The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Long Touch: Influencing With Compatibility

I'd like you all to begin practicing something. You know that this blog, as I am able to post to it, is about magic - True Magic in that sense - meaning that which serves all beings, excluding none, in the most benevolent way.

There are times when you may be able to help, at a great distance, to ease the pain and suffering of others - even to help to console others in some benevolent way.

You will have to suspend your training and conditioning of disbelief to read on but I'd like you to do so if you are open to the possibility.

Consider that there are many mysteries in the world - how did this come to be this way? How did these great heavy blocks get moved from place to place - and there are theories abounding. And yet very often the explanation is simplicity itself.

What if the blocks of stone are alive? If you've read this blog for a time and specifically my series of books called Shamanic Secrets then you know that I believe that everything is alive and the books which are all inspired and spoken with inspiration teach a great many things about that.

Here's something you can practice for yourself. Just approach this as if it's possible, not as if you're going to dazzle your friends and family, not because you want to show-off - and I'm sure most of you who are reading this have no such interests - but because and only because it can be used to save lives, to console the bereaved and to help and assist when needed.

Here's what to practice. This is best done outdoors in some place that is quiet where you would not be disturbed but if such a place is not available to you then it can be done anyplace indoors where you have a space around you in all directions, to the best of your ability, of at least 6 feet - alright. So - 6 feet to the front, 6 feet to the back - you understand - like that. So - preferably 6 feet above you, 6 feet below you but I know that's not always easy. Still if you are outdoors it's a little easier - see.

Now - this is what to do. Put something on the ground about 3 feet away from you just out of your reach. It can be anything. It doesn't matter if its a leaf or a book or a stone but it would be best if it is something from the natural world. So - something that occurs in nature.

Perhaps a light stone. Remember always if you move a stone to ask its permission and you often do that simply by reaching down, noticing the exact position it is in and when you go to pick it up - how does your body feel? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel physically alright? That's your body responding to the stone.

Never forget, everything is alive. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, leave the stone exactly where it is or if you've already picked it up replace it to the best of your ability exactly the way it was.

Say you find the stone that feels comfortable - then set it up about 3 feet away from you in the position that feels the most comfortable in your body - again the stone communicates with you. Then reach out with your, I would recommend, right hand - palm down.

It is best if you are sitting on the soil to do this. If you cannot, then sit on a chair or a mat that is made entirely of natural products. Then reach out with your palm down towards the ground, not touching it but just aiming down with your fingers relaxed but your hand open and without touching the stone aim your hand so that the fingers of your hand - if they were long you see - you know, many feet long - would be just under the stone and lift up very gently.

Practice this, not necessarily expecting to move the stone up. Some of you might see a little something. It is possible - things could happen but only to begin to get used to extending the energy from your fingers and palm, working with the Earth and feeling the energy of all life supporting this act which is only intended to prepare you to serve the needs of all beings in the most benevolent way.

I have spoken on Long Touch extensively on my other blog and I will say more about these things in times to come soon.


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