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The Wand Position
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Friday, March 31, 2006

There Is A World...

Once when I was walking down a road I came upon a clearing on the left side of the road that I had never seen before. I had walked down this road and back many, many, many times - I had never seen that clearing on the left. It was quite a surprise.

I remember walking around in it as if it weren't real and there was a strange sense even of deja vu but I couldn't put my finger on it. I remember the next time I walked down that road which was about a week later looking to see if that place was there and you know, a funny thing, it was there but it was most definitely smaller. Have you ever had an experience like that?

I'm not talking about a dream. I'm talking about a physical occurrence. In my life when oddities like that occur I often ask the question, "What was that" and I'll tell you what the answer was and that is that it was an overlay of another world that I walked into.

Do you know that there are portals and passages all over the surface of our planet. They are disguised and hidden from us so as to protect those on the other side if we were able to step through those portals and to protect the portal itself. Remember, everything is alive.

We are not evil beings by nature but we have discomfort within us - almost all of us at all times. It is that discomfort that we use to motivate ourselves to make our lives and the lives of others better, but there is another world almost like this one - though totally benevolent. I feel it is right here in this space and that we will find it very soon.

I know this simple story may seem made up to you - I assure you it's true and I have had moments when I've had glimpses of that world. It looks much like ours but the feeling that is omnipresent is peace and calm. I feel that we have come from this world and that we return to it and that the reason we are here on this planet is to see if we can recreate that in some benevolent way. I feel we are all making the effort and we will find the way soon.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Understanding Your Auric Field Through Your Pet's Needs, Part 2

You have had the opportunity now to perhaps touch or pet your favorite and beloved pet at a distance along the lines of their auric field and perhaps you have also experienced contacting your own aura with your hand. Now I'd like you to try something again and thats to experience your auric field in relationship to something else.

This is best done with a blank wall and by blank I mean not to much going on on it - nothing to distract you such as a painting or a television set or something like that, just a blank wall if you can find one thats at least five, ten, maybe even fifteen feet away from you.

Stand in front of the wall and slowly, very slowly walk towards the wall or move towards it in some fashion. When you feel even the slightest amount of contact, even though you might be many feet away from the wall, stop. This contact is most likely your auric field touching the wall but there is more to it.

The wall itself has an energy also so it might very well be that your auric field is contacting the auric field of the wall. I know this may seem to be very esoteric but there will be opportunities to use this and to learn how to use it. Thats why I want to get you started on it now. I will build on this more in the future.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Understanding Your Auric Field Through Your Pet's Needs, Part 1

Greetings. Today I'd like to talk to you briefly about something you can do with your beloved pets.

Sometimes you have noticed, people who have cats eh, that you go to pet your cat or you want to pick your cat up to pet it and cat runs away or lets you know that it doesn't want to be petted then and it can be disconcerting. I'd recommend this - for some cats they will be involved you see, in meditations. You have seen this sometimes - or they will be in a light state of concentration connecting with their peers perhaps or the home planet - who knows. Cats are mysterious and are clearly designed to be in our lives to support our quest for the unknown besides being a comfort as they often are.

This is what I recommend and it can be applied I might add, to dogs or any animal that is otherwise distracted or in pain or elderly and cannot receive touch comfortably. First observe the contours of cats body since I'm using cat for an example here today. Then once you've observed that, approach cat from a distance.

Don't get much closer than a few feet away with your hand - don't touch cat. Perhaps you'll be standing over cat, and do not make like you're going to touch cat or even think about touching cat because cats are perceptive and so are dogs I might add and other creatures as well. Then standing about oh, a foot or two away from cat or whatever is your arms length reach towards cat with your right or left hand as if you were going to pet cat but pet them slowly from a distance of about two to even as much as three feet following the contour of their body.

You might say - well, what comfort is there in this - but I will get there - and see if cat has any reaction. Cat might look at you, might seem comforted, might enjoy the experience but you see - what you are doing is that you are petting along the general lines of the cats auric field and cat will be comforted - feeling safe. That is the key to understanding this process.

We all want and need to feel safe and your cat or your dog or other being that you love needs to feel safe and such petting is an honoring of their personal space and whatever they are engaged in even though it may not be obvious to us at the moment.

Now for the second part of this brief talk today I'd like you to practice on yourself feeling your own auric field. So extend your right or left arm, whichever you're comfortable doing, and have your palm facing your body.

See if you can heighten the sense of feeling - meaning really be inside and on the surface of whichever hand is facing your body at that distance and move it very gradually and slowly toward your chest or solar plexus - anyplace that your hand would be most comfortably moving towards.

