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The Wand Position
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why I Am Not A Guru

Some people have asked - do I want to be a leader? Is that what all this teaching is about? No, this teaching is about helping you all in the best way I am able to begin to look up to yourself.

I know that there's a desire in us all - trained I believe in the best of intentions by those who raised us whether family, friends or in scholastic endeavors - to look up to someone, to emulate someone and to try to make our lives a tribute to someone. Sometimes it's a religious figure and that's understandable, other times it is a human being and that is often a matter of public image if not always private truth.

It is my intention here to the best of my ability to provide for you the opportunity to look up to yourself on the basis of the physical evidence of the things that you try here on this site to see if you can do it, if you might do it or if it even appeals.

It is not my intention to get you to follow me. It is not my intention to lead you somewhere or to be a authority or a hero. Rather it is my intention for you to find that in the mirror and to practice to the best of your ability that which works for you.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel that in a time now where we are surrounded by those who have images whether professionally created for them or not or whether they are politically or otherwise promoted - it is important to remember that the best we can make out of ourselves is and needs to be one of our goals to not only provide for ourselves, our capacities and our fulfillment but perhaps most importantly to set an example based upon the best we can be at any given moment for our friends, family and community.

And lets remember that we are not going to be perfect. As a matter of fact we're going to be imperfect. This example must also be set so that people do not try to live up to some impossible myth of what any human being can be.

We don't have to work at being imperfect, it will come naturally and I feel that this is what I need to say today. Now - you won't have to look to far to find imperfection in me and I won't try to hide it. I won't look to far to find it in you either.

So - that's all I have to say today. Just to remind you that the myth of perfection is not necessarily an ideal we ought to strive for. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

More On Relieving Drought Conditions

You have perhaps noticed articles written about or live in areas where there is drought. I have given some knowledge about inviting the rain here and here and have mentioned rain in many other posts but I'd like to mention something else and also to comment.

I have discovered and been privileged to view at one point in time how at least one species of animals on this planet can call for the rain. I may have mentioned this before but I'm going to mention it again since it is so pertinent to this post.

One day when living in Sedona I looked out my window and I saw in the back yard a gathering of ants. I had made some effort to put out some foods that they might be able to use and also attempted to put out water for them but did not always do it right though I think they appreciated the effort.

Fortunately there was a cactus in the back yard and over time I noticed that when they needed water urgently that they would go to the cactus and - not taking all the water from the cactus but just going to one broad leaf they would take what they needed from there - always and only just what they needed and then they would retire to their home.

Nevertheless one day when I looked out the back at the opening in the concrete to their home I saw a number of ants there, a crowd you might say - perhaps eighty to a hundred very closely together and they were doing something. At first I wondered - is it alright for me to look at this as I have great respect for what peoples, including animals, do in ceremony.

I had the feeling immediately however that it was alright for me to observe as long as I didn't stare. This means to glance at what you are privileged to see and then look away and then glance again and then look away but do so with respect so you're not staring at them for your stare might interrupt what they are doing. You know, if somebody is staring at you you often get the feeling of discomfort - animals are the same.

So while I was glancing at them I did notice that they were leaning back and forth - together closely and leaning in unison back and forth and back and forth. Of course I wondered what they were doing.

Shortly thereafter after they had completed their dance, as I call it, it began to rain. Not a lot - just a little. I might add that there was not a cloud in the sky and I mean nothing nor had there been a cloud in the sky that day and I had a good view from where I lived. But out of the sky from no clouds discernible to my eye came a few drops of moisture and even though it wasn't enough to give them what they needed that rain was special. I can only say that there was something unique about it and it was clearly a gift, a blessing.

So - some of you have wondered why I have devoted myself to finding out the innuendos and nuances of animal life and why my book, Animal Souls Speak is so dear to my heart but I'm bringing this up to you so that you will have the knowledge that if you are living in a drought area - be kind to the ants.

If you can find out what they like to eat as they have different things - different groups have different things just as we have our own tastes - some like meat, some like sweet - like that, you can look into it (you can read more about this process near the end of this post on my experiences in Brazil if you like) - then if you can make an offering and even plant a cactus perhaps so that they can have water and be sustained and ask them if you would like to - ask them if they would stay outside and live there while you live inside your home - in this way you would honor them.

You can also do this after you've established those boundaries and offerings. You can, if you like, say the following living prayer within their line of sight - meaning perhaps outside - nowhere near where they are walking so they are safe. Always try to give them plenty of room to walk where they need to walk. Then say, "I am asking that Grandmother Ant speak to the ant people and request that they do their dance wherever they do these things to bring the rain in the most benevolent way for the land here and all the peoples." That's what I recommend you do.

