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The Wand Position
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Communion With Other Species, Part 2

Today I want to continue what we started last time and thats Communion With Other Species.
Last time I suggested how you could feel your physical body and extend your physical awareness into a piece of wood or a stick or furniture and notice the change of density. This preparation is going to be helpful for what I suggest you do today.

If you have a dog or a cat or a horse or another pet - someone who is familiar with you that you've been around a lot who likes you and you like them - that is essential. Or at least someone, some being you understand, with which you feel a rapport - not another human being because we're attempting to learn here - are we not - communion with other species.

This is what I recommend you do - this works best with cats but it can also work with dogs and other creatures - I recommend that you become aware of your physical body in the way we practiced last time. First you will touch your chest with your hands and feel touching your chest, then you will be in your chest feeling hands touching your chest - see. So go into your body that way and be in your physical body - moving throughout your physical body as you choose and when you become in that heightened state of physical awareness I'm going to encourage you to extend, don't go out of your body, extend into your cat or dog or other creature and notice what they do. Don't do this while they are asleep but do this if they are at a distance - not touching you.

Most animals will acknowledge in some way that this is alright or it is not. If your dog or cat suddenly moves away from you or looks at you in a way that is disapproving for those of you who understand their looks then stop immediately. Say, "Goodlife" to them which is a way of honoring them and wait to do this at another time when they approve or do so with another dog and another cat - you may have more than one. What I recommend then is if they approve they will either not look at you or they will relax and even appear to be, in some cases in a slightly altered fully relaxed state.

I'm going to choose a cat as a model. If you're extending from your physical body notice the change of density - you might actually have somewhat of a sensation of the cat's tail moving, or the cat moving its claws slightly in the carpet or rug or dirt or grass. If the cat is moving about a little bit see if you can feel it. Remember, you must stay in your body physically so that you have your own sense of physical touch about you.

Then if the cat is accepting this and has eyes open, then see - try - see if you can see out of the cat's eyes. You may have to close your own eyes to have that experience. If you do - go ahead. Some of you will be able to see out of the cat's eyes and your own simultaneously - that could be confusing but if it works for you go ahead. You will see things through the cat's eyes that you do not normally see.

Many of you have seen cats suddenly look at something and you look and you don't see anything. This will give you an opportunity to see what they see. It will not be frightening. The things they are looking at are things that are present in your world and are benign but are of other worlds. For many of you this will give you a chance to have that experience you've wanted to have for so long where you can see other worlds in your own world. If you see something that is confusing or unsettling then open your own eyes and look with your own eyes. This will automatically pull you back a bit from cat.

This is what I recommend that you do in order to experience other species. For those of you who have dogs - try that with dog and see if you can see through dog's eyes. Dogs have great heart and you might see things that move you and cause you to feel very strong in feelings.

Try this out with different creatures and after you have done it with your own pets who know you and feel good about you then if you like you can try the same technique with a living tree. If you can, pick a tree that is not a sapling - not a young tree but one that is older and wiser. You might feel the sense of the wind rustling the leaves or the sun or the rain landing on the needles or leaves of the tree.

Don't try to speak or have communion with words. Just experience the feelings and the extension of your own feelings and senses. Thats what I'm going to suggest for now. I will build on this in time either on this site or on Benevolent Magic site.



Anonymous said...

Dear Robert...the experience with the piece of wood worked very well. Did it also with a big tree I know putting my end in contact (you didn't give this instruction but I felt the tree very friendly about it like exchanging heat...)...The homework of this part 2 is working quite well with my cat except about the part of the vision...It's like I can't get to see through the eyes of my cat...any suggestion to improve that aspect? I also enjoyed very much the purification work with the sun you gave in benevolent magic.

I have a question about the homework you gave us about extending the consciousness in the body (Part 1)...I prfesume it is possible to use that technique to solve a probblem of stuck energy in some parts of ourselves...Any suggestion on how hows to proceed to get the release. For exemple moving to a part of my back where very old tensions are stuck...I feel the texture of it but don't know how and where move the energy...
Thanks for the kind help you give us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert a comment related to this post and also "Feeling enlightment, Part 2"...The practice you gave us and also the Heat exercice you suggest in some of your books brought me to a "love communication" without words...I felt this very clearly with my cat. She reacts very much to heat exercice and to the consciousness extention...she relaxes very much, sometimes feel deeply asleep, moving her body in a very comfortable position, sometimes she just roll on her back and look at my eyes with half closed eyes reflecting a very deep loving energy...makes me feel than more than using words with humans we may talk with feelings...

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend, it is good to hear that you are becoming closer with your cat. Also know that when you have the opportunity to look through your cats eyes it will be because your cat feels comfortable with you connected to her and that she may not always be looking at something unusual.
If there is nothing unusual in the air looking through her eyes will be the same as looking through your own but if she allows you to do this then you will find that you'll be able to, in time, see what she sees.

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, I recommend you center your feeling into that part of your body that is discomforted and speak it as if it had its own voice.
It might have much to say which is difficult for others to hear so make sure you are out of their hearing or if you need to you can whisper yell it because you may feel like yelling it. You know, just put all your passion into it but instead of yelling - whisper. It can be done. I feel that it wants to have Voice and you can give it that voice.
Thats my recommendation. Perhaps that will help.