You can sit or stand or even lay down - thats fine. What you're looking for here is not resistance so much but a slight sense of contact or touch. It will be very slight for most of you though for some of you there might be some - perhaps a little more feeling - and see if you can notice it. Thats all for today - just notice it. That is your own auric field and I will build on that knowledge in the future.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Communion With Other Species, Part 2

Today I want to continue what we started last time and thats Communion With Other Species.
Last time I suggested how you could feel your physical body and extend your physical awareness into a piece of wood or a stick or furniture and notice the change of density. This preparation is going to be helpful for what I suggest you do today.

If you have a dog or a cat or a horse or another pet - someone who is familiar with you that you've been around a lot who likes you and you like them - that is essential. Or at least someone, some being you understand, with which you feel a rapport - not another human being because we're attempting to learn here - are we not - communion with other species.

This is what I recommend you do - this works best with cats but it can also work with dogs and other creatures - I recommend that you become aware of your physical body in the way we practiced last time. First you will touch your chest with your hands and feel touching your chest, then you will be in your chest feeling hands touching your chest - see. So go into your body that way and be in your physical body - moving throughout your physical body as you choose and when you become in that heightened state of physical awareness I'm going to encourage you to extend, don't go out of your body, extend into your cat or dog or other creature and notice what they do. Don't do this while they are asleep but do this if they are at a distance - not touching you.

Most animals will acknowledge in some way that this is alright or it is not. If your dog or cat suddenly moves away from you or looks at you in a way that is disapproving for those of you who understand their looks then stop immediately. Say, "Goodlife" to them which is a way of honoring them and wait to do this at another time when they approve or do so with another dog and another cat - you may have more than one. What I recommend then is if they approve they will either not look at you or they will relax and even appear to be, in some cases in a slightly altered fully relaxed state.

I'm going to choose a cat as a model. If you're extending from your physical body notice the change of density - you might actually have somewhat of a sensation of the cat's tail moving, or the cat moving its claws slightly in the carpet or rug or dirt or grass. If the cat is moving about a little bit see if you can feel it. Remember, you must stay in your body physically so that you have your own sense of physical touch about you.

Then if the cat is accepting this and has eyes open, then see - try - see if you can see out of the cat's eyes. You may have to close your own eyes to have that experience. If you do - go ahead. Some of you will be able to see out of the cat's eyes and your own simultaneously - that could be confusing but if it works for you go ahead. You will see things through the cat's eyes that you do not normally see.

Many of you have seen cats suddenly look at something and you look and you don't see anything. This will give you an opportunity to see what they see. It will not be frightening. The things they are looking at are things that are present in your world and are benign but are of other worlds. For many of you this will give you a chance to have that experience you've wanted to have for so long where you can see other worlds in your own world. If you see something that is confusing or unsettling then open your own eyes and look with your own eyes. This will automatically pull you back a bit from cat.

This is what I recommend that you do in order to experience other species. For those of you who have dogs - try that with dog and see if you can see through dog's eyes. Dogs have great heart and you might see things that move you and cause you to feel very strong in feelings.

Try this out with different creatures and after you have done it with your own pets who know you and feel good about you then if you like you can try the same technique with a living tree. If you can, pick a tree that is not a sapling - not a young tree but one that is older and wiser. You might feel the sense of the wind rustling the leaves or the sun or the rain landing on the needles or leaves of the tree.

Don't try to speak or have communion with words. Just experience the feelings and the extension of your own feelings and senses. Thats what I'm going to suggest for now. I will build on this in time either on this site or on Benevolent Magic site.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Communion With Other Species

