The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Monday, December 03, 2012

Overlapping World Emergency

You are experiencing now a case of overlapping worlds which are causing strange and unusual internal conflicts within you that are having, in some cases, external physical outcomes.

Please watch this video and consider it. It is a temporary situation but it has been building in intensity.

Others have been making predictions about colliding worlds. This will not be a physical collision but the collision will seem to be happening in the internal conflicts that you feel.

Most of you will have the experience in some way that can be easily dealt with but others of you are more susceptible.

More details are on the video.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Talk To Mother Earth

Learn how to talk to Mother Earth conversationally as a friend. Learn also that what you say and how you say it is very important. You can't say something that you realize you don't mean and then say - cancel that - and have it work and be understood. You must say what you mean clearly. 

This video will give you suggestions on how to talk to Mother Earth. It will also give you some important reminders to how not to talk to Mother Earth :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Transforming Diseases Benevolently

Are there diseases in your part of the world that seem to be confounding and confusing - meaning how did this get here and why is there so much of it, questions like that. Or are there diseases that seem to be overwhelming people and it has you concerned.

I'd like to give you something to do about that. Remember, the purpose of these blogs is to empower you. It's to help you to be influential in creating a more benevolent situation for people all over the world whether you know them or not.

So, here's some homework for you because there's nothing like homework of the type I give that is more empowering than doing something about it.

Here's what I suggest. First ask the following. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around me and all about me now." Wait for a moment. Some of you might feel an energy come up. Wait until it fades just a little bit and then say, "I am asking that…" and then if you know the name of the disease fill it in here with as few words as possible "…mutate and transform now in the most benevolent way for all human beings and all beings resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

You might ask why I said, "…human beings and all beings…" This can cover specifically animal diseases as well as human diseases but I want to give you something that can do both simultaneously. So if it's a disease that effects only humans you can still say this. If it's a disease that effects only animals you can say this. If it effects both in some way - perhaps humans are at threat and then because the humans may be threatened by some disease the animals could suffer, you see, then you can say it this way.

That's what I'm suggesting for your homework. This is what you can say and do for yourselves and all others now. Always know that I trust in your ability to transform benevolently all that must be transformed for the betterment of all beings.


My Students

Of those I work with personally - in particular that I gently refer to as students - must love, honor and appreciate all beings to the best of their ability and must have a desire to help all beings benevolently to the best of their ability as well. 

They must accept the fact that this work that I'm teaching will sometimes involve a loss of their personal time for themselves and/or inconvenience their lives. Also the students curiosities must be fulfilled to an extent even though they will be guided over time to fend for themselves and seek other ways and other means of learning - including interacting with life and discovering what, of those things I teach, applies specifically to where their talents lie and also to discover what it is that they want to include in the work that may come from others or from their experience of life itself. 

You will, essentially, as a dedicated shaman be on call quite a bit of the time - so there is that. 

You may wonder why I'm referring to your students and that's because I expect you, when the time is right, to be passing on the teachings that I have shared as well as the wisdom you have garnered throughout life to your students and I'm considering that to be part of the work.

While I do not expect you to give up every shred of your time to devote to studying this work - after all many of you have other jobs and employment, families and so on - still I feel that it will take as long as it takes for you to learn these things in the best and most benevolent way for you so that you can do fine work that you will feel good about using the high standards I apply to myself to achieve these ends.

A question has come up. People ask me what I charge for this teaching. Here is my answer. I accept contributions. Sometimes this may simply be of your time or efforts or perhaps some other that you are able to freely offer.

Transforming Benevolently

In this video Grandfather will share ways with you to be influential in a benevolent way by encouraging those in trouble, upset and disrupted in their lives to have lives that are more benevolent, calm and benevolent for all beings. This will be given in two different forms including one in the form of true magic

At the end of the video Grandfather will also make some comments about the influence of Astrology in your lives now.

Friday, July 06, 2012

2012 Predictions: Influencing

Towards the end of this year there are many astrological and astronomical alignments that people are concerned about. You however, can do something about this. 

You can influence the outcome of these alignments so that it will be the best it can be and maybe even better for all beings and you can do this in a gentle fashion as described in this video or in a little stronger fashion with a little more influence known as *True Magic.

[While I appreciate You Tube's efforts at captions, Automatic Captions are not accurate for this video at this time.]


*Here is more about True Magic and also procedures to do it that I recommend:

Know that as a general rule of thumb, as people say, it's important to care about that which you are performing true magic for. This way you do not have any inner conflicts or feelings in conflict in your body with that which you are attempting to do. This could not only cause you to feel uncomfortable but it would generally impact the true magic so much that it may not do any good.

This is what I recommend. Go outside if you can and as always try not to wear shoes that are insulating you** - keeping your energy, you understand, from moving into the ground. If you need to wear shoes try to wear something that is made of a natural fiber - even leather, that's fine but not plastic or rubber - not an insulating material.

Then go out on the land someplace. And remember - always to go someplace where you feel safe including your own backyard if that is a place to feel safe but if you go out in the country or someplace else always do these things someplace where you have permission - that's important - so that you can feel safe and so that those who may have some claim to the land upon which you are standing will be comfortable with your presence.

It's always good to do true magic in a place where there is no conflict - outer or inner. This way it is more likely to work in the most benevolent way. You can of course wear insulating shoes to get there if you have to drive there or have to go in a vehicle of some sort but once you get there put on non-insulating shoes or go barefoot if you feel comfortable there and then stand out on the land. 

**If it is cold where you are then wear what you must and when you say the words or make the motions do it slower and a little longer in the way that feels good to you. Those of you who've been doing this for a while will know how long to do things. If you are relatively new to it then hold each position perhaps an extra 30 seconds and when you're saying the words say them slowly. That will help if you're wearing insulating shoes.
We face north because that is the direction where creation takes place and it is also the direction where the manifestation of what we are attempting to create begins to take place in our outer world as well as in our inner world.
We turn to the left because that's the way the Earth turns and manifestation is then most likely to occur.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Predictions: More About Your Transformation

More details are given here now about your transformation that is happening physically and in alignment with your soul and spirit. There will be details about things you see and things you feel as well as things you may even hear and explanations about those and more.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Calming Violence Gently With Magic

Violence is a serious issue all over the world. So we're going to address it here today with magic in different forms that you can try, including going out on the land if that's what you do. It is a worthy task and I feel this is something you can do.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fine Tuning Your Shamanic Process

Grandfather discusses a few pointers that will help you to understand the shamanic process being taught here as well as to let you know about some things that do work and some things that don't work so you can understand the process of the teaching here.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Earth Contact With Your Other Hands

Learn now - your body knows how to do this but you will have to co-ordinate your bodies wisdom with your mind - learn now to Touch Walk. You can do this. Touch Walking will help you to find your way in life, to feel the Earth under your feet and to know many times - do I go this way or do I go that way. What is the best way for me to go? Where are my opportunities? What is my physical path that is the most benevolent for me?