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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Encounters With The Natural World Of Physical And Nonphysical

I recall once going into a shop years ago when I was living in Southern California. I was very young then and I don't really recall why I went into the store.

It was a very small store and I believe it was somewhere in Hollywood or in that general area. I walked in and the owner was nowhere to be seen nor was there any helper so I slowly walked towards a counter where there was a cash register and other items that you'd see that a cashier or helper might be available but instead of a helper coming out - somebody else came out.

It was a very big dog - question mark - no - it was something other than a dog and the dog being looked at me and suddenly stood up and put his front paws on my shoulders and I have to tell you - I felt like he was towering over me. There was the biggest so called dog I've ever seen.

He was huge. Sort of a charcoal grey - not really black but almost. The owner came out and chuckled and said, "I don't think I've seen him do that for years - not with somebody he didn't know."

I asked him if it was okay to pet him and the owner said, "No, he's acknowledging you and in a particularly friendly way. He only occasionally does that with me now" and the dog-being got down and wandered back behind the counter again.

I realized he was very old. I hadn't realized that right away. I asked the man what kind of dog he was and the man said he was a wolf. I asked him of course how in the world he had obtained a wolf to live with and he said that someone had given him the baby when they had a few cubs - I would assume perhaps a hunter who realized that he'd shot a wolf that had cubs - I don't know. Anyway, this was my encounter with a wolf in physical form.

There was another occasion though where I encountered a wolf in spirit form. I think I'll tell you about that next time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 29, 2006

A Lesson From A Dog I Met In The Forest

I recall a time when I was living in the canyon that a neighbor who lived well up the hill used to walk her rather frightening looking dog and much as I love dogs, that dog was really scary looking.

I have to say that she seemed to take an inordinate pleasure in letting her dog run around and frighten people and she had been warned numerous times by various neighbors and government groups locally that if she didn't stop that behavior they'd have to take her to task which they did on several occasions.

Well on this one occasion when I was out for a hike in the woods near the trailer park where I was residing, the lady started walking down the hill with her dog and sure enough - she couldn't help herself - looking back at it I can see that this is something that she had become addicted to not unlike we might become addicted to smoking or something else like that.

She let the dog go and the dog raced right for me. Now I've had that occur before and it wasn't a wonderful experience then but I recall when somebody's wolf dog was racing right for me that I did something else that was similar and that is that I asked for energy to come in and I blended with the energy of the land, the trees and all that was around me.

I can't explain why I did that because it wasn't a mental choice. It was that the energy was present and I just blended with it.

What occurred was a interesting situation and that is that the dog - I felt the dog right next to me and I looked down and the dog was looking up at me in the most friendly manner. I reached down and patted the dog and it was as if the dog and I had come to some agreement that the dog didn't have to be aggressive with me - that I was a member of the forest and therefore was in the dog's world.

The lady came down and got next to the dog and said, "Oh that's fun. I love to see him scare people."

I remember at that moment looking at the dog and the dog had this expression in his eyes. You know they express their feelings in their eyes exactly the way we express our feelings in our eyes and there is no question that the look in his eyes was apology and embarrassment.

We've seen that look in people's eyes before - dogs do the same thing. Well she hooked him to the leash and she walked off chuckling. I looked at them walking off and the dog gave me a quick glance back, again a sort of acknowledgment as a fellow of the forest and a last parting slight apology. I nodded at the dog and they walked down the trail.

I thought I'd mention this to you because the experience was one that wizened me to the ways of the world while at the same time I felt that this was something that the dog and I were doing together. The dog was showing me how to be a member of the community I was in and it just so happened that the community in that specific case was the forest.

Is that not a strange tale and yet it may have some advantage for some of you out there. I'm not saying that you should do this or you should do that. I'm just reporting on the happenings of my life here. Goodlife.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

More On The Deer Walk

There was a time once when I was working with a particularly talented student.

I remember that we went up to one of my favorite spots - a place that was special. It's in Flagstaff Arizona but I don't want to say exactly where - and this student was the sort of person who was a quick study. She was the sort of person that you could show her something once and she would get it. I admire that quality and it is not something that I necessarily have myself.

