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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Lesson From Sister Squirrel

There was a time I recall when I did not know many things. I was like others - in the dark and sometimes even in the bright outdoor light with different shades and different pallor's and yet very little knowledge or capacity to apply that knowledge.
Over time I have been taught many, many things. Some of them I've been able to apply to my life and when requested to the lives of others benevolently. Today I would like to talk to you briefly about one of those things.
I recall once that my friend asked me if I would come to a ceremony that she was conducting with a graduating class of her initiates. She trained women in a path that was mystical and shamanic patterned on her own teachings and her own wisdom.
She was concerned that there might be heavy rain that day as it was predicted, so she asked me just to come and be there for I had in previous time come to her wedding and had been able to intercede on her behalf to encourage the rain to go around her wedding and wedding party as she preferred to be married out doors.
Again I was able to encourage the rain to go around - just to part the clouds and to go around the ceremony and when the ceremony had completed to thank the sky and the clouds and to retract the means I was using and allow the rain to come.
I recall that towards the end of my deflecting the rain in that place that a squirrel came by and lectured me that the rain was needed there - that the squirrel and birds and trees and plants needed the rain and I payed attention. What I didn't say before was that it was squirrel's speaking to me that prompted me to stop my request with actions, that encouraged the sun and blue sky to be over the area.
At the time I didn't realize that squirrel also knew - somehow squirrel also knew - that the ceremony was coming to an end. So I stopped what I was doing to allow sister squirrel to have the rain she needed and sure enough the first few drops came just as the ceremony was coming to an end - not so much that it disturbed the ceremony - just a little and everybody had time to run into the house before the deluge arrived. I remember that as the rain was coming down and I was slowly making it towards the porch of the house myself that I looked back and sister squirrel was part way up the trunk of a very large pine tree and she looked at me and I could tell - it's hard to say isn't it in another species of being but I could tell she was smiling.

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