Grandmother Ant is a spirit who can hear in her own way the entreaties of the human being and transfer your request to those whom she oversees, guides and assists. We have our guides and they have theirs.

Try to remember that there are many different species on the Earth. We all work in harmony in many ways and while floods for example, disrupt and cause tragic consequences to us - so they do to the animals as well. So there is no chance that when the ants do their dance for rain - no matter how successful it will be - it will never cause a flood for they are susceptible to such tragedies as well.

I have spoken to you a great deal on this site and my other about what you can do to invite benevolence and what you can do to communicate with other forms of life. I will continue that in order to support your interaction and capacity to commune with all forms of life.

Here is our training ground on Earth to commune with all forms of life and to bring about the most benevolent existence for us all as we work in a interconnected way to support our environment, to support our lives and to support each other.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's Something You Can Do Right Now To Help

Greetings, I am putting this post up on both the blogs because I'm going to ask you all to say some living prayers here. Now if you've been reading these blogs for a while you know to ask for the most benevolent energies to be present, available and all around and about you and wait a couple of minutes. And then if you would care to say slowly the following living prayer.

You might say, "I am asking that all those people and beings who need help whether because of fire, flood, drought or any other cause receive all the help and assistance they need now - benevolently from all those people and beings who can help them." Remember if you're saying more than one living prayer to always wait at least 5 minutes between saying them.

Here's another one you could say if you're so inclined, "I am asking that the fires cool no matter what their cause, no matter where they are to the point of being only light and benevolent light at that. And that the floods calm to the point where they are only nurturing and supportive. And that the anger subside to the point where it is only stimulating, enjoyable conversation."

You may also say if you choose to participate, "I am asking that the hearts of all beings open to each others needs and fulfill those needs in the most benevolent way with the greatest co-operation and kindness you can provide."

Thank you all for your participation. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Precognition - One Of Our Natural Skills

Have you ever had that experience where you looked at something or someone and they looked startlingly familiar or in the case of an object you thought it was one thing and then when you looked again or refocused while still looking at it you realized it wasn't. But then the very next day or very soon thereafter you saw the person, place or thing in fact that you had thought you had seen before.

Now I know that sounds complicated but I believe yes, many of you can identify with this experience. I'm bringing it up now because I want you to understand that there is something going on here and more and more of you are going to have this experience. You are experiencing a variation of what is known as precognition.

This is a skill I believe we all actually have but it is latent in most of us and I want to suggest to you that if you are interested in this experience that you try to make a note or when you have the opportunity write it down - what happened and what developed.

Don't assume that this is necessarily going to complicate your life or that you're going to see some horrible things that are going to happen before they do. But on the chance that you suddenly get an image completely out of context with your daily life - it might be say, a plane in trouble or some other thing that looks like a problem then this is what to do.

I strongly recommend this because it will make you feel better and - who knows, it might improve the quality of life for others that you don't know and may never meet.

So - if you get a vision and it's possible these days then this is what to do. First say, "I am asking that all those people and beings in that..."(and then you mention whatever you saw there) "...experience the most benevolent outcome from that experience that is available for them now." You say that and if you feel any energy you wait until it passes, then do this.

Imagine gold light above the top of your head. For those of you who feel energy, I'll have something for you in a moment but if you don't feel energy then imagine gold light above the top of your head - the very top. Then breathe in, take a breath and imagine that you're pulling that light in through the top of your head.

Don't pull it in too far - meaning don't pull it down to the bottoms of your feet or anything, just pull it in and after you've taken that breath - just a normal breath - nothing huge and deep blow in the direction where you had that vision - no matter what direction it is just blow very gently the gold light - you understand.

You're using your active imagination here - blow the gold light towards that vision, not firmly, very gently. That's all.

Now for those of you who feel the energy above the top of your head - as long as it feels benevolent and by now you know what that feels like do the same thing.

Just breathe in through the top of your head and blow very gently in the direction where you had the picture - make sure there was a picture eh - and again blow very gently in that direction.

Now let me say a little more about precognition. The reason this is happening to us all is that it is in our natures when we are born to care about each and every one here on this planet. Because of our cultures much of this caring is trained out of us and also sometimes because of our experiences in life but now I have been taught and I believe that we are coming back into our true natures and one of the first ways this reveals itself is a caring and a desire to assist people we don't know and have never met in this life. But perhaps we do know them.