There has been a request and I will address that over the next couple of postings here. For today I'd like to suggest a way for you to experience, if you like, a change in your experience of your body and thats that many of you have shown some interest and I know more of you also have that interest in communicating with life forms other than human beings - plants, animals, Earth, elements - and that can be done.
In my experience I have discovered that one of the ways that is most benevolent to begin is to first become physically aware of your own body. What I recommend for starters is that you take either hand or both hands - place your palms on your chest and just allow yourself to feel not only yourself - your hands yes - touching your chest without moving, just laying there but also go into your chest and feel your hands touching your chest - you see. That's an important transition.
Then remain in your chest and if you're left handed use your left arm, if your right handed use your right arm - then migrate inside your body - feeling your body on the inside you see - and move your shoulder around. You can lie down or sit down when you're doing this or if you prefer you can stand up.
Move your shoulder around and while you're moving it, feel your shoulder from the inside just the same way you felt your hands touching your chest - meaning you felt something on your chest - you understand. After you move your shoulder around a bit and feel on the inside of your shoulder then move your feeling gradually down your arm and move your elbow around a bit and feel your elbow from the inside out if you can. Be conscious of your arm, you see.
Then move your sense of feeling down your arm to your wrist and move your hand around a little bit at the wrist - being inside and on the surface is fine too - of your wrist. Then move your consciousness - your feeling yes, inside your hand - you see - and move your fingers around a little bit.
The next thing I want you to do - and it would be good to have done this beforehand and that is to have an object near you. I recommend a piece of wood. For those of you who do not simply have a piece of wood there, it is fine to use a table or a chair but I strongly recommend that it be a table or a chair without any metal in it. This would suggest perhaps an antique or something old but for those of you who do not have that, then even a hardy stick would do - something wood you see.
So then what you do after being in your hand yes, and moving your fingers around - you could feel your hand yes - then I want you to touch the piece of wood and continue - you're going to stay in your body - but continue your extension of feeling into the wood so that the wood actually is part of your physical body in that sense. You move into the wood while staying in your body because you need your sense of touch you see, and you're in the wood. Notice the change of density.
You have been in your physical body and you have felt quite naturally your physical body the way it feels but when you touch the wood and you extend into the wood you may notice a change of density. That's what I'm looking for - see. Now if you just have a twig or a stick you can try this again sometime with some larger piece of wood if you want to but you don't have to - and you can even touch some piece of wood around the house and see if it feels alright.
There are some pieces of modern furniture or objects that do not have nails or metal in them. Now there is nothing wrong with metal but I feel that it is better to do this with wood at this time and I'll explain more next time. That's your homework for this stage for those of you who'd like to begin conscious awareness and communion with other species.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

...And Sometimes People, Part 2

I want to provide a follow-up to the last installment here at Mystical Man. You might find that you'll go into your home or even a building - especially in the case of people who are looking for new apartments or new homes - and you'll get an unsettled feeling even as you approach the place.
If you get that unsettled feeling as you approach the place it may not be the right place for you - but say you're walking around a house or even your own home and unexpectedly you go to walk into a room which you know is safe but there is an uncomfortable energy there. It is that then I would recommend to not go into the room if you can help it but just step back away from the room for a time to a comfortable chair, sit down and relax and say this - is what I recommend - you might say, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and remove from that room.." (you could say whatever room it is - living room, dining room, bedroom - anything like that - you can even identify it, say - you know - so and so's bedroom for instance) "..all that energy that is discomforted or that may need to be elsewhere so that that room feels benevolent and comfortable."
That's all. They will, because of their benevolent nature, remove that energy and escort it to where it needs to go - wherever it is and whatever it is and the room will probably feel significantly better.
I recommend that you wait for at least five, ten minutes - ten minutes, maybe even fifteen minutes alright before you approach the room again - if you can - and that would be best and then when you do approach the room walk slowly towards it. If it feels significantly better to you then it will most likely be fine to go into but if it still feels slightly unsettled or you're unsure then give it another twenty minutes to a half hour or even more if you like. It might take longer if there's a lot to be removed.
This is something I'd like to also recommend for people who are in the real estate business or people who perhaps have inherited a property - perhaps belonging to a loved one or a beloved relative or friend. Sometimes there is energy, especially if someone has died there or had suffered there, that permeates the place.
In that case of a building that you own or have inherited - approach it from a distance and even if there are people or animals in the building you can still say a variation of this thing I mentioned before because it is all done very benevolently and may even, if the people or animals are effected by discomforting energies, benevolently remove those energies from the people.
This is what I recommend - first give yourself some distance from the building - I would say at least seventy five feet and you can even say it sitting in a vehicle though it might be better to do it standing outside of the vehicle - see where you feel best alright and at least have the window in the vehicle opened a bit so the energy can flow freely - then I recommend you say, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and clear the energy off my.." (then you say building or house or whatever is an identifier for it - the property might have a name) " the most benevolent way and in the most thorough way and that anyone and everyone who may be in that building now also be benevolently cleared off of any energies that may be harming them or causing them to feel unpleasant."
Then just wait. This is particularly helpful when you know you're going to spend some time in a place. I have used this to help others when they have inherited a property and there is much in the property that would give them distress - not that others would be distressed by looking at it - just memories and so on. This is something that works well.
I have been trained to clear the energy off myself and have done so often for people with houses and other buildings but the process I've given you today is something that you can do as well - and it cannot harm nor can it be used to harm. It is prevented in all ways from doing that as all Living Prayer and Benevolent Magic is. It can only do good and it could create a benevolent experience for you when you go in there.
If you are concerned because you have had a difficult day and you feel you yourself may have been exposed to these energies, then simply request the following. I would recommend you say, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and clear me of any energies or cords or discomforts I have within me that need to be elsewhere and could allow me to feel better in my body."
If you say something like that try to give yourself at least ten minutes - fifteen minutes would be better to just relax and don't listen to music, don't turn on the radio, just be as quiet as possible. Turn the ringer off on the phone - just rest. You can take a little nap if you want to, that's fine. You will probably feel better in a few minutes but give it at least ten, fifteen minutes would be best.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

As In Dogs And Sometimes People...

