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The Wand Position
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Precognition - One Of Our Natural Skills

Have you ever had that experience where you looked at something or someone and they looked startlingly familiar or in the case of an object you thought it was one thing and then when you looked again or refocused while still looking at it you realized it wasn't. But then the very next day or very soon thereafter you saw the person, place or thing in fact that you had thought you had seen before.

Now I know that sounds complicated but I believe yes, many of you can identify with this experience. I'm bringing it up now because I want you to understand that there is something going on here and more and more of you are going to have this experience. You are experiencing a variation of what is known as precognition.

This is a skill I believe we all actually have but it is latent in most of us and I want to suggest to you that if you are interested in this experience that you try to make a note or when you have the opportunity write it down - what happened and what developed.

Don't assume that this is necessarily going to complicate your life or that you're going to see some horrible things that are going to happen before they do. But on the chance that you suddenly get an image completely out of context with your daily life - it might be say, a plane in trouble or some other thing that looks like a problem then this is what to do.

I strongly recommend this because it will make you feel better and - who knows, it might improve the quality of life for others that you don't know and may never meet.

So - if you get a vision and it's possible these days then this is what to do. First say, "I am asking that all those people and beings in that..."(and then you mention whatever you saw there) "...experience the most benevolent outcome from that experience that is available for them now." You say that and if you feel any energy you wait until it passes, then do this.

Imagine gold light above the top of your head. For those of you who feel energy, I'll have something for you in a moment but if you don't feel energy then imagine gold light above the top of your head - the very top. Then breathe in, take a breath and imagine that you're pulling that light in through the top of your head.

Don't pull it in too far - meaning don't pull it down to the bottoms of your feet or anything, just pull it in and after you've taken that breath - just a normal breath - nothing huge and deep blow in the direction where you had that vision - no matter what direction it is just blow very gently the gold light - you understand.

You're using your active imagination here - blow the gold light towards that vision, not firmly, very gently. That's all.

Now for those of you who feel the energy above the top of your head - as long as it feels benevolent and by now you know what that feels like do the same thing.

Just breathe in through the top of your head and blow very gently in the direction where you had the picture - make sure there was a picture eh - and again blow very gently in that direction.

Now let me say a little more about precognition. The reason this is happening to us all is that it is in our natures when we are born to care about each and every one here on this planet. Because of our cultures much of this caring is trained out of us and also sometimes because of our experiences in life but now I have been taught and I believe that we are coming back into our true natures and one of the first ways this reveals itself is a caring and a desire to assist people we don't know and have never met in this life. But perhaps we do know them.

Perhaps we care about them in other lives. Even if that is not the case it is in our nature to care. So, give these things a try. I'll say more about precognition as time goes by.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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