Perhaps we care about them in other lives. Even if that is not the case it is in our nature to care. So, give these things a try. I'll say more about precognition as time goes by.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More On Spirits In The Sky

How many times have you heard or read, "Look to the sky for there will be found your future, your continuity and your true natures."

You may have had some variation of having heard that but nowadays the sky is filled with spirits. I have mentioned this before and I'm sure I'll mention it again.

It is not going to be difficult for you to see them though. Anyone who can see or even have a sense of what can be seen may observe them.

The clouds are like paint to a canvas. They will take on the shape temporarily of any spirit in the sky whether that spirit is very small, very large or anything in between. You will see, if you look closely, sometime within the next 3 days a spirit in the sky.

It may be part of another cloud. It may be something humorous but most likely it will be something special to you. It will seem to you as if the message is directly for you and it will feel very good.

I'm not in the habit of making regular predictions here on this blog but it is important to let you know that spirits are not only close - spirits love us - but they are finding new ways to communicate with us. So - look to the sky and enjoy what you see.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Insights, Wisdom And The Means To Know

And now, I must tell you something. I have been guided for sometime now that I must go and visit Melbourne, Australia. I've been guided that I'm needed there - and in the course of the teaching I've received over many, many years I do not question these things. I do not require that my teachers explain why and prove it to me. All I know is that I've been guided to visit Melbourne.

I don't know how I'm going to get there. I'm not sure how I'm going to pay to get back but I know that I will be going, I simply don't know when.

I feel it's important to share this with you because it is in the nature of mystical work and shamanic work that one is often guided by one's teacher without explanation.

How do I know that the guidance is correct? I know because of the trust that has built up between me and my teachers over many years.

Also I know because the energy that comes through in those moments of teaching is so clear, so benevolent and so loving. This is not something vague and indiscernible. This is something physical - I can feel it and especially when I feel it in the places that I have come to recognize as the places of wisdom, love and truth for me than I know it is so.

I'm sharing this with you because many of you are on your own personal mystical or shamanic pathways and you, if you have not already discovered those places for you and those energies that you recognize and love - you will in time. So - I'm sharing this with you today not only to inform you of the next place I am meant to visit but also to let you know how I know.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Easing Into Greater Balance

I want to say a little more about the situation of human encroachment. There are many of us here on Earth and we all need to live places - I know that, I live near the water myself.

We must recognize that our world has held together as long as it has because of balance. Not only our own balance which we must demonstrate on a daily basis being both spiritual and mental - and then of course there are also our feelings self and our physical self as well as being inspired and instinctual yes - but because of all other forms of life here.

I know some of you are musically inclined and you know what it sounds like when there are instruments missing from a band or singers missing. It doesn't sound right. Sometimes the feeling is downright uncomfortable.

That's what's going on here now and there gets to be a point doesn't there when someone playing the triangle, beautiful though it may be, is not enough to carry the tune for the whole orchestra. We are that triangle.

We have beauty in our human culture, we have joy, we have much happiness but we also have tragedy. We have troubles and we have challenges and much more.

What helps us to continue to exist here. Yes Creator, yes spirit - no question about that. Our own resources, what we can do and invent, all of that and yet - it is ultimately balance. And that balance has to do with all other life forms including animal, mineral and vegetable. These life forms are essential to the balance of Earth.

This Earth was created not only for us and regardless what it says in books of value and philosophies that I respect - I believe and I have been taught that this Earth was created equally for us all - not for only one species.

I believe we are here to learn that not because we haven't understood it in previous lives, not because our spirits in their total being don't understand it, not because this is some kind of nursery school for people who are slow to evolve but rather because we may someday have a gift given to us and that is the gift of the great teaching.

Those of you who are teachers out there - you have had those magical moments when your students get it or even individual students get something and you see the magical expression in their face. They understand it and their whole life changes as a result.

Someday, I believe, we will be presented with that in order to be able to teach and experience the joy of the teacher working with students. In order to do that we will need to know just exactly what to do, how to do it. We will need to have patience which we are all here to learn. We will need to be able to know when to correct, know when to praise and to know when to be kind which is vitally important.

I am hopeful we will all get there and in order to get there we also have to learn how to be good students. One of the things I've been able to learn in this life is lessons from animals, lessons from plants, lessons from stone as well as the lessons I've received from spirit and of course human beings. In my experience this form of balance is so vitally important.

