The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, October 01, 2015

True Magic to Help Mother Earth

There is an issue going on now that you can help with. Its been a while since I’ve given some True Magic but I feel this is the time. 

On this planet there is a sense of urgency by the planet itself and when a physical planet feels a sense of urgency - in this case because of all of the drilling and so on going on and toxic waste being shoved inside Earth in places where it shouldn’t be, either being dumped or in the case of fracking to create a way to get the product they want but it’s really really very toxic - then the planet gets to feeling urgent that she has to do something urgent to do something about it which is why very often in places where there’s a tremendous amount of fracking going on it’s raining a lot - unseasonably so. So, if you’re living around there that’s why. 

So I want to give those of you who are doing the advanced work, True Magic, something to do to help. First go out on the land where you do these things. 

Then when you stand in that particular spot, make 1 complete rotation and end up facing what ever direction feels best to you - okay, this is the next level of the True Magic. 

Then where ever you are facing raise your arms up pointed in what ever way feels right to you but over your head and say these words, “I am asking that Mother Earth receives all the support she needs from planets, suns and galaxies that are compatible with her.” 

Hold that position for about 30 seconds - don’t check a watch or a clock, just make your best guess and don’t count - you want to stay focused on what you requested for Mother Earth. 

Then lower your arms to your sides slowly and make 1 more complete rotation and end up facing the direction that you were when you stopped originally. 

Then look down at the ground for, you know, 10 seconds or so then up in the sky for as long as feels right. 

Then make 1 more complete rotation to the left. Then take 6 side steps to the left. Then rotating to the left turn until you are facing the direction you need to go and walk on with your life. 

Thank you for participating, those of you who are doing these things that may help. Goodlife