What I wanted to show her since she was fond of the animals and they were fond of her was how to do the deer walk. The deer walk can only be successful if you have a benevolent energy and no agenda that might harm deer or their friends and family and that you would actually like to see or be around deer.

I taught her how to do the deer walk which I can't really explain here because it is so visual and did it as an example for her suggesting the energies to request - and it would be up to her what she wanted to request but to feel as a deer as best she could and to move like a deer as best she could and after seeing my example she did do it.

It didn't last too long and then we stopped and she said quite reasonably, "What next" and I said, "Lets wait a while."

We waited not very long and we heard a rustling amongst the trees and along came a deer. The deer was nibbling a few leaves as deer will do to survive and we didn't move at all - just stood perfectly still.

The deer looked right at us, nodded just the way you or I would nod to another person and continued to walk near us though it was not necessary - the deer could have walked a different direction but walked near us roughly around our auric fields.

So given that we were attempting to make space for the deer - the deer walked in an arc about twelve feet away from us and continued past us and on into the forrest and on with deers life.

I'm mentioning this to you today to let you know that the animals are really quite prepared to embrace us even though the deer have good reason to be afraid of humans.

We were both putting out an energy of welcome and thank you for being and she said later that she had invited a deer to come if it would be comfortable for that being to do so.

The animals do love us and care for us even though they might have not met us as individuals - is that not wonderful. Goodlife.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Blessing The Land

I recall once after a flood - it was when I was living in the canyon in Arizona. The place I was living had a creek right there and as creeks do - it flooded.

This was a particularly strong flood and it was so strong it rolled rocks and boulders along the creek. If you stood near it during the flood in a safe place but near it, you could hear the clicking sound of the big boulders being moved by the surge of water.

I recall when the flood receded that the trees all looked badly damaged. I was concerned that some of them would not survive.

I recall that I stood out on the bridge - it was a low water bridge which allows the water to flow over it during a flood so even though the bridge was beat up a bit it was still possible to stand on it. I remember standing in the middle of the bridge and inviting benevolent energy to be present to heal the trees and to bring healing energy to the creek bed and to the places where the animals lived and to support the people who lived along the creek.

Within just a few seconds I was surrounded by gold light. There was a twinkling in the light as well and I could see when I looked at the trees a sort of glistening effect.

I feel that it helped the trees because within a few weeks the trees looked so much better and they were already showing new branches with new leaves. I'd like to think that the animals and the people may have benefited as well.

I'd like to suggest to you who live in and around flood areas that you try that as well. Make sure you are standing someplace safe or if you need to, sit someplace safe and ask that benevolent energies come in to support that area.

If you like you could say a Living Prayer which is similar to the one I said. You might say, "I am asking that the most benevolent energy come in now to support and sustain this area and all its life be it plants, animals or people to bring about the most benevolent healing and comfort to recover from this recent flood and may this all occur in the most benevolent way."

You could if you like say that Living Prayer and then if you notice something thats fine. If you don't try to be quiet for a few minutes afterwards because you are the one that is requesting this and so the energy when it comes through will ground itself through you.

You are not necessarily the only source of this energy but as a human being living on Earth you act very much like a lens through which this energy focuses and that is why before, during and after you say this it's good to be quiet and allow the energy to pass through you.

If there is sound around you there's not much you can do about that but see if you can avoid reacting to the sound. It might then be necessary to say this at a time and place when it is less likely that you will have to react to the sound. Thats what I recommend.


Monday, May 15, 2006


I just wanted to let you know that all of those of you who have interacted with or attempted to apply or are working on this - Giving A Helping Hand To A Needy Spirit - that I have engaged with energy and benevolence the following Living Prayer and that is, "I am asking that all those who work on, apply or interact with giving a helping hand to a needy spirit be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way and that all those who may cause harm or wish to cause harm or accidentally might cause harm also be insulated and protected."

You might wonder why the last part of that Living Prayer is there but you see, Living Prayer works because it involves all of the living and even those you may not consider to be living are still living in their own form. So all must be insulated and protected for everyone to co-operate.

