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The Wand Position
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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Trail To Clarity

I recall once when desiring to go for a hike in a place I once lived in Arizona. I remember driving down a road I like very much. One had to drive to the end of the paved road and turn onto the dirt road and you'd go for a ways.

There were many trails that sprang off from that dirt road - some to the right, some to the left and some seemed to be promised but when driving to the end of the road do not exactly appear. Still, the drive was beautiful.

One time I felt drawn towards a place I could see and feel from the road. I felt that the place was a mystery - meaning that it had promise but I didn't know what - almost like being attracted to a question mark.

I recall parking my car - never having gone up that trail before. Walking and walking and walking and walking - brought my water with me and the important trail snacks that one brings to keep up your energy and strength and portioned it out to myself in the appropriate amount - I'm sure many of you bring these kind of granola things and whatnot.

I recall that the trail started out wide and it got narrower and narrower and at some point I realized that I was off the trail. I just hadn't realized that I was being drawn to someplace that was other than what what I thought.

I backtracked, found the trail again and kept going forward and then much to my amazement the area that I was being drawn to - the trail did not go there.

I had the impression that the trail had been diverted because it felt to me like the trail ought to go there - maybe it did once - but once the trail turned off I stopped and said to myself - do I really want to go through the forrest off the trail.

You know when you step off the trail you might harm other life forms - plants or even lichen that is not always visible to us because it likes to take the color of what it exists on so that it might grow in compatibility with what it is upon.

I looked in that direction and then I stopped to do something that I've been trained to do. There was no one else on the trail so there was plenty of space and time.

I stopped and turned gradually to the left. Imagine you're in the center of a clock and you turn from twelve to eleven and then to ten and so on in that direction - very slowly - feeling how much heat I had in my body and much to my amazement I had the most heat in my body for returning from whence I came.

Of course, that's the direction to take and I may tell you other tales about that in time. So I walked back down the trail feeling the heat all the way until I got back to my car.

I wondered for a time why I went down that trail and why so much time was involved. I realized some time later that day that it was a trail of decision. Be of the land, be on the land, be for the land. That's the decision I made. Perhaps you have made your own that came about in an unexpected way as well.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Walk On The Trail

I recall a time when I was listening, just listening - do you ever do that?

There have been times when I have listened in an area that is quiet. I don't initially notice any sound but after a time I begin to hear small sounds - the rustling of leaves, a feeling in the air - is that a sound?

You know, sound and feeling are very closely related. After all, scientifically speaking sound has to do with motion and even getting past the scientific the sensation of feeling is present. You have perhaps been around sound and noticed that your body reacts.

Well I was in this quiet place out in the forrest and as you know that's one of the reasons we go in the forrest because it is quiet and I remember hearing a little sound - very little, it's something I can't quite explain but it was an attractive sound.

This was a trail that was rarely used by people so I moved forward a bit and then I moved forward a little more and I noticed a creek. I didn't know that there was a creek there and I stopped and listened to it and after a while I noticed that there was a further sound and I walked a little further up the trail and much to my surprise there was a waterfall.

It wasn't a big one. It was the sort of waterfall where the water from the creek would roll over the edge of a rock ledge but since there were other rocks on the way down it didn't make too much sound but it was very beautiful and I stood there for a time and felt and observed.

I continued walking up the trail for quite a ways, listening as I was going. On the way up I saw birds, of course there were a few squirrels and eventually when I got there I had a pleasant surprise.

In the distance, quite a ways up the trail and off to the left of it was a small bear cub. He was hardly moving at all - just a little bit and if you were very quiet and stood very still the way I did he would begin to move a little bit and I saw off in the distance something else rustle so I stayed quiet and soon the bear cub disappeared towards that something off in the distance.

I've often thought that that was probably his mother and because we were at such a distance from each other everyone felt safe. There is something about distance when it comes to safety isn't it.

Well I just thought I'd report on that. It was a pleasant experience. I remember the walk back on the trail. I took a different route and it was a little drier and I didn't see the creek. I didn't see the falls. I didn't see any bears but it was very pleasant.

You know I - to this day cannot really remember where it was except that it wasn't very far from Sedona, Arizona in the general area of Oak Creek Canyon.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More On Helping Lost Spirits

Many times I experience these days wherever I may be, the sight and the touch of Light Beings.

How is it possible? All of the training I have had has allowed me to become sensitive to seeing things that are there and feeling things that are there.

