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The Wand Position
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

More About My ET Contacts

There was a time once when I was driving cross-country in the US. During the drive there was, at one point, a bright light and that light got bright enough so that I pulled over.

After I pulled over I remember walking out into the woods, just a small wood nearby, and meeting someone who was short. This person, not a human being, but humanoid reminded me about something that had occurred in my childhood. I will talk about that more in the coming days and weeks but I will simply say that on this occasion this being, who had very large eyes but whom I felt completely at peace with, had me sit down - they did not sit down and explained to me very carefully about a time when I was young and had a contact with their people over a period of 10 days.

During this time, he said to remind me, I had a book that they would sometimes loan to people and would encourage the people to touch the pages though the pages were not in any language of Earth. He told me that I would remember that completely soon but that it was important for me to have my memory jogged because it was going to help me to choose a career that would allow me to bring through knowledge and wisdom forgotten on Earth for some time to help people.

As I said in the coming days and weeks I will speak about that contact when I was a youngster in greater detail and someday perhaps will put out a book about it in even more detail but for now I'll simply say that this beings name was Joopah and he was from Zeta Reticuli.

I know a great deal has been written about these beings as if they're some bad kind of beings but my experience with them was never like that. It was always benevolent and benign.

So - I'm just saying this because it's important for you to know a little more about me as I plan to reveal more in time. I have recently shown you a little more about who and what I am and what I can do on my Explorer Race blog and it's important for me, since I am teaching here on Mystical Man, to reveal a little more about myself.

I have not been given vast amounts of information other than what I put out in the books about other planets or anything like that. I'm trying to keep this blog on Mystical Man grounded and about things associated with the Earth to help us all that I have been taught from many benevolent teachers. I will continue to do that but I'm just revealing a little something so that you know that my experience of greater realms is something that I acknowledge and for the most part appreciate.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Story

On the chance you haven't noticed, the new story I'm offering for Christmas this year is posted on my Nice Little Stories blog.

Goodlife to all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reaching Back To Ourselves Now

The times we are living in now are very closely tied to who or what - the future of our existence or not? I'm not talking about hazards here or problems.

Rather there are beings, ourselves really, looking in on us from the future. I've been presented with the evidence of this. There is a thing I've spoken of before many times and that is portals or sometimes known as windows. If you ever see them it's usually out of the corner of your eye. It might just look like a flash of light but it will usually have a regular shape, perhaps slightly rounded in the form of a window or an opening. It won't have a jagged or rugged look, that would be something else.

These days those portals are most often from our future with our future selves looking back trying to help us in any way they can to get through these challenging times.

One of the ways they've been helping us is to encourage us to be more conscious of our physical feelings and Mother Earth has been working on that too as well as Creator, I believe.

I've come to be aware that I have feelings in my body that I haven't really noticed before and I have a feeling you may have as well. These things are not always a harbinger of some discomfort.

Sometimes it is more like a period of waking up. When we wake up from sleep we're not always immediately conscious of our physical body - usually we're between worlds. That is if we wake up without an alarm or waking up without it being sudden and in those moments we gradually become aware of our physical bodies.

Nowadays we are experiencing that same kind of situation and I will speak more about that here as time goes on but for now I'd like you just to notice when you wake up or even during the day - do you feel yourself from the inside out? Do you have feelings on your skin that you haven't had before?

I believe our future selves, in the most benevolent way, are trying to contact us and I believe if they were here they would say - in order to feel and experience your world more benevolently you have to look more benevolently on your fellow human beings, on the animals, on the plants and recognize that it is in your nature to be born of love, to feel love and to express it in the most benevolent, kind and gentle ways.

On that note I will say goodlife.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Process For Predictions

Now - I haven't spoken too much on this blog about channeling. Some of you, I know, are shy about the topic. You've heard this, you've heard that. Some of you might think it's a bit spooky or a bit silly but in fact channeling is simply speaking with inspiration and when accompanied by benevolent energies - of which I feel to a great extent - can provide wisdom, insight and profound answers to some of the most puzzling conundrums that have been around for years and years - but ultimately it is intended to be a source of inspiration.

