The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Processes Towards Creation, Part 2

Last time we began our true magic to create a new mechanism. It is a mechanism of creation and it is intended to structure a manner by which benevolent creations can be sped towards a benevolent conclusion.

This would cover ideas, hopes, wishes, dreams, desires - oh yes but also perhaps most importantly in our time - technology.

As you know we are facing a crisis in necessity. We must change the way we've been living and adapt to our circumstances of now. Technology's going to need a boost and it's going to need the kind of boost that will support these good experiments coming along to be able to produce desirable results that do not harm other life including human life.

So what we're really asking for here is a means of Creator supported manifestation that becomes more readily available and potentially accelerates the practical application of any and all fruition of manner, means and delivery of benevolent creations.

I know that's wordy but in order to bring this about we're not creating some thing. We're creating a means and we're asking that this be created. We're also, by representing all human beings, asking that this means to create pass through the bodies and souls of human beings so as to bring about the best result that is benevolent for all beings.

So today I'm going to ask you to do part 2. Go out on the land if you can. I know some of you might have wintertime - then wear what you need to but for those of you who have spring or summer if you can go out barefoot or with little bit only on the bottoms of your feet - preferably leather and not rubber or plastic that would be best.

Then if you can go out at 2 times of the day - one time would be high noon and it doesn't matter whether it's a cloudy day or a sunny day. The other time would be 12 midnight but it can be a couple minutes before or a couple minutes after - preferably with at least half a moon or more lighting up the sky. Again - it is not critical that it be a clear night but preferably it would only be partly cloudy if not totally clear so that some moonlight falls upon you or where you are standing or near where you are standing.

When you go out at noon this is what to do. Stand in a place that feels comfortable to you. Again as always ask for the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you. Then again make one complete rotation staying in the same spot and spinning very slowly turning to your left starting out facing the north and finishing facing the north.

Then separate your feet so that there is about a foot and a half to two feet between your feet as a measurement. Then put both of your arms down at your sides so that your palms of your hands are touching the sides of your body.

Then raise your arms above your body and bring the palms of your hands together - again with your thumbs touching your hands but not crossed - don't cross your thumbs. Then bring your arms down in front of your body very slowly so that your arms are down by your sides where they started only this time have your palms facing forward.

Then say the following words, "I am asking that the sun in union with the Earth, Creator and all beings perform now the means to create and provide us with that means to create benevolently that all ideas of benevolence and products of benevolence be more easily and speedily created in the best way for all beings."

Remain in that position for about a minute after you've said those exact words. After that turn to your left and slowly leave that area and continue on with your life. If you need to go to your right that's okay but turn to your left in order to get to that position.

Do not immediately drive a car, do not operate machinery. If possible go someplace, sit down and just relax for a time - that would be best.

Then when you go out at night, as I said before at 12 midnight, repeat this process exactly. If you can stand in the same spot that would be best. If you cannot stand in that spot then pick a spot that feels good to you.

Repeat the gestures exactly and say almost the same words and perform the same function exactly as it was done before only we're going to add a little difference to the words you said.

When you say "the sun" right after that say "the moon" so it's going to be "the sun and the moon." So this is what to say at night, "I am asking that the sun and the moon in union with Earth, Creator and all beings perform now the means to create and provide us with that means to create benevolently that all ideas of benevolence and products of benevolence be more easily and speedily created in the best way for all beings."

After you do that do everything else that you did before. Don't operate machinery, don't drive a car, don't do anything strenuous for at least a half an hour. If you are sleepy you can go in, lay down, go to sleep but don't operate anything electrical. Try to stay away from metal as much as possible and just rest and relax.

This will help. Goodlife.

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