Being open to co-operating with spirit and helping beings who are either in transit from life here as we know it to the beyond or even beings who are from beyond and in transit has earned a level of their trust to me as well.

Do you know that I have one or more beings, one that I'm particularly fond of, who bring me lost spirits. Now it's not as if they troop into the room in a way that everybody can see because they are not part of our world and yet many of them have been.

They come in all forms - young and old and even occasionally an animal but most of the time they appear as human beings and occasionally as something that is other than human who just happened to be passing through our world and got lost for one reason or another.

My favorite Guide who brings them to me will, from time to time, contact me if I haven't noticed the guide which I may not since I might be doing something else - and she - as I like to call her - will often contact me by doing something that I find really rather charming.

I will feel a slight cool breeze on my left hand or occasionally a sense of very light touch on my left hand or arm and because it's on my left I always know it's her because she always approaches me from that direction and usually she has company though every once in a while she comes just to give support and comfort which is very much appreciated.

When she comes with a guest however it is almost always someone who is lost and I have been trained how to help them to find their way home.

I have discussed that and also various aspects of that which you can track down here and also here for those of you who are interested in how it's done and may or may not wish to co-operate in some way. I'm not suggesting you do so but if you're interested you can read the article.

After I have helped the being to move on and sometimes even before I have helped the being I will see that particular guide move off in the general direction of where I always see her disappearing and sometimes she will wait, I feel to comfort the being that she has brought who is lost and after I help them to get to where they need to go in the most gentle and loving and benevolent way for them then she will occasionally - she's only done this occasionally, the guide, she will wave or acknowledge me in some way but you know - a funny thing - she's never actually said a word to me. Its always been gestures.

I find it very comforting to know that beings like this and I'm sure many others are helping those who get lost or take wrong turns or somehow get confused in transit either from physical life to beyond or simply passing through our planet for one reason or another on their way from home perhaps to another place or perhaps simply returning to home and get lost.

Many of us have gotten lost before and it is always so comforting to find our way home isn't it.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Was It A UFO - Or What?

There was a time in my life when I lived in the canyon - I think I've mentioned that eh - and I saw something so amazing. I want to share it with you today.

I remember I was living in the trailer park. It was a very nice park, very quiet - away a bit from the town that was a few miles away and with the creek running through there - a fairly peaceful place even in a harried world many miles away.

I recall driving to an event, I don't remember what the event was but pulling out of the park onto the two lane blacktop highway and as I went just a short distance I saw above me in the sky - it was night - I saw above me an unusual sight.

It was a bubble is the only way I can describe it, illuminated from within - a glass bubble is what it looked like but it might have been made of some other material. It was perfectly clear however.

I am not certain how big it was but it didn't look much bigger than say six feet across - perfectly round and it was floating in the sky. I remember wondering what is this?

There was a place in the road with just barely enough space to pull my car into. I pulled it in and watched the bubble approaching. It was moving very slowly.

I shut the engine off in my car to make certain it wasn't something dangling from a helicopter but it was absolutely silent.

Here's the even wilder part of this floating bubble - it was floating oh perhaps thirty feet above the road - not much more than that - it was following though, the actual pattern of the highway. I might add there were no other cars coming and going at that point. Here's the funny thing if that isn't funny enough eh - funny strange eh - as it got closer I could see that there were two people sitting in the bubble and they were talking, not gesticulating - just talking but in an animated conversation between them.

There did not appear to be anything else in the bubble - just the two sitting on some kind of seat and that was it.

It was floating much closer and you know how it is with narrow two lane highways - I made the effort and took the risk I might add to turn my car around in that space very nervously and got my car turned around quickly - got out of the middle of the road as it were and raced after the bubble as it had passed me.

I wanted to see, I must admit, if there was a helicopter involved even though it had passed by me and been absolutely silent - you know how we always look for a logical reason.

Well I got going and it suddenly, wouldn't you know, picked up speed and as the road was curving to the left I raced up there and it was gone.

Well I'd like to say, "And here's what it was" but I can't really say. It was another mystery but I'd have to say with all of the objects I've seen in the sky and unusual things of which I will present more here from time to time, that was one of the most fascinating.

Do you know, I wasn't frightened at all. It's just that it was so unusual and there were two human beings sitting inside talking pleasantly in an animated way but not gesticulating - they weren't upset - they seemed to be perfectly happy together. They didn't seem to notice me - they were just floating by - hows that for an amazing sight.