This is just a little addendum because of a worthy comment someone posted anonymously on part 2 of that last post of mine. It was a worthy comment even though they chose to post it anonymously and I want them to know that I have not ignored the value of their comment.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Giving A Helping Hand To A Needy Spirit, Part 2

I want to help you all to learn how you can help beings , as I said in the last post who may be stuck on this planet. Usually they are beings who have been incarnated here - how to help them to move off to other places where they need to go.

It is not difficult. I'm going to give you one of the techniques I have been taught. In this technique many of you will see and have visions in your minds eye or will come to be aware of things other than in this world but others of you will simply feel the touch and feel a sudden cool breeze perhaps - as I said in the last post or feel some sensation that is otherworldly. You will have to experiment to know what that will be.

Then this is what you can do and this is what I do. I say out loud or if there are other people around you can whisper it which is not usually the case - you're usually approached when you are alone so that these beings feel safe - I always say, "Is there something I can do to help you?" I say this out loud because I have to assume that they are confused and will need an out loud voice to sort out what are my intentions and sometimes I get a word in a way that I know helps - meaning I will get a word that says, "Helping" meaning they are here - they have come from far away and they are here to help, as I said in the last post and their contact will bring some help to me even if a feeling of love and support or maybe more.

Then I simply say, "Welcome" or "Goodlife" which is a blessing, a salutation and a greeting. Then if you are not sure but you get a good feeling from that contact then assume that they are there to help but if you get a feeling that is a little uncomfortable or doesn't feel good to you then automatically assume that they are approaching you to be helped and this is one of the things that I have been taught to do.

I have pictured a staircase. It is not a physical staircase but it is essentially going from wherever I am - and it goes right through whatever exists there - walls, trees, whatever and it goes up into the sky and I tell these beings, "If you can will you call for someone that you know, to be at the top of those stairs" and they will call and you may or may not see - if you see the stairway - you may see someone approach. Don't question their appearance no matter what it is.

Then what you do is you reach out your hand and you're going to put your hand in a certain position - that hand is - well many of you know the victory symbol or the peace symbol - thats not quite it but it is those two fingers aimed out - you start with that and then you put your thumb - yes on your other two fingers and hold it - you don't separate the two fingers right now.

Then you simply relax that position (see illustration at the top of this page) where the two fingers are still out but somewhat curved - the two fingers being your first two fingers - yes and your other two fingers are curved in and your thumb is curved in but your hand is relaxed - you see. That is that position that I have found that is the most comfortable to do this work and many, many other things that I will talk about here on this site in some point in time.

Then what you do is you point your hand in that position - I use my right hand - you point it very gently in the direction of that energy or that being and if you do not see or do not get an impression that there is someone at the top of those stairs you call - you say out loud, "Is there someone who will come for this being that they will know and feel comfortable with."

You wait for just a few moments not more than say twenty or thirty seconds because it will happen almost instantaneously and you may see something. If you see something than assume that it is that which is good for them.

Then pointing to them you move your hand - in this case I will see the staircase moving up you see. You point your hand towards them in the position I described and you move your hand up the staircase - you see - going up towards those beings while you use your breath - I've talked about the breath before and will continue to do that from time to time on Mystical Man and on my other blog, Benevolent Magic - you blow gently out with the breath - not until you get your hand - you're going to move your hand in a sweeping gesture up the staircase and because you had it aimed in the general direction of where you felt that being initially, it supports that being to go up the staircase to the beings who will welcome them and take them to their most benevolent place beyond this planet.

They will be escorts and most likely, one of them or more than one will be a guide for that person you see. So by the time you get your hand at least part way on that staircase, just at the beginning or part way up the staircase you are exhaling a breath - blowing out gently - not firmly - blowing out gently because that supports the motion of them to go up that staircase beyond - to move beyond the planet and be rescued.

