The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Processes Towards Creation, Part 1

Now is a time to move forward with our new work. In order to recreate the planet in a more benevolent way for all beings it is going to be necessary to regenerate cell structure.

Cell structure in the human being is, chemically speaking, functioning similarly to cell structure in other beings that we are used to seeing - domestic animals and so on.

So it is not for us to change God's plan but it is for us to add something. Remember it is always easier to add something than to take something away. Plus if you try to take something away whether it be a mood, an object, a feeling, anything - it almost always causes harm but if you add something it can be benevolent.

So this is what I'm going to suggest. There is an energy which is followed by a manifestation - so I'm not exactly talking about a product, I'm talking about a means and we're going to work on a means.

This is how to begin. First of all I'd like you to lay down if you can, if that's comfortable. If not, sit comfortably in a chair and adapt if you can what we're doing laying down to sitting.

Do not cross your arms and legs and if possible remove metal from your person. If that's not possible and the metal is normally on your person that is probably alright.

Then I'd like you to request that all of the benevolent energies, guides, spirits and angels that you have with you be all around and about you to support and sustain you through this work.

Then after you do that then begin by a motion with your hands. Raise your hands if you're lying down - raise them up, both hands, both arms of course - up so that they are positioned above the center of your chest - arms fully extended with your hands together in a position not unlike prayer - though have your thumbs touching your hands (see picture above).

In this position, hold that for about 10 seconds. Then gradually move your arms down so that your palms are upward - move your arms down so that they are at your sides, not touching the top of your body but on either side of you.

Then I'd like you to visualize a mechanism - it can be something that is in the air, on the ground. It can be something underground, it can be something from Creator.

After that visualize something in the air not unlike a light forming. This visualization is not intended to be what we are trying to accomplish. It is intended to clear the way. If you would like to pray you may do so. For those of you who do not do that then you could say, "I am asking that the mechanism of all living things now be supported and added to by a new mechanism which will be available to generate the most benevolent creations that anyone might ever desire as long as those creations be benevolent for all beings."

After you say that remain in that position for at least a minute. Then get up from that position and stand if you can facing the north. Move slowly in a circle - pivoting from the center as if you were standing in the middle of a compass - turn to your left and slowly covering time of about a minute - a little less or a little more is fine - make a complete circle and stop facing the north.

Close your eyes for about a minute and then open your eyes and then say the following, "I request that this mechanism become a permanent portion of our spirits, our hearts and our Earth."

Next time I will say more. This is the beginning and we will say and do more next time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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