physical beings.

Just breathe in this way with the sun for 8 to 10 breaths if you have the cloth tied around your face or are using the dark glasses.

It's a way to practice and you will find that this practice leads to an energizing that you have been missing in your bodies.

This energizing will help greatly towards the accomplishment of being the sun's children as well as Earth children and also as the sons and daughters of parents have done from time immemorial it will allow you to take care of Mother Earth and that is a goal all children have isn't it - to be able to take care of your parents when they need you.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Processes Towards Creation, Part 3

Now I want to thank all of you who participated in part 1 and 2. It was only necessary that at least 3 of you did the work and you will find that if another 30 do it over the next 6 months it ought to be enough to hold the place open for the creation mechanism.

The creation mechanism is intended to be generated where we live on Earth - meaning on Earth everywhere as an accessible portal you might say but this is not to suggest that such a portal has to do with something that sounds like science fiction. It is no different than the mechanism of one cell adapting to the function of another.

I have been taught and I believe on the basis of my experience that this is something that is anchored in our time and as it's anchored here it functions sufficiently to maintain its presence here.

I am requesting that over the next five years another 100 of you attempt this work. If you are successful then within 7 years such a mechanism will be available.

I believe we will see its results initially in the area of technology where things that used to take a long time to come to fruition will happen much quicker - perhaps in as little as one third the time. This could work as long as people are careful and do not skip steps.

Insofar as the manifestation capability for the average person it is possible that such things as living prayer or benevolent magic creating desirable and benevolent results will also happen much quicker. We shall see.

Thank you again for your participation. Goodlife.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Processes Towards Creation, Part 2

Last time we began our true magic to create a new mechanism. It is a mechanism of creation and it is intended to structure a manner by which benevolent creations can be sped towards a benevolent conclusion.

This would cover ideas, hopes, wishes, dreams, desires - oh yes but also perhaps most importantly in our time - technology.

As you know we are facing a crisis in necessity. We must change the way we've been living and adapt to our circumstances of now. Technology's going to need a boost and it's going to need the kind of boost that will support these good experiments coming along to be able to produce desirable results that do not harm other life including human life.

So what we're really asking for here is a means of Creator supported manifestation that becomes more readily available and potentially accelerates the practical application of any and all fruition of manner, means and delivery of benevolent creations.

I know that's wordy but in order to bring this about we're not creating some thing. We're creating a means and we're asking that this be created. We're also, by representing all human beings, asking that this means to create pass through the bodies and souls of human beings so as to bring about the best result that is benevolent for all beings.

So today I'm going to ask you to do part 2. Go out on the land if you can. I know some of you might have wintertime - then wear what you need to but for those of you who have spring or summer if you can go out barefoot or with little bit only on the bottoms of your feet - preferably leather and not rubber or plastic that would be best.

Then if you can go out at 2 times of the day - one time would be high noon and it doesn't matter whether it's a cloudy day or a sunny day. The other time would be 12 midnight but it can be a couple minutes before or a couple minutes after - preferably with at least half a moon or more lighting up the sky. Again - it is not critical that it be a clear night but preferably it would only be partly cloudy if not totally clear so that some moonlight falls upon you or where you are standing or near where you are standing.

When you go out at noon this is what to do. Stand in a place that feels comfortable to you. Again as always ask for the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you. Then again make one complete rotation staying in the same spot and spinning very slowly turning to your left starting out facing the north and finishing facing the north.

Then separate your feet so that there is about a foot and a half to two feet between your feet as a measurement. Then put both of your arms down at your sides so that your palms of your hands are touching the sides of your body.

Then raise your arms above your body and bring the palms of your hands together - again with your thumbs touching your hands but not crossed - don't cross your thumbs. Then bring your arms down in front of your body very slowly so that your arms are down by your sides where they started only this time have your palms facing forward.

Then say the following words, "I am asking that the sun in union with the Earth, Creator and all beings perform now the means to create and provide us with that means to create benevolently that all ideas of benevolence and products of benevolence be more easily and speedily created in the best way for all beings."

Remain in that position for about a minute after you've said those exact words. After that turn to your left and slowly leave that area and continue on with your life. If you need to go to your right that's okay but turn to your left in order to get to that position.

Do not immediately drive a car, do not operate machinery. If possible go someplace, sit down and just relax for a time - that would be best.

Then when you go out at night, as I said before at 12 midnight, repeat this process exactly. If you can stand in the same spot that would be best. If you cannot stand in that spot then pick a spot that feels good to you.

Repeat the gestures exactly and say almost the same words and perform the same function exactly as it was done before only we're going to add a little difference to the words you said.

When you say "the sun" right after that say "the moon" so it's going to be "the sun and the moon." So this is what to say at night, "I am asking that the sun and the moon in union with Earth, Creator and all beings perform now the means to create and provide us with that means to create benevolently that all ideas of benevolence and products of benevolence be more easily and speedily created in the best way for all beings."

After you do that do everything else that you did before. Don't operate machinery, don't drive a car, don't do anything strenuous for at least a half an hour. If you are sleepy you can go in, lay down, go to sleep but don't operate anything electrical. Try to stay away from metal as much as possible and just rest and relax.

This will help. Goodlife.