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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More About The Feeling Network

Time for a refresher. Do you know how benevolent magic works?

I have mentioned various ways that benevolent magic works - yes but it is important to understand that while I have mentioned how true magic works here or here for example that there is more to it.

The primary way true magic and even benevolent magic works on the human level, by us you understand, is that there's a strong feeling that has to do with an urgent need.

It may, in the case of something personal for you yourself, be a personal need yes? It may more likely be something that is a community need - meaning your family, your neighborhood, the state you live in perhaps, the country you live in, the planet you live on - yes of course.

An urgent need that you can feel - not just a thought. A thought is a thought yes? It comes, it goes - but a feeling, that urgent feeling like you might get when you are compassionate about the sufferings of others and want to do something - you know that feeling - or like you might get when a family member is in distress. You want to do something, you want to do more than you have done.

It is important now to instruct you on these matters because as time goes on we will need each other more and more whether we have met, whether we know each other, whether we've ever heard of each other and to do these benevolent magic's and living prayers - to do this true magic which is all working because it is beneficial to everyone will have to be done on a basis very often where locale is not a factor. Meaning, think about it, there have been recent disasters all over the world and the people in those zones where the disasters are going on if they are able to do benevolent magic or living prayer or true magic that's great, that's wonderful but they may not be - they may be caught up in it.

They may be injured and need help themselves. So we cannot sit back and say - well he'll do it, oh she'll do it. We must do what we can immediately while others are mounting rescue efforts and performing their heroic chores. We must work quietly in the background to do what we can to support and assist.

Sometimes it might be a more urgent need that does not have catastrophic soundings - meaning it's not making the news. No one knows about it but you know about it and you have the urgent desire to help but there is a reason you cannot help. Perhaps you don't know the person, you don't know the family but you've heard about it - you understand.

I know that most of you reading this are in service to humanity regardless of your jobs though they might also be service oriented and so it's important to remind you that one of the major ways that things occur - that there are results - if not immediately then soon or at least eventually is that you have the feeling first and then you perform the various actions as I've stated in posts here and on my other main blog about true magic and you state words that co-ordinate with the feeling.

Try to follow the formulas I've given here - what to say, how to say it. Read the blogs. Remember that the labels only cover the recent year or two of this blog and so you may have to use the search box for the blog to get more information and background. Then perform these tasks as well as you can.

I have spoken so much here about feelings because the physical feeling is your immediate monitor and it also activates in general, because all beings on this planet - including plants, animals - big and small, the feeling network.

The feeling network is something that exists beyond individuals and always has to do with an immediate transmission and awareness. This is how you or others you may have heard of might know that something needs to be done or that there is an urgent need somewhere and may respond to that need with living prayer, benevolent magic or true magic if you know how to do it eh - and other prayers of course that you might say on your own. You know this because of the feeling network.

Creator has put us on this planet I believe - to resolve things, to help to find ways to use things that exist but have no other place in the universe to be of assistance - meaning they've fallen between the cracks so to speak and they languish with nothing to do.

Here on this planet, where I believe we are struggling yes but still accomplishing things that have to do with being an apprentice to Creator and other creator beings, we have the chance to put into effect that which goes beyond what we do with our hands and our minds, what we do with our ambitions and what we even do together co-operatively to bring about some benevolent and good change.

Here we now have the remembrance of who we are that's coming in stronger and stronger these days which is why when we feel to do something that the feeling almost overwhelms us and it is my intention on these blogs to help guide you with what to do with that feeling or those feelings.

So remember, first there is the feeling, then you might have words or thoughts that build upon the feeling, then ask for all the energies that are benevolent for you to be all around you and all about you and then perform the benevolent magic, living prayer or true magic and remember at any time when you feel the energies strongly to just pause whatever you are doing and wait until the energy fades a bit so that it is almost not there anymore and then continue because this energy that you are feeling and that includes you is activating the process that you are requesting.

Remember always that this magic and this prayer is intended for only good consequences and if you make a mistake and try to activate something that is going to harm others it simply won't work and the energy will immediately disappear. This will tell you that this might be harmful to others. Reconsider it and see if you can do it in another way that's benevolent to all.

There is one other occasion when you might start to do a benevolent magic, living prayer or true magic where there is absolutely no energy and you are unable to bring any energy awareness to you, for those of you especially who've been doing this for a time, and that is when you have done this before but you have forgotten. If that happens then try to use your other forms of prayer, if you wish to say something or do something or help in some other way.

Chances are you've already done this but have forgotten. That happens to us all so don't be concerned if it happens to you.

Remember that you can also, in the case of a benevolent magic or living prayer particularly, try to rephrase the words you were going to say and perhaps that will help even though you have done it before.

I felt this refresher was needed because there are so many urgent situations happening in the world now, some of which prompted by Mother Earth for what she must do to help herself during this time of crisis for herself and I feel that if enough of us can do this work Mother Earth can do what she must do for herself but perhaps she will be able to do it in a way that is more benevolent to human beings, plants, animals and others.

Lets try to be benevolent to each other because if we are going to have more responsibility for creating a benevolent society, a good world, a good place to live for all including human beings then we must take into account the needs of others as well as our own. I know you know this.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


GaelTale said...

Your teachings are always simple and
'spot on' to the times we live in~ These 'magics' are essential, to learn and do, to help benevolence bring to our world the actions of Goodness for all Beings, as we continue always f o r w a r d and beyond!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you LaNelle for your comments, your wisdom, your poetry, your commitment and your path most benevolent.

Goodlife my friend.