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The Wand Position
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Acquainting Yourself

Nowadays you often find a sense of greater curiosity in the people around you. Initially you may have noticed fear and anticipation or even anxiety in people around you. That was a passage that people needed to travel through while they adapted themselves to simple curiosity. This curiosity you will notice has a definite innocence regardless of whether the people are young or old or anywhere in between. It is the type of curious innocence that one often sees on a child's face.
I'm mentioning it to you now because it will happen more and more often and I want you to be aware of it so you do not think that you are being insulted in some way as some people might or that you do not feel unduly embarrassed. This is actually a good sign because it suggests that people are not only curious and feeling safe to be curious but also that the connections between people are coming closer.
There are a great many friends that are available to all of you that you simply don't know about because people are too shy or too fearful as they have been in the past to reach out and just simply have a chat - you know - as you might have in a store looking at some objects or even at a bus stop or something like that.
Now because of this curiosity I want you to try something - you don't have to - it's only a little thing but try it if you like and that's this - the next time you're feeling a curious glance from somebody, why don't you simply say, "Greetings, nice day isn't it" or something like that or, "Hello" even if you're passing by on the street. You might pass by on the street again someday. Do not be attached to an acknowledgment from the other person. You can try this with - if you like alright - you can try this with three different people on three different days all in the same two week period.
Just to check and see - you may remember that in recent times you've been to shy to say hello to people on the street but now I feel it is safer and give it a try. There is a chance that one and maybe more of these three people will gradually over time become acquaintances and then even possibly in one case, a friend. I think it is really good to cultivate friends especially in your own neighborhood if you can but at least to attempt to cultivate friends that you might see on the street anywhere. This is what I recommend.
You don't have to do it and I know it is a bit of a risk for some of you. Oh granted for some of you in small towns it may not be as much of a risk at times but in big cities it may feel like a risk. So do it only if you feel safe and if the environment is safe for you - alright. It isn't intended to be a come-on or anything like that. It's strictly an experiment. So as I say, if you feel comfortable in your environment give it a try and we'll see what happens. My feeling is that each of us will probably make one, two, maybe three good friends this year. It is a time of distinct change and I feel that we will all notice it very soon.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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