The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beauties Of Life In My World

I was reminded today that life has its beauties.

I haven't spoken this before but it has been my great blessing in recent times to have a wonderful person in my life.

I am reminded that such beauty and such a fit in life is possible by some things that she has placed upon her blog.

First a song from her heart about her knowledge, wisdom and philosophy and then a poem, also from her heart and mind about her understanding of life - hard won through a lifetime of struggle and difficulty requiring an evolutionary philosophy which she alone has developed.

I am particularly appreciative of this fact not only because of her wisdom but because of the beauty of life that she reminds me of.

I know for me it is important to be optimistic. Optimism is not something I was raised with given the experience of my life and yet it is something that I have come to understand is so helpful not only because it causes me to feel better but because it opens the doors and allows me to receive beauties of life - such as beautiful Eileen.

I know I do not speak personally on this site very often in such a personal way but I feel it is important for you to know that I am a man, I have feelings and because I have discovered and made a study over time of the value of feelings and how they can open life's opportunities and how they can also keep opportunities at bay, that my optimism is largely supported - not by persuasion from anyone or by other beauties of life but it is supported by my self-discovery that when I am optimistic that doors are open to me, that opportunities come my way and that those opportunities allow me to speak in fashions as I have on this blog and on my other and share with you feelings, thoughts, prayers and yes - beauties of life.

Goodlife to you all.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Flexing Your Feeling Muscles To Grow

It is in the nature of our civilization on planet Earth these days that competition is something that has been elevated to a factor of life - so important that it has gone beyond its original sporting challenge. I feel that competition ought to be left to the sporting world.

There are circumstances in this world that require co-operation, as I've discussed before, and I feel that we can begin co-operation by practicing something that we all want to feel every day.

I know that for me I feel most comfortable when I feel welcome wherever I am or wherever I go. I believe that this might be something that you might like as well so my recommendation for a little homework - not a lot okay, just a little - is to practice feeling welcome for yourself.

Practice the feeling. Remember how it is to feel welcome because in order to welcome others we need to know that we're actually experiencing the feeling - the word is not enough.

We are a feeling peoples on Earth - human beings - and regardless of our culture we all want to feel very much the same thing.

So practice if you like feeling the physical feeling of welcome and then the next time you are either in front of a mirror or with a friend that you can practice this with simply say, if you're in front of a mirror, "Welcome." Look at the eyes looking back at you from that mirror. Do you feel welcome?

This is important to practice not only for the sake of being polite but much more importantly as a foundation to move past self-destructive competition which I feel is at the heart of many of our problems today.

If you can do this with a friend then each of you co-operating together - not competitively okay - say and look into the eyes of the other, "Welcome."

Try to feel the physical feeling of welcome before you say the words and the other person - you notice if you feel welcome and then the other person do it and you practice like that.

This simple thing will help us all to experience easier relationships, more comfortable friendships and a truer sense of communion which in the past has been at best - communication. Lets step communication up to the next level and bring about communion through true welcome in feeling, thought and deed.


Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm Moving. I'll Be Posting Soon.

I'm in the process of moving this week, that's why the delay in posting. I'll have something up here just as soon as I can - pretty soon.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Miracle Cup

I had an interesting experience the other day and I was left with something that I refer to as the miracle cup which had the most marvelous energy for about a month after the event.

I was sitting reading and I reached for a cup of water that I always keep nearby. It was one of those large plastic cups that they sell at the market that holds lots of water and in an absent minded way instead of wrapping my fingers around the cup I bumped the cup - and it was about half full - and the water went everywhere.

I jumped up and reached for the cup without thinking and stood it up all the while looking at the water dripping.

When I stood the cup up something amazing happened. The amount of water that was dripping on the table and onto the floor suddenly became vastly less and even though I'd given the cup a hard tap and it had flown a little distance and the water had flown everywhere, I looked back in the cup and there was almost as much water in it as there was before I knocked it over.

I just thought you'd like to hear that because it was an amazing experience for me. There's nothing like physical evidence is there - of phenomena.

I said, "Thank you" out loud to those who may have helped and who helped in such a way not only for my convenience, as in this case but to remind me that spirit is ever present and always there to help.

I am not expecting that the next time I knock over a cup of water that the water will remain in the cup every time.

I felt it was a message to reassure me and help me to feel the sense of support and I did feel that and as I said before the energy of that cup was so wonderful that I kept it for about a month or so and I still have it and it's sitting here now while I'm assembling the facts as I recall them about this experience.

Just a little something interesting I thought I'd pass on.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Supporting Ourselves While We Support Mother Earth

There are many of you living in environments where earthquakes are a factor.

I want to give you something that I've been working with for a while - sometimes it is very effective. Other times it doesn't always seem to work right away but it does involve co-operation with Mother Earth.

This is what I recommend to begin with. I recommend you say the following Living Prayer. I recommend, "I am asking that Mother Earth feel free to move as often as she likes with earth motions that measure less then 5 on our Richter Scale and that these motions happen in places where the population is at its least and where the impact will be safest for all beings."

You say that - then for those of you who wish to try something a little more I'd like you to, if you can, sit on the earth someplace. Let it be someplace that you feel comfortable and if possible - directly on the earth itself and say the following, "I am asking that Mother Earth feel comfortable and that she interlock all of her mechanisms to flow energetically in the most benevolent way."

Now there's a reason for this and what I'm recommending that you do is to picture under the Earth as being a very slow moving river. I recommend that it be in any color that you like but it is to be very slow and viscous not unlike a very heavy oil substance that is so heavy that it's hard to tell the difference between it and stone. After all in many places under the Earth there is liquid stone isn't there.

The reason I'm recommending this is that it may help and stabilize Mother Earth. Give it a try. I have used it with some success.

Remember that when you say these Living Prayers that they are best said when you invite energies of benevolence to be with you and if you feel them strongly while you're saying these words - pause and when they relax a bit then continue on with the words. I feel that it can help.

Remember, Mother Earth must move as we must and it's good to welcome her motion as long as it is smaller - you see - more tolerable to us. This way she does not feel like she has to burst a motion that is huge and intolerable to us, all at once to get it over with and she also feels not only that she welcomes us but that we welcome her to be herself.