I am not calling upon you to do this if you do not feel to do it but if you feel to do it, it is a way you can help lost souls who are on this planet crying out for help and other times it might be beings who are approaching to help you as an individual - to encourage you, to nurture you. If the feeling that you experience when you are contacted in some way feels good they are probably there to help you. If it feels troubled and uncomfortable they are seeking you out to help them. This is what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Giving A Helping Hand To A Needy Spirit

In my experience I often find on a daily basis that I have interactions with beings who are not physical in this world and yet they leave traces of their existence - perhaps a cool breeze because that is the course or transit method they use to either pass through our world on their way to wherever they are going or to come to our world.

My understanding of the cool breeze is that their culture exists in a different form of existence. It's not cold, it's just that in order to get to our place of existence they have to traverse a place that is cold.

Science tells us that space - where our astronauts and cosmonauts go is cold. This cold at such a level, I have been taught, is there to insulate different cultures both planetary and on the basis of personality characteristics from each other if these cultures are not compatible and yet for those who are allowed, because of their natures or because of what they may have to offer, to traverse from one culture to another they travel through this cold space in energy and when their energy arrives to touch us in some way - to bring a gift of benevolence which is almost always the case and in my case is almost exclusively the case for what I feel and who I interact with from other places - this cool breeze is an after affect of their travel.

I wanted to share that with you today because I think its been misunderstood at times.

I know you've all heard about ghost stories - of beings who are unhappy or need help. I have been trained to help these beings who are unhappy - who are stuck perhaps after having had a life here and being attached to remaining here even after their life - or other people who were attached to keeping them here even after their physical life was over and they are unhappy and trying to get help, attention by any means necessary to be rescued.

It is my intention here on Mystical Man to teach you in the next few posts how to rescue beings who are stuck here on this planet most of whom will have been living here with the occasional one who may have been stuck here from some other culture.

I will teach you the signs. I will show you the simple thing you can do to help these beings out. I will speak more of this in the next post.

Goodnight and goodlife.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Passing On The Energies Benevolently, Part 2

I spoke to you last time about breathing in benevolent energy through your head and blowing it at something that would improve the energy in that area as in the case of a room for instance that didn't feel good. Now I want to give you part two of that.

I have at times seen visions of cars crashing or even planes in desperate straits - always this is something at a great distance. I can tell because very often the planes look old - meaning the type of planes that might have been flown during World War Two that are still being flown here and there around the world but no place around where I live - and the cars frequently look a bit unusual - for instance it came up just the other day where I saw a couple of cars - it looked like they were going to crash and at first I didn't know what to make of it because it was a vision - a vision in my case meaning like a waking dream - seeing it but being wide awake.

Then I remembered to do the energy and so the energy came in and I felt it very benevolently at the top of my head and I breathed in slowly and I consciously made the effort to blow that energy towards the picture I had seen - the vision you understand and I also requested that it be gold light and when I do this I always see it as gold light spreading towards that.

I've done that also in situations where I felt that a plane might be in trouble. As I've said I always seem to see it with these old cargo planes that may be operating in some distant part of the world.

I don't do it as a rule with things that I see in person physically but I have done this a few times with human beings who are not feeling good - individuals - people I know and when I do that with this beautiful energy they always feel better. I do it also with myself and my own physical body and it helps me to feel better.

I am hopeful that some of you will notice that you have this benevolent energy and learn to recognize how it feels and try that thing with your breath. Always practice on yourself first so you know that it is something that feels good. Learn how to do that.

Never blow at anything if you're feeling a discomforting energy. This is not good for you and it's not good for them and I simply don't recommend it. It may and probably is the case that they won't feel a thing but it could come back to you in some way that isn't good. That's what I recommend based on what I've heard experiences others have had - it's not something I have done so I can't speak about it personally but it comes in the training you know - that to do it this way not do it that way so I'm passing on the training as well. I'm not to worried about any of you doing that kind of thing because I don't think you're interested in that. Nevertheless it's good to mention it - yes.

So - a little further about a plane I once saw. I saw this plane and it looked like it was just flying along but I had a flash as if something - I call it a flash meaning - a flash is an image or a vision that is so briefly available it's like a split second so I call those things a flash and the flash looked like the plane was in trouble so I breathed in the energy and I blew the energy and gold light towards what I'd seen.

