The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Giving A Helping Hand To A Needy Spirit, Part 2

I want to help you all to learn how you can help beings , as I said in the last post who may be stuck on this planet. Usually they are beings who have been incarnated here - how to help them to move off to other places where they need to go.

It is not difficult. I'm going to give you one of the techniques I have been taught. In this technique many of you will see and have visions in your minds eye or will come to be aware of things other than in this world but others of you will simply feel the touch and feel a sudden cool breeze perhaps - as I said in the last post or feel some sensation that is otherworldly. You will have to experiment to know what that will be.

Then this is what you can do and this is what I do. I say out loud or if there are other people around you can whisper it which is not usually the case - you're usually approached when you are alone so that these beings feel safe - I always say, "Is there something I can do to help you?" I say this out loud because I have to assume that they are confused and will need an out loud voice to sort out what are my intentions and sometimes I get a word in a way that I know helps - meaning I will get a word that says, "Helping" meaning they are here - they have come from far away and they are here to help, as I said in the last post and their contact will bring some help to me even if a feeling of love and support or maybe more.

Then I simply say, "Welcome" or "Goodlife" which is a blessing, a salutation and a greeting. Then if you are not sure but you get a good feeling from that contact then assume that they are there to help but if you get a feeling that is a little uncomfortable or doesn't feel good to you then automatically assume that they are approaching you to be helped and this is one of the things that I have been taught to do.

I have pictured a staircase. It is not a physical staircase but it is essentially going from wherever I am - and it goes right through whatever exists there - walls, trees, whatever and it goes up into the sky and I tell these beings, "If you can will you call for someone that you know, to be at the top of those stairs" and they will call and you may or may not see - if you see the stairway - you may see someone approach. Don't question their appearance no matter what it is.

Then what you do is you reach out your hand and you're going to put your hand in a certain position - that hand is - well many of you know the victory symbol or the peace symbol - thats not quite it but it is those two fingers aimed out - you start with that and then you put your thumb - yes on your other two fingers and hold it - you don't separate the two fingers right now.

Then you simply relax that position (see illustration at the top of this page) where the two fingers are still out but somewhat curved - the two fingers being your first two fingers - yes and your other two fingers are curved in and your thumb is curved in but your hand is relaxed - you see. That is that position that I have found that is the most comfortable to do this work and many, many other things that I will talk about here on this site in some point in time.

Then what you do is you point your hand in that position - I use my right hand - you point it very gently in the direction of that energy or that being and if you do not see or do not get an impression that there is someone at the top of those stairs you call - you say out loud, "Is there someone who will come for this being that they will know and feel comfortable with."

You wait for just a few moments not more than say twenty or thirty seconds because it will happen almost instantaneously and you may see something. If you see something than assume that it is that which is good for them.

Then pointing to them you move your hand - in this case I will see the staircase moving up you see. You point your hand towards them in the position I described and you move your hand up the staircase - you see - going up towards those beings while you use your breath - I've talked about the breath before and will continue to do that from time to time on Mystical Man and on my other blog, Benevolent Magic - you blow gently out with the breath - not until you get your hand - you're going to move your hand in a sweeping gesture up the staircase and because you had it aimed in the general direction of where you felt that being initially, it supports that being to go up the staircase to the beings who will welcome them and take them to their most benevolent place beyond this planet.

They will be escorts and most likely, one of them or more than one will be a guide for that person you see. So by the time you get your hand at least part way on that staircase, just at the beginning or part way up the staircase you are exhaling a breath - blowing out gently - not firmly - blowing out gently because that supports the motion of them to go up that staircase beyond - to move beyond the planet and be rescued.

I am not calling upon you to do this if you do not feel to do it but if you feel to do it, it is a way you can help lost souls who are on this planet crying out for help and other times it might be beings who are approaching to help you as an individual - to encourage you, to nurture you. If the feeling that you experience when you are contacted in some way feels good they are probably there to help you. If it feels troubled and uncomfortable they are seeking you out to help them. This is what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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