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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 23, 2006

The People

I recall a time when I was taking a walk through the woods near my home. I walked up a path and there was a very large ant hill there. It was so large that it was uncommon in the area. I was relieved to see that no child or other being - perhaps a animal brush against it - that didn't happen and I remember in those days I was learning how to say, "Goodlife" instead of,"Greetings" or some other word that I would say to all life. I remember saying to the ants as they were coming and going, "Goodlife" and I would do this from time to time on my walk always being careful to step over their pathways that they make.
I have been guided that they walk in a single file the way they do - pretty much a single file yes - not because they are mindless but because they can be seen by larger beings around them. If they congregate in one place you see, or if they walk in a single file they can more easily be seen - is that not a wise way to be. So on my continuing walks I would say, "Goodlife" and continue on being careful to step over where they were walking.
One day when I walked by I said, "Goodlife" and I heard a voice say, "Goodlife" back to me and I had a vision of who I came to call Grandmother Ant. She said that, "There is a reason they do not stop and respond to you" and I remember thinking, "Oh I don't really expect them to stop. After all, they have their own life and their own culture and their own ways" and Grandmother Ant responded to my thoughts and said, "They do not stop but it is my job as a spirit to intercede and to pass knowledge and wisdom for them on to others and for others on to them and I have been letting them know that a human being is acknowledging them in a benevolent way and they have been cheered up by this.
"She went on to say that ant people, as I came to call them, will have songs and stories that they tell each other. Just because - you know I was reminded at that time and since then - just because we cannot hear someone else's songs and stories does not mean they are not there. She did not sing one of their songs for me because she said the song is intended to nurture and culture people of that type of being and it would not be appropriate for me.
She did go on to say however that they have a way of respecting each other, and I was quite startled by that, and she bowed somewhat - the type of bow that you see sometimes in various cultures.
I have also seen this with a deer out in the woods once when I was teaching someone I knew - a friend - how to do the deer walk which is done to honor deer and to welcome them and to experience them in a safe way for yourself and for the deer - if they wish to come and this particular student learned to do the deer walk very rapidly and was so good at it a deer did come and I remember because I had been experiencing the wisdom of Grandmother Ant - I remember doing the nod the way Grandmother Ant showed me - a slight bow - and the deer while eating a leaf and looking at myself and my friend nodded right back.
Is it not a wonderful thing how all the creatures of Earth have shared gestures. I found this to be very unifying and the deer walked slowly around us, while we stood quietly and appreciating this beautiful creature, and went on about its life.
Grandmother Ant told me various things about their culture over time and for awhile I was allowed to see things in their culture. The ants showed me what they did in order to invite rain if it was too dry, as I was living at that time in the American Southwest where it can be dry, and this was a worthy thing to learn.
I had been taught how to invite rain and how to invite the sun when there is too much rain. These are all things I would like to share with you some day if there is interest. The ant stories are worthy to learn and to pass on. I would like to tell you more about my experience with them and I believe you will be startled. There is one in particular that always amuses me. I will tell that now.
One day when I was living in that home near where I used to take my walk I remember that I was talking to a friend on the telephone and I saw an ant, just a single ant of the type that I saw when I went for my walks and the ant was walking across the shelf where the telephone is. It had a long cord and I was leaning back against an item of furniture - I think it was a bed and I could see the ant walking along. I didn't think to much of it - I was thinking perhaps when I'm done with my phone call perhaps I'll get the ant into a little cup which I had and escort ant outside so it will be safe and I didn't think much more about it until as I was talking to my friend I noticed that the ant was climbing up on the phone where I would hang up the phone normally and I thought this was rather odd.
Why is the ant doing that - and then the ant got up to the cradle where the phone would sit - it was a larger desk phone and it turned around and looked at me. I thought, "Oh well, this ant is making contact - it wants to tell me something" and so I told my friend that the - there was a being who wished to make contact and could he wait a moment and my friend said, "Oh sure, I'll do a little something else" and so I laid the phone down on the bed next to me and the ant realizing it had my attention slowly climbed off of the phone and got back down on the shelf and it - I remember it moved its arms around its head the way we think of them as cleaning themselves. I've been told though that this has a spiritual function for the ant. It is not necessarily that they are cleaning themselves. They do this to prepare themselves.
Then the ant turned around and looked at me to make sure that I was paying attention, like a good teacher, and then the ant did something I have never seen an ant do. The ant sat down. Think back. Have you ever seen an ant sit? I had never seen an ant sit before and it was quite startling and I realized that the ant wanted me to see this because when the ant sat down, it sat down facing slightly away from me. The ant turned around to look at me. The ant wanted me to know that they like all other beings do things that are natural for other beings on the Earth.
Many of us have seen animals that we don't often see sit or lay down but we know that they must - after all - they sleep yes? So here is an ant who came to show me that not only could this ant sit down but that ants in their own lives, in their own cultures - of course they sit down and when I had acknowledged it - I remember nodding my head - the ant got up, turned around,walked back the way it came and disappeared - apparently there was a way in and a way out.
I wanted to share that story with you today because it's a further acknowledgment of all life on Earth and how they want to teach us and show us about life in general. I hope you found this interesting. If you did you can let me know if you like. I will be happy to share other stories I've had with different forms of life on the Earth. Most of the time the stories are reassuring and comforting.
I find now that I relate to animals, as we call them, very differently. I do not think of them as ants anymore. After all, they do not call themselves ants but I do think of them, for the sake of my personal clarity, as ant people and I find that reminding myself that all other life are people first that it is important. Of course we think of ourselves as people and all other life that I have been able to communicate with - and I can communicate with the animals - then they always refer to themselves as - the people. I think that this is a word in my language, english, that is not only representative of all life but perhaps is representative of all life everywhere.
Goodlife to you all.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Acquainting Yourself

