The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Happening Now, Part 2

Last time I said that something was happening sequentially. I want to say just a little more about that.

The sequential orientation of our spiritual selves is not about a religious experience though some people might feel that you've had one as a result of some of these moments. It is rather about a orientation that is focused very strongly in our actual feeling self. Hence the acknowledgment that I've made towards the feeling that you will have that something is different.

This is vitally important so that you will have a sense of physical change and you cannot be easily talked out of it by well meaning friends as something that was simply a mental aberration. It won't feel mental at all even though you will be able to think about it so your mind is not excluded from the process.

Consider for a moment, if it was your job to help the people of Earth to be reconstituted in their natural, spiritual and heartfelt beings for which total and complete beingness begins to be felt as it is felt when we are not incarnated on this planet then what would you do?

Would you do it suddenly - snap your fingers and say, "Okay - everybody's alright now" or because people are going through training - this being a school as I've said many times - wouldn't you do it slowly to allow people to adapt and have the greatest experience of interest and benevolence to wake up with one's friends, family and even others whom one doesn't know. To begin to recognize old friends and companions in the eyes of complete strangers. In short, to help people to wake up gradually and to remember the family universal between us all.

I believe that is what would be done and I believe that you will all be experiencing that in the most benevolent way. I have had some experience with this and I believe some of you can identify.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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