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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Water, Part 2

Now water also has the capacity to deliver messages. It can provide you with inspiration and you don't necessarily have to be swimming in it - and by swimming in it I mean in that which is untreated - untreated with the chemicals that are used to make it safe to swim in a swimming pool for example - or for that matter in water that is polluted excessively by being near an outfall or something. But I'm talking about swimming in say a lake or even in places in the ocean.

You don't have to necessarily be doing that only. You could also be drinking fresh clear water and be inspired. Inspiration and water go together. This is not an accident.

As science will tell you, our bodies are made up in vast majority of water and of course this is all intended. This is another reason scientists have speculated that we might have originally come from the water since our bodies are so much a living sponge, so to speak.

How is it that we are so saturated and why? So much of this has to do with living on Mother Earth - obviously a water planet.

As you may know from your studies of astronomy or your interest in it the rest of our solar system is not apparently water oriented. One may find with studies done by this or that satellite that there's something that appears to be ice here or there but generally speaking we don't see lakes, rivers and seas though it might be possible that on some planets they were there at one time.

No, in our solar system we're it when it comes to water and here we are - here's where we find ourselves. I believe it is safe to say that we are here to experience the water as much as possible while still being creatures of the land.

It is as if a compromise has been made that - perhaps we did once live in the sea as one of the sea people - this is possible and perhaps we decided we wished to try life on the land and believed we could have a good time and maybe make life better for all.

On the other hand history has not borne that fact out but that's the history we know, the history that is written about. There have been many wonderful things that human beings have done on the land and for that matter in the water.

Let us never forget that that being of which we are all a portion - that unites all life in the name of love is a being with heart - just like us and all other beings on this planet also have heart even if we do not identify that organ in their body. We are united by that heart, we are united by our living on Earth the water planet and we are united by our being here together. Let us remember that hope and that dream and let us apply our inspiration to improving life here as much as possible.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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