Nowadays you often find a sense of greater curiosity in the people around you. Initially you may have noticed fear and anticipation or even anxiety in people around you. That was a passage that people needed to travel through while they adapted themselves to simple curiosity. This curiosity you will notice has a definite innocence regardless of whether the people are young or old or anywhere in between. It is the type of curious innocence that one often sees on a child's face.
I'm mentioning it to you now because it will happen more and more often and I want you to be aware of it so you do not think that you are being insulted in some way as some people might or that you do not feel unduly embarrassed. This is actually a good sign because it suggests that people are not only curious and feeling safe to be curious but also that the connections between people are coming closer.
There are a great many friends that are available to all of you that you simply don't know about because people are too shy or too fearful as they have been in the past to reach out and just simply have a chat - you know - as you might have in a store looking at some objects or even at a bus stop or something like that.
Now because of this curiosity I want you to try something - you don't have to - it's only a little thing but try it if you like and that's this - the next time you're feeling a curious glance from somebody, why don't you simply say, "Greetings, nice day isn't it" or something like that or, "Hello" even if you're passing by on the street. You might pass by on the street again someday. Do not be attached to an acknowledgment from the other person. You can try this with - if you like alright - you can try this with three different people on three different days all in the same two week period.
Just to check and see - you may remember that in recent times you've been to shy to say hello to people on the street but now I feel it is safer and give it a try. There is a chance that one and maybe more of these three people will gradually over time become acquaintances and then even possibly in one case, a friend. I think it is really good to cultivate friends especially in your own neighborhood if you can but at least to attempt to cultivate friends that you might see on the street anywhere. This is what I recommend.
You don't have to do it and I know it is a bit of a risk for some of you. Oh granted for some of you in small towns it may not be as much of a risk at times but in big cities it may feel like a risk. So do it only if you feel safe and if the environment is safe for you - alright. It isn't intended to be a come-on or anything like that. It's strictly an experiment. So as I say, if you feel comfortable in your environment give it a try and we'll see what happens. My feeling is that each of us will probably make one, two, maybe three good friends this year. It is a time of distinct change and I feel that we will all notice it very soon.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Insights Through Motion

I would like to offer a little insight to you today. When you look around and you see the eyes of your friends and even - for those of you who live with dogs and cats and other pets - their eyes you will see in those eyes feelings.

It is not always easy to portray your feelings in words. This is something I understand well. So I want to encourage you to do something that I have found in the past to be most valuable and that is to portray your feelings in motion.