I don't know of course and I probably never will know in this life whether it did any good but because I've had good experience of such energy blown with positive energy and good feeling and love and gold light towards human beings and with myself with positive results I believe it helps wherever that plane may be and wherever those cars may be and I hope this inspires you to consider that you may have these capabilities as well.

Look in to it, practice slowly and carefully, try it out on yourself first and maybe good friends to see if it works and if you feel it does work - if you get visions then try it. Perhaps it will be good and just to be sure you can say the following Living Prayer if you like. You might say, "I am asking that all energies I blow towards any and all beings wherever they may be have only benevolent results and develop into the most benevolent outcome."


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Passing On The Energies Benevolently

I've been trained to do something that I want to share with you. I often feel this wonderful energy at the top of my head - sometimes on the side of my face. I can tell it's really a good energy because one of the things I've been trained to do is if I go into a room that does not feel good - the energy is discomforted - perhaps something has happened there - perhaps somebody has left some uncomfortable feelings there - then what I do is I breathe in through that part of my head, I know there's no mouth there :-) yet I breathe in and this is something you can learn to do also.

I just take a breath and I focus on that physical part of my body and I take a slow breath and it's as if I'm pulling air in from that place or pulling in energy - you see. Then I very slowly blow it out in the direction of that room, obviously not if there's other people there but even if there were it would make them feel better. I know, I've had the experience. Then I blow the energy into that room, then I walk away from the room for a few minutes. When I come back the room feels fine.

I'm mentioning this to you because I feel that some of you might feel these good energies at times also. If you feel them on your head - on the top of your head - try that. Just take in a breath, concentrating on that part of your body and breathe it in and blow it in the general direction of the space that doesn't feel good. If there are people in there, you might wish to wait and not do it then.

If there are no people in there thats the time to try and experiment with it you see. Then go back into that room or that space after - say a minute or two or even five minutes and it will probably feel better. If it doesn't then continue to practice until you are sure that it is safe and the room or the space always feels better.

Then if there are people in there you could try it but try to do it only if they are people that you know so that when you practice there will not be any harm - you see. Thats what I recommend.

Give it a try and see if it works well for you. End part one.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life Goes On

I've been taught how to see things that are not always obvious to everyone though it is my intention here on Mystical Man and on the Benevolent Magic site to teach and remind you all of how to do these things for yourself.

I recall recently looking outside of the apartment I'm currently living in and seeing a purple light. It is not round as we think of a light but a - just an unusual shape and it moved from one place to another and I recall noticing a most benevolent energy. There were other times when I have seen blue lights like this as well and I think some of you are seeing these things.

Always notice - if you feel an energy that feels good - gentle - perhaps even giving you within your own body a warm feeling - a good feeling, feel free to say, "Goodlife." These beings may not be able to speak words to you but they are there to remind you that life goes on and that immortality is a fact of all existence.

I know we are constantly reminded that life changes around us and that life is always evolving - meaning changing form. There are young ones born and old ones pass on but we are all immortal from the largest whale to the smallest protozoa. This I have been taught and this I believe.

I have seen and felt so many different types of beings and I have been taught also how to communicate with life forms that we see around us.

Talking to the animals has given me a great deal of wisdom. Remember that they are here to teach us - they are not here to learn anything. Granted, a baby bird must learn how to fly just as a baby squirrel must learn how to gather food but they are not here to learn any lessons. We are here to learn lessons.

I encourage you to learn how to communicate with the animals as best you can. They have so very much to teach us. I will find a way if I can to pass on knowledge to you from the animals.

I have put out a book some time ago of what I have been taught from the animals and it is my intention to - working with my publisher - bring out another book as soon as she is able to do so. I am not trying to plug anything here but rather to encourage you that if I can do it perhaps you can find a way to do it as well.

The animals love us and they want to help us and many of them are determined to stay here that they can teach us things that we need to know. Life is immortal, we are all immortal and yet we must honor, have faith in, appreciate and support mortal life as well.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.