The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Water

Have you ever wondered why your path in life is so circuitous? Why you're not able to simply go from point A to point B simple, straight with a path of ease.

As I've said before, our bodies are made of Mother Earth's body - sparked by Creator and inhabited by our souls. Because we are made of Mother Earth's body we follow her general demeanor of personality.

Not necessarily because we are required to for Mother Earth will often do things from point A to point B quickly. A look at her weather patterns suggest this but there are other aspects of her life too that seem to wander.

Whens the last time you saw a river that traveled in a perfectly straight line from point A to point B, other than a short distance perhaps. Water goes where it is most welcome on the land and we, like water, also must travel in the same way.

It is natural for us to travel this way. Sometimes of course we turn back on our path in order to make sure that we have done everything we possibly can when we're exploring something - our souls have a certain amount of eagerness to do this since that's why they came here in the first place in order to explore and to be.

However, after we live our lives here and we have our Earth personality working for us we have the opportunity to experience ourselves with the abilities of water. Water goes where it's most welcome. Consider that.

How often we go where we are most welcome and how often we react uncomfortably when we are not welcome and we know this not only because of our physical feelings in our body but because of the means by which we experience physical feelings. Have you not wondered what that means is?

It is surely the water in our bodies. The water in our bodies has everything to do with the mechanics of how we feel physically. Not how we feel because we are ill - no - but how we feel, how we know beyond thought what is, what could be and what might be better.

Consider for a moment that water - when we are well saturated with water we might even be more sensitive. Did you know - if you wish to be more sensitive in terms of your perceptions, if you wish to know how something feels, if you do not wish to touch something at a distance but you need to know how it feels - that if you drink some extra water and you're more saturated in your body you can actually put your left or right hand out - palm down - and aim it towards the area on the land where you need to go to find the safest path for you.

I will speak more about water in the times to come but I wanted to bring it up to you now so that you would know that water is your means to feel, to know and it is the way you find your path in life. So, if you see that glass of water sitting there and you don't want to stop what you're doing but you do want to be successful and happy - take a sip. It will help to keep your capacity to know alert.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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