I know many of you would be embarrassed to get up and dance your feelings. For those of you who can dance your feelings, without music now - just dancing your feelings as you feel them - not your thoughts, then I say please do so at least once a month but for those of you who would be shy to do so and I feel many of you may and I understand completely - then I'm going to recommend this. When you have a little time, even five, ten minutes glance in the mirror - you will see feelings. I know many times you will look at your eyes looking back at you and you will be stimulated in your thoughts but try to look at your eyes only as if you were attempting to read the feelings in another. Then see if by moving your arms and hands you can demonstrate those feelings.

There's a reason for this. In the past I have had the opportunity to live with a most benevolent and spiritual cat. As you know cats often try to communicate though they are not always understood. This particular cat had the capability to communicate quite well with me since I have trained to understand non verbal communication. I am not always the adept at this but I have had some success. So when my cat friend found something that required my attention, she felt as a spiritual person, then she would come over to me, make it clear that she wanted me to follow her and would walk into the space where she wanted me to put my attention.

Then working together she would help me to see what it is that I could not see with my own eyes and this is what I did. She would allow me to share by projecting into her body. I did not leave my body. I kept my physical awareness in my body so I would be aware of contact but she would either jump up on the mantle or she would sit and stare at the space she wanted me to see. I would extend my physical awareness into her body and even though I was quite conscious of my own body I could feel her tail moving slightly, I could feel her claws gripping the carpet or the wood - whatever she was on - she would move slightly perhaps to allow me to know that I had extended into her body for the purpose of this spiritual activity and she would, and this was the most important part, she would stare at the space she felt required my attention and when she did this on one particular occasion I could see these objects.

They looked like little yellow balls and they were bouncing up and down. I know that sounds funny. I thought it looked amusing too and I did not understand why she felt this needed my attention and the moment I had this thought she looked at me. She broke her attention from the corner of the room where these objects were moving about and I realized she would never do that unless she felt this was important. So she moved her head back and then I could see the objects.

I then felt that the objects looked cheerful and walked over and stood in that corner even though I could not see the objects anymore because I did not have a direct connect with my friendly cat. I just stood there and experienced the energy. I could definitely feel a change in the energy. I then walked back out to where my cat and I had had that connection and she was gone. This always meant that she had completed her part of the job in this spiritual manner and moved off to allow me to assimilate either what I had learned or to take the next step.

I felt that I could try to perhaps channel something from these beings but I did not feel anything. So then I felt a - more of a feeling associated with my contact with them and I started to move and while I was moving - it was a form of dance I suppose but very slow - and while I was moving I had the thought, more than once, that later I would like to either dream or get a short channeling perhaps of what these beings were trying to communicate so that I would have some words from them. I finished the moving and that was that.

That night I did have a dream and I woke up with the words that these beings were from a cheerful place where motion was their way of expressing happiness. I think there was more but this is the main thing I remember.

I feel that motion has a profound capability, as a result of that experience and considerable other teaching that I have received, to communicate. We know - we have all had perhaps, encounters with people that do not speak our language and as a result through attempts at trying to decipher their words and their attempts to decipher ours - with considerable physical motion we have had communication of a sort. I feel that physical motion will be a significant component of our communication with our fellow beings all over the world in times to come and that these times are almost here.

I'm recommending therefore the motion that you can perform by responding and reacting to the feeling you see in your own eyes and if you feel the desire, ask to dream and wake up with the meaning of that motion that you make. Please do not do something flip or callous. Remember that you are communicating with your own inner being. It has been said by many that the eyes are the key to the soul.

I believe that Creator has intended it to be this way since Creator of course would know that we would have many languages here. I am not trying to say that these words from me to you are from Creator but rather that preparations for communication both physical and worded may be of value for our communion in the future and as you know I identify communion as true communication with benevolence that is well understood on the feeling level though not always fully integrated in the mind though my feeling is it will be integrated most importantly in that feeling self that prompts us to know that the state of well being is upon us.

Is that not a wonderful feeling. I have had it a few times and always find it most nurturing and encouraging. I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity for such benevolent feelings frequently now and as time goes on.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.