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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

You Can Change The Past, Part 2

Last time we talked about resolving issues in the past. We're going to use that same exact process - precisely as you did it before - but this time I want you to pick out a historical event - something that's happened in history.

It could be your family history, it could be written history - whatever you like to choose and use that same exact process to see if you can bring about benevolent change.

Sometimes history effects more people than you know. You yourself might be effected in some benevolent way as resolution is being worked on in some process. Also if more than one of you who are working with the material on this site wish to get together or even simultaneously work on this in different parts of the world that is alright.

It might help but you'd be surprised what one person can do doing this. It only increases its effect slightly when you add a person. Granted if hundreds or thousands of people are doing it at the same time it does increase the magnitude of the effect but one person doing it is also very effective.

So if you happen to notice some benevolent impact on your life that's fine. In the case of working with a family event that's possible but even a historical event could have some effect even though you don't understand why.

Learn to trust that - not understanding why - because it has to do with the physical, the spiritual and the feeling level of all things. Even though your mind may not be able to grasp how the dots connected, so to speak, that's alright.

I believe our minds are here to learn that the unseen and the unknown can be trusted if you know how to work with it in the most benevolent way.


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