So - lets allow the sea beings to have their home in the water, lets allow the plant beings to have their home in the soil in the land. Lets allow the air beings to have their flights in the sky. Lets allow the earth beings to live underground and lets live in balance with them all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Communion With Other Species, Part 3

Now I have spoken about this before but it is time to share a little bit with you. For those of you who can go out to the woods you may have more opportunities to use this but for those of you who cannot go you can still do this in the park sometime or someplace where there are animals that are free - not pets. It could frighten pets and that's not a good thing to do.

This is what I recommend. First find a tree that you can lean up against when no one else is leaning against it - that's why it would be helpful to go out into the woods.

Then feel yourself ease into your arms and then down into your hands as I described before. After that stay in your body but move into the tree and notice the change of density.

Be focused only on the tree - it's alright to close your eyes if you need to. Feel the treeness as part of you. If there are leaves then feel the leaves and the sun perhaps shining on them or the elements interacting with the leaves or perhaps they are needles or at this time of the year perhaps even branches without leaves anymore. Focus enough on the tree that you and the tree are one - then wait.

You might soon hear the sound of someone moving through the woods - stay focused on the tree. If you like you can have a friend nearby but if this is the case they must also know how to do this work so they do not frighten animals away.

Then when the sound gets closer stay focused on the tree but open your eyes. Try not to move at all, so when you begin this thing you must be in a comfortable position and a safe place to sit - okay - and open your eyes slightly.

Perhaps there will be a deer or a squirrel or a bird nearby. Close your eyes again and then open them slightly if the sound gets any louder.

Let me explain what's going on. While this homework is geared in the invisibility work you are not invisible to yourself and for the most part, not to others but what happens is that you become a portion of a life form that is in complete balance and at ease with the world around that form of life - in this case being a tree.

The woods is best because the tree will probably have been welcomed into the land and grown naturally rather than having been planted by human beings.

But there is an invisibility of a sort and that means that you and the tree becoming so much like one being it is possible that some may not see you, some human beings may not either for they will see the tree and not you. Don't do this though to fool human beings for you cannot be certain if that will work and you can never be certain as to their reaction when they do notice you - but do this only to experience a greater closeness with plant world and animal world.

If there is an animal that might frequent the woods that is dangerous such as a cougar or a bear try not to go there. So make sure you know your territory. But you might have a chance you see, to see creatures in their natural world and because you are attempting to blend with the natural world in that way they might honor your attempt and allow you to see them.

I may say more about this topic in time but for right now I am just saying remember your true nature. As a physical being on this planet you can learn to be a portion of nature rather than separate from it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Creating Anew

When one finds oneself in the following circumstance it can be difficult but it must be considered now.

One of the things we've been able to do on this planet for our whole lives, as well as our ancestors, has been to think whatever we want to think.

Granted, in regimes in the past and some even today peoples thoughts - even those - are enforced up to a degree but generally speaking we can think what we want to think. Those times are changing and not because of some regimentation.

They're changing because it's important to realize our own capacity for creating now. Have you noticed - if you have a thought that is a fear or a worry there is a reaction in your physical body now. Almost immediate - almost bordering on if that thing actually happened.

So - now we have to recognize something. Because that is so there's another possibility. Now it is time to consider what we want and need in the most benevolent way for ourselves and others and not in that sense make it fantastic or sci-fi like but make it real, believable and possible.

In the past we did these things as meditations or even prayers and hoped and wished that things would get better and perhaps even worked towards that end but now it is possible and I want you all to try this at your convenience.

I want you to imagine, not in the kind of detail that involves dollars or whatever your currency is but I want you to imagine your life getting better in some benevolent way that does not involve the manipulation of others.

So this could be the acquisition of some property, something that improves the quality of your life - perhaps a better job - in short I want you to imagine being with that property, being in that better job - you understand. I want you to imagine it to the degree that you can feel yourself walking around in it, being associated with it.

Say it's a new couch - sitting on the couch or laying down on it - whatever you want. If it is a better car imagine yourself driving it but feel yourself in the car holding the steering wheel, moving the shift lever, turning the turn signals - like that.

Just do this once - don't make a habit of it - whatever it is that you want or need and you will find that your opportunities to move in the direction of your desire will be more available to you.

As I say don't make it something unbelievable like flying like superman - something like that but rather make it something that is attainable. I'm recommending you try this not just as an experiment but as something that is unlike worry.

It is manifestation technique. Now I know a lot of you have tried these things in the past and gave up - try again. What's the harm? It's worth an effort eh. Make it fun and then watch your life. That's what I recommend. Just something pleasant for today.