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The Wand Position
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Understanding Your Auric Field Through Your Pet's Needs, Part 1

Greetings. Today I'd like to talk to you briefly about something you can do with your beloved pets.

Sometimes you have noticed, people who have cats eh, that you go to pet your cat or you want to pick your cat up to pet it and cat runs away or lets you know that it doesn't want to be petted then and it can be disconcerting. I'd recommend this - for some cats they will be involved you see, in meditations. You have seen this sometimes - or they will be in a light state of concentration connecting with their peers perhaps or the home planet - who knows. Cats are mysterious and are clearly designed to be in our lives to support our quest for the unknown besides being a comfort as they often are.

This is what I recommend and it can be applied I might add, to dogs or any animal that is otherwise distracted or in pain or elderly and cannot receive touch comfortably. First observe the contours of cats body since I'm using cat for an example here today. Then once you've observed that, approach cat from a distance.

Don't get much closer than a few feet away with your hand - don't touch cat. Perhaps you'll be standing over cat, and do not make like you're going to touch cat or even think about touching cat because cats are perceptive and so are dogs I might add and other creatures as well. Then standing about oh, a foot or two away from cat or whatever is your arms length reach towards cat with your right or left hand as if you were going to pet cat but pet them slowly from a distance of about two to even as much as three feet following the contour of their body.

You might say - well, what comfort is there in this - but I will get there - and see if cat has any reaction. Cat might look at you, might seem comforted, might enjoy the experience but you see - what you are doing is that you are petting along the general lines of the cats auric field and cat will be comforted - feeling safe. That is the key to understanding this process.

We all want and need to feel safe and your cat or your dog or other being that you love needs to feel safe and such petting is an honoring of their personal space and whatever they are engaged in even though it may not be obvious to us at the moment.

Now for the second part of this brief talk today I'd like you to practice on yourself feeling your own auric field. So extend your right or left arm, whichever you're comfortable doing, and have your palm facing your body.

See if you can heighten the sense of feeling - meaning really be inside and on the surface of whichever hand is facing your body at that distance and move it very gradually and slowly toward your chest or solar plexus - anyplace that your hand would be most comfortably moving towards.

You can sit or stand or even lay down - thats fine. What you're looking for here is not resistance so much but a slight sense of contact or touch. It will be very slight for most of you though for some of you there might be some - perhaps a little more feeling - and see if you can notice it. Thats all for today - just notice it. That is your own auric field and I will build on that knowledge in the future.


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