Now today I would like to speak to you about some experiences I've had and maybe pass on a little instruction.
I have in the past been asked by friends who have been having some problems with their dogs - even after the Veterinarian has checked them thoroughly which I recommend - to see if I could help in some way.
Invariably I have noted that when these people were speaking about their dogs that it always had to do with how the dog's temperament had completely changed - sometimes overnight or very suddenly and the dog was either no longer relating to its fellow dogs, when people had more than one and also very often not relating in the same way to the people dog lived with. Very often dog would even be attempting to get away - in short going from loving pet to almost complete stranger.
When I have gone to these places to visit with these dogs I could do something that some of you have had experience with and that is that I was able to look at the dog quickly to get a personality view - meaning seeing dog in that situation - then look away for a moment and see an image of a dark energy in the dog.
The dark energy is not something evil - rather it is something that is associated with another being. Usually the being is discarnate, meaning that it is no longer part of a physical living being but had not either entirely moved on to other worlds as anyone might when they die or had been passing through our world for some other reason.
In my experience I have found that such beings will sometimes pick up bits of, for lack of a better term - flotsam and jetsam of floating energies - usually unexpressed feelings, emotions, anger, etc left in residue in the energy around us and that this will sometimes clutter on these beings. It will change their appearance from their normal light color, whatever that might be, to this dark appearance.
When they are like that they are easily picked up by animals and humans alike usually providing for the others in their family, if it is a human, or for the others in that family - say even if it is a dog - a sudden contrast in their normal personality. I have been trained how to remove, or at least request the removal of such beings, while at the same time removing the clutter on them so they can either find their way again to where they need to go - or what I normally do is ask Gold Light Beings to escort these beings to where they need to go and cleanse them of this material so that they are in their normal, healthy state of being.
In the case of the dogs I'm referring to I was able to clear the material off of the beings and help the beings on their way so that these light beings could continue on their journey to their home ports, so to speak. Those dogs immediately responded by changing completely to their normal personalities and dogs and people they lived with were quite happy about it.
Now that's a quick overview but I want to give you something today that you can do if you noted some behavior change in your dog. I don't think this applies to cats but in my experience it can apply to dogs as they are very sensitive beings and very humanitarian, for lack of a better term - mostly that is the way they are - the way they're born regardless of how they're trained or conditioned.
If you've had an experience like this with your dog this is what I recommend you do - first see if you can relax without much distraction. If you can maybe turn off the ringer on your phone or wait for a time of the evening or even the day when there is quiet. Then as relaxed as you can get I recommend you say the following - I would recommend you say, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings compatible with the gold light come now and clear the energies out of my dog (or dogs you can say) that are not compatible with my dog ( you can inject the names of your dog or dogs here if you like) and clear any energies within my dog that may be harming him (or her)." That's all.
Then wait for a time. You might feel some energy. You might even fall asleep - that's fine. There's a good chance, especially if your dog is comfortable with the Gold Light Beings and usually they will be, that your dog will feel better or you will notice a return by your dog to their normal personality.
Sometimes dogs can throw off this energy if they're allowed to roam, meaning where they might run - get out in the street or get out in the countryside - you might see them just tear down the road, not particularly running at anything but just run. When a dog does this the energy inside the dog tends to push out and it will naturally push anything out that is not of health for that dog, meaning that is not of the dog or its nature.
This is something similar that works for people. Sometimes people will acquire this kind of energy and if they're athletic and go to the track or even go for a run or even a good lengthy jog they'll also push that energy out because the physical energy will cause that emanation but for those who cannot be so athletic or you have an old dog or for any reason, you can make that request.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Moving The Rain

There was a time many years ago when a friend of mine asked me to come to her wedding and to deflect the rain. She had invited me anyway but they wanted to be married outdoors in a beautiful location near a mountain in Flagstaff and they heard it was going to rain that day and they wanted to have it nice for the wedding.

I did go and sure enough it looked like it was going to rain. I got there and moved myself away from the wedding party to the right place that felt good to me. I stood there and did how I have been taught.