You know, it's in the nature and the flow of life isn't it - that someone has an idea and puts it into practice and someone else sees that practice and springboards from that to something else - another idea and from that an application of that idea and so on and we're used to that now because we think of it as progress. Sometimes progress goes down avenues and roadways that we don't like too much and other times it develops into something that's more beneficial.

I'm very conscious that these blogs - this one and my others are meant not only for people of today but are also meant for people of the future. I'm also conscious that the books are meant for that as well.

Don't get me wrong - I don't think you're judging me. Rather I just know that I am doing something besides the shamanic and the mystical, besides the advising and teaching - I'm doing something with the channeling that not everyone is comfortable with. But for those of you willing to take a chance you might want to check the Explorer Race blog.

I've started a video series there and I'll keep it up for awhile. The video series is about 2008 and will be me channeling about 2008. You might find it a little odd or a little unusual but on the other hand you might find it perfectly acceptable once you get used to the process.

The being that I will be channeling will be someone called Grandfather who is a loving, kind and wise being and has been the source of much inspiration for me. It is my intention to share that with you. So - if you want to take a flyer on that, as people say, all you have to do is click on the Explorer Race blog.

Goodnight, goodlife.

Friday, December 07, 2007

More To Consider About Instinct

Instinct - we all have it whether we're aware of it or not. One finds it in the tiniest creatures and the most gigantic. Some believe, and science has pursued this, that instinct, thought, the mind and the nervous system are connected - they are partly right.

The nervous system is associated with instinct but that's because the nervous system and instinct are part of the same sympathetic vibration, as it's called - meaning that they respond and correspond with each other.

Thought is always in response to - and therefore thought often responds to instinct. Say you are going someplace and you get a sudden feeling. What is that? Meaning that you get the feeling and your thought springs to action - what is that? So you see, here is thought responding but in fact what comes first is feeling.

I'm not saying that thought cannot trigger feelings. What I am saying is that instinct is on its own and has to be. How else would little tiny creatures and huge creatures and even forms of life we don't consider to be creatures at all - biological, plant based - have and/or demonstrate instinct as has been brought out in various books and studies.

It happens because they don't need to have thought. They're not here to learn anything, they're not here to discover anything though they have available to them the opportunity to discover, to notice, to observe, to consider perhaps.

So - it is for us here to learn and to discover applications of different ways of being within this world. This is what I believe and it is based upon my observations, what I have learned and what I have discovered through the course of teaching.

I am not trying to throw down the gauntlet between myself and those who believe that thought creates all things. There was a time when I believed something along those lines but now I've come to realize that while thought can trigger it is most often the after effect of instinct.

Instinct has to do with what we feel and how we react - as the deer in the woods hears a twig snap does not pause to analyze the possible ramifications of that but moves in the opposite direction, often quickly, from that sound - or at least as quickly and silently as possible.

We often react to instinct without thought as well - perhaps a food we don't eat, perhaps a fragrance we're not sure about, perhaps a crowd and weaving our way through it - we go this way, not that way.

Sometimes that is simply a matter of how we can get through the crowd. Other times we take a route on purpose. Oh yes we might see someone or something we're attracted to, other times simply it is a pattern we weave through the crowd that works well for us while others moving one way or another are weaving past us or around us as well.

I believe that instinct is a source of a great deal of wisdom that is here to be tapped and I have written about it on these blogs and will do so again. This is just a reminder of my belief in the physical as a stimulant to our survival and also a stimulant to our thoughts in its own enigmatic and often benevolent way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

All That Is Here

There are times coming now when I am expecting all of you who've been studying and training on these blogs - meaning this one and my other to put that training into effect wherever you are or wherever you're visiting.

The training I've given you is not only to peak your interest or to cause you to think anew but it is real, it is the foundation of natural magic - natural magic being that which serves all beings in the most benevolent way without harm to anyone. This is the fabric that makes up life - everywhere in the universe.

Here we have conflicts and solutions and struggles and pain but that is because this is a school and it is a tough taskmaster here because it is the Ph.D. program and we are all in training.

It is my intention here on these blogs, as you know, to give you the means by which you can achieve change for the better in your life and in the lives of others. Take these lessons to heart for it is my intention to provide you all that I am able while I am on this Earth and I will hold nothing back - know this.

Do the work and get as good at it as you are able. I assure you, as long as I am here there will be more forthcoming.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.