I haven't met anybody yet who has seen that but I expect there's those of you out there who've seen something like that. Believe it or not - it wasn't a dream, I was wide awake. Well, that canyon and the surrounding area were known for unusual sights and that's one of my all time most unusual. Goodlife.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The mystical And Shamanic Can Be Done Even If....

I want to talk to you about something today because I think some of you may be confused about this, I know I was at one time.

Even though many of you may be on the spiritual path or even choosing now or in the future to be on the mystical path it's important to know that there is no reason to expect some kind of perfection from yourself as a result. The purpose is not to learn how to be perfect.

The purpose is to have a means to serve and help the people and other beings if you can in the best way you have available to you.

I want to give you a little information here about that. I have some medical challenges I have had for my whole life. I know many people in the mystical and shamanic world that also have this. It's important for you to know this - we are just like everybody else.

We have some problems and others help us just the way we help others. It is not some type of thing where we are these ideal beings and we are sharing our ideal capabilities - nothing like that. We are all just like you - where we have our strengths - our things that we can do well and other things that are more of a challenge to us.

I recall once having a conversation with a wise old shaman. He told me that, when I consulted with him about what I'm saying to you now - meaning how come I could do all these things and had been taught all these things and still had medical challenges, he kind of chuckled and said, "You know," he said, "we all have these things." I've been taught how to do things too. I've been able to work on people and several times even bring people back from the brink of passing over. Of course I feel good about these things," he said, "and yet I have problems myself. I feel," he said, "that these things keep us humble. They keep us connected to the earth and they keep us from having any sense of being better than."

That's what he said. Those are not his exact words but they're pretty close as I recall.

I believe that this is true. I'm not saying to seek out physical ailments if you don't have them but I am saying that if you have physical ailments don't assume that you cannot do these things.

I'm not here to complain about my ailments, I'm just saying that I have them and I have been taught to do things that I feel are of great value as I've shared here and on Benevolent Magic blog and will continue to do so and even though I have these ailments I can still do these things.

So, be of good cheer. If you have difficulties you can still learn - you may adapt sometimes the things that I teach here so that you can do them no matter what your challenge is and if it works benevolently for you and others that's what counts.
I just wanted to pass that on to you so you didn't think that I had achieved some level of perfection. Perfection after all is identified and clarified and defined by different people in different ways.

It seems to me that as a society - a global society - we are all striving towards perfection and perfection in my mind is that which allows us all to have the food we need, the shelter we require, the love, the nurturance and support that we need from our fellow beings and a benevolent life and a benevolent lifestyle.

It is not a individual thing only - though yes, we need and want that. It is also the global family. When we all have that, I feel there will be no disease by any one person, no ailments, no pains and aches even because when we all have that - the messages that we feel as pain in our body when it isn't a disease are often messages picked up by our sensitivity that someone else somewhere is suffering and hurting.

Remember, if you get those pains and aches that come and go I recommend saying the following Living Prayer. I recommend saying, "I am asking that all those beings who need help, love, support and nurturance receive all that they need in the most benevolent way now from all those beings who can help them."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Eagle In The Canyon

There was a time I remember, living in the canyon in Arizona that we had a eagle's nest up high on the mesa. Eagles like to build their nests high so they can see. They have very good vision I'm told.

The nesting cycle was coming towards the end and everyone that lived around there was watching and waiting to see if the young ones would come flying out and enjoy the spectacle of it. They are magnificent looking creatures.

I remember one day I felt a sense of urgency for no particular reason which often happens in the life of a mystical person - to walk somewhere - to just be somewhere.

I walked across the bridge and up to the highway, something I almost never did because there was no shoulder on the roadway therefore it was risky to stand there. Oh perhaps there was maybe a foot or two if one payed attention to where you were standing behind a barrier of the highway but since behind the barrier it was almost an immediate drop to the creek you had to be careful otherwise you could go for a tumble.

I wasn't sure why I was there but when you have a feeling and there is a strong energy, it's important to honor it. So I figured I would just stand there for a time.

I noticed all of a sudden an unexpected sound above my head and even a little breeze. I also noticed almost at the same time a car coming up the road and the people in the car were pointing. It looked like they were pointing in my direction though it could have been something past me is what I thought at the time.

I glanced up for a moment though - even with the car coming, and it made me kind of nervous since where I was standing was so close to the road - and right above my head and I mean directly above - no more than a couple of feet - maybe two, two and a half, three feet tops was one of the young eagles. It was doing something that his mother must have taught him how to do - and he was soaring.