It is not something where you eliminate the rain, it is rather requesting that the rain go around where you are - but speaking the words is not enough and even feeling the energy while that is helpful is not quite enough. It is necessary to do a gesture which I was able to do and with some finesse.

Finesse is important in this kind of work and therefore it rained all around the place where we were but the clouds parted and went around the place of the ceremony and that was fine for the whole ceremony and even afterwards for the party but at some point a hawk flew right between where I was standing and working and the party and hawk was crying - making its sound.

I knew then I needed to stop immediately because rain was needed in that place since it is an open area and a place for the animals and the plants. I stopped immediately, told the people it was time for the rain to be there and immediately the rain started to fall but in a nice way - gently so that the people had time to pack up and by the time we were leaving it was raining with enthusiasm.

I'm mentioning this not to say - oh look at me, how great I am but rather to say that it is possible when you have a heart connection with Mother Earth, the plants, the animals and life here that the elements of Earth will be kind to you when you need them but you must also be kind and considerate as all life needs rain and water and all life needs to be respected.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Flying With Bird Spirit

There was a time when I felt a need to be up in a high place. I remember driving my vehicle up into a high plateau and when looking down when parking by the side of the road - looking down over the edge - not to close to the edge but fairly close - the clouds were coming up in that direction and passing by.
I remember feeling the spirit of eagle and hawk and heard one go by making its cry. I put my arms out to each side and feeling the clouds go by I closed my eyes for a few minutes and could feel myself flying - not as a bird but with the hawk and the eagle spirit. It was a wonderful feeling and from time to time I would open my eyes just slightly and because the clouds were moving past the plateau - looking straight ahead it almost felt like I was flying through the clouds. This was a most enjoyable experience.
I have been blessed with the hawk and eagle spirit in my life. This spirit I believe has supported my capacity for vision as they have great and clear vision for great distances. They also have a need to be amongst their fellow beings and a strong sense of family and community.
Family for me is very much focused in the larger sense - the family of human beings and the greater family of all life - animals, human beings, plants, Mother Earth, planets, everything. In my experience of life I would have to say that that form of belief has served me well and at times when I have felt less connected to human friends there has always been spirit, animal or plants. Mother Earth I believe has offered us these options in order that we can feel at one with many forms of life at all times and at one with forms of life that we wouldn't normally be attracted to.
I've had unusual experiences with animals some of which I've shared here and I will share more as time goes on. Today I just wanted to let you know about that experience because one often thinks of children doing that - holding their arms out and pretending to fly like a bird but I will have to say that even though I was not a child when I did this that I felt greatly refreshed afterwards and I felt like life supported me and as a bird spirit once said to me when I said, "Goodlife" to a bird flying by as I have been taught to say to all life - the bird spirit said - we say may the wind support your wings. When I did that flight with bird spirit I truly felt like not only were my wings supported but that I was being supported in life itself.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Lesson From Sister Squirrel

There was a time I recall when I did not know many things. I was like others - in the dark and sometimes even in the bright outdoor light with different shades and different pallor's and yet very little knowledge or capacity to apply that knowledge.
Over time I have been taught many, many things. Some of them I've been able to apply to my life and when requested to the lives of others benevolently. Today I would like to talk to you briefly about one of those things.
I recall once that my friend asked me if I would come to a ceremony that she was conducting with a graduating class of her initiates. She trained women in a path that was mystical and shamanic patterned on her own teachings and her own wisdom.
She was concerned that there might be heavy rain that day as it was predicted, so she asked me just to come and be there for I had in previous time come to her wedding and had been able to intercede on her behalf to encourage the rain to go around her wedding and wedding party as she preferred to be married out doors.
Again I was able to encourage the rain to go around - just to part the clouds and to go around the ceremony and when the ceremony had completed to thank the sky and the clouds and to retract the means I was using and allow the rain to come.
I recall that towards the end of my deflecting the rain in that place that a squirrel came by and lectured me that the rain was needed there - that the squirrel and birds and trees and plants needed the rain and I payed attention. What I didn't say before was that it was squirrel's speaking to me that prompted me to stop my request with actions, that encouraged the sun and blue sky to be over the area.
At the time I didn't realize that squirrel also knew - somehow squirrel also knew - that the ceremony was coming to an end. So I stopped what I was doing to allow sister squirrel to have the rain she needed and sure enough the first few drops came just as the ceremony was coming to an end - not so much that it disturbed the ceremony - just a little and everybody had time to run into the house before the deluge arrived. I remember that as the rain was coming down and I was slowly making it towards the porch of the house myself that I looked back and sister squirrel was part way up the trunk of a very large pine tree and she looked at me and I could tell - it's hard to say isn't it in another species of being but I could tell she was smiling.