The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Experience Of Being Our Light Bodies Now

Have you noticed a little phenomena lately for you. If you haven't yet, you will soon. We are easing into more integration with our light bodies.

Included in this is some capacity to perceive our physical world from light bodies. Our light bodies however do not as a rule sit squarely in our physical bodies all the time, they're usually jogging around a bit. Sometimes from side to side, sometimes ranging well out of the top of our heads but always connected.

You may find that you have an experience not unlike my own when I felt tall.

You might find that you're working on something perhaps even in front of your computer and even though you have only swiveled in your chair - say for example and swivel back to your computer without moving your chair, your perspective of the keyboard for instance or the screen will be slightly different. If this happens move things around a bit - that's alright but also know that it has largely to do with this perception from the light body.

This is ultimately going to be a very good thing because our light bodies are all from the same source. Regardless of what we wish to call it that source is associated with our universe and is co-ordinated fully with all other light sources everywhere.

So many of us have asked that the world get better somehow - yes? That we have a way to communicate better somehow - yes? And that we have a means to communicate whether it be language or motion or simply by osmosis.

My feeling is that this perception from our light bodies is going to be what answers the prayer of osmosis. It is just happening and I believe it is intended for us by Creator.


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