There is always a good steady breeze that comes up the canyon and he was able to just have his wings spread out - not flapping - just steadying himself in the breeze and occasionally moving his wings just a little bit or sometimes just a few feathers. Did you know they could do that - just move a few feathers on their wings and not their wings completely.

I looked up - just glancing and there he was floating as it were, above my head. What a wondrous feeling and after a time he soared away on the breezes. It was a wonderful experience.

I have heard good things about people having such experiences and I just thought I'd pass it on to you because it was a marvelous experience and something worth sharing. Goodlife to you all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Mystery Of The 2 Pyramids

There is a place, I cannot say where but it has a pyramid underneath the ground.

How do I know about this? I have not been there but it has been my curious experience from time to time in this life to have people confide in me who are spelunkers - you know that means people who like to explore caves.

Two of these people at different times have told me that in their explorations and hobby that they have come across a room - like a opening regardless of how small or large the cave tunnel was that they were crawling through they've come into this room and within this room or space they could see a pyramid - not a very big one but clearly a pyramid shape.

They both had the opportunity to peer at it closely but interestingly enough neither one actually touched the pyramid.

They both felt independently - they didn't know each other I might add - at least as far as I could tell - they both felt that it wasn't something to be touched by a human being. Now that's an interesting feeling isn't it - for truly it was a feeling.

How could they think about it? How could they process it as thought? It was an entirely unique and new experience for them both. They found it, they saw it, they didn't touch it - why? I remember without asking them that they both volunteered the answer why.

They both felt that this was not something created by a human being. It was almost as if they were approaching something that was from another species and therefore one is not only cautious to touch it but one may feel that permission is not granted.

I do not claim to know what these pyramids did. In one case one of the people went back to look at it again and, having regretted not having touched it, wanted to go back and touch it and was at that point unable to get in discovering that the entrance was at that point restricted. He wondered whether those who were blocking the way had anything to do with creating it but he didn't think so because they were human beings and they represented an authority. He wasn't sure which one.

He did not recognize the uniforms. So he left, as far as he could tell sight unseen having been approaching it from a distance. The other person wanted to go back but was shy and didn't know what to do.

I know that this presents you with with a conundrum. What are those things? What are they doing? What are they for? Any perusal or even casual interest of science fiction stories or even dramas on television can spring forth all kinds of possible explanations and yet what were they? I don't know. What do you think?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Encounters With The Natural World Of Physical And Nonphysical, Part 2

I thought I'd tell you this time about an interesting encounter I had with an unusual spirit being.

It started out as a wonderful occasion where I was in Sedona with several friends and a visiting Shaman-Mystical Man-Medicine Man, he was all of those things, of a Northern American tribe. He wanted to see a particular area in Sedona and one of my friends knew the area well and said, "Let's all go together."

So we got in the car and drove out a ways to an area where there were red rocks and many drawings in various forms on the walls of these hollowed out areas - not quite caves.

It was a short walk up and the visiting Shaman pointed out many things that he knew and understood about the different clans - tribal clans that had visited there and why they put those drawings on the wall that way. After that education which was very interesting we walked back down to the car and got back in as he wanted to see other places.

We were driving back down the road and all of a sudden there on the left of the road just a short ways in front of us - we were driving very slowly - perhaps maybe forty or fifty feet in front of us was a wolf. He was dark in color, not black - more like a charcoal grey in color and he stopped quietly by the side of the road.

I might mention that the view off of the road to the left and the right was completely clear and I had not seen him emerge from anywhere. He was just suddenly there.

I stopped the car and the wolf glancing in the direction of our car ambled across the road and when he got to the other side - disappeared.

Our visiting Shaman friend chuckled a little bit and said that the wolf often came in spirit form to visit him since he was a member of a clan that was associated with that being in a benevolent way.

I did get out of the car after a moment and went off to the side of the road and made a small offering of what I had. I must say that there was absolutely nowhere - I really had to take a quick glimpse to see for myself - there was absolutely nowhere for any being to disappear there, absolutely nowhere.

So that was an interesting encounter with a spirit wolf. I thought you might be interested. I know many of you see spirit animals and it's something to take note of - isn't it. That was a special day. I appreciated meeting that man. He had a lot to offer and advised me in some ways about my health that I found most helpful. Goodlife.