The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Understanding Your Auric Field Through Your Pet's Needs, Part 2

You have had the opportunity now to perhaps touch or pet your favorite and beloved pet at a distance along the lines of their auric field and perhaps you have also experienced contacting your own aura with your hand. Now I'd like you to try something again and thats to experience your auric field in relationship to something else.

This is best done with a blank wall and by blank I mean not to much going on on it - nothing to distract you such as a painting or a television set or something like that, just a blank wall if you can find one thats at least five, ten, maybe even fifteen feet away from you.

Stand in front of the wall and slowly, very slowly walk towards the wall or move towards it in some fashion. When you feel even the slightest amount of contact, even though you might be many feet away from the wall, stop. This contact is most likely your auric field touching the wall but there is more to it.

The wall itself has an energy also so it might very well be that your auric field is contacting the auric field of the wall. I know this may seem to be very esoteric but there will be opportunities to use this and to learn how to use it. Thats why I want to get you started on it now. I will build on this more in the future.


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