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The Wand Position
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

As In Dogs And Sometimes People...

Now today I would like to speak to you about some experiences I've had and maybe pass on a little instruction.
I have in the past been asked by friends who have been having some problems with their dogs - even after the Veterinarian has checked them thoroughly which I recommend - to see if I could help in some way.
Invariably I have noted that when these people were speaking about their dogs that it always had to do with how the dog's temperament had completely changed - sometimes overnight or very suddenly and the dog was either no longer relating to its fellow dogs, when people had more than one and also very often not relating in the same way to the people dog lived with. Very often dog would even be attempting to get away - in short going from loving pet to almost complete stranger.
When I have gone to these places to visit with these dogs I could do something that some of you have had experience with and that is that I was able to look at the dog quickly to get a personality view - meaning seeing dog in that situation - then look away for a moment and see an image of a dark energy in the dog.
The dark energy is not something evil - rather it is something that is associated with another being. Usually the being is discarnate, meaning that it is no longer part of a physical living being but had not either entirely moved on to other worlds as anyone might when they die or had been passing through our world for some other reason.
In my experience I have found that such beings will sometimes pick up bits of, for lack of a better term - flotsam and jetsam of floating energies - usually unexpressed feelings, emotions, anger, etc left in residue in the energy around us and that this will sometimes clutter on these beings. It will change their appearance from their normal light color, whatever that might be, to this dark appearance.
When they are like that they are easily picked up by animals and humans alike usually providing for the others in their family, if it is a human, or for the others in that family - say even if it is a dog - a sudden contrast in their normal personality. I have been trained how to remove, or at least request the removal of such beings, while at the same time removing the clutter on them so they can either find their way again to where they need to go - or what I normally do is ask Gold Light Beings to escort these beings to where they need to go and cleanse them of this material so that they are in their normal, healthy state of being.
In the case of the dogs I'm referring to I was able to clear the material off of the beings and help the beings on their way so that these light beings could continue on their journey to their home ports, so to speak. Those dogs immediately responded by changing completely to their normal personalities and dogs and people they lived with were quite happy about it.
Now that's a quick overview but I want to give you something today that you can do if you noted some behavior change in your dog. I don't think this applies to cats but in my experience it can apply to dogs as they are very sensitive beings and very humanitarian, for lack of a better term - mostly that is the way they are - the way they're born regardless of how they're trained or conditioned.
If you've had an experience like this with your dog this is what I recommend you do - first see if you can relax without much distraction. If you can maybe turn off the ringer on your phone or wait for a time of the evening or even the day when there is quiet. Then as relaxed as you can get I recommend you say the following - I would recommend you say, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings compatible with the gold light come now and clear the energies out of my dog (or dogs you can say) that are not compatible with my dog ( you can inject the names of your dog or dogs here if you like) and clear any energies within my dog that may be harming him (or her)." That's all.
Then wait for a time. You might feel some energy. You might even fall asleep - that's fine. There's a good chance, especially if your dog is comfortable with the Gold Light Beings and usually they will be, that your dog will feel better or you will notice a return by your dog to their normal personality.
Sometimes dogs can throw off this energy if they're allowed to roam, meaning where they might run - get out in the street or get out in the countryside - you might see them just tear down the road, not particularly running at anything but just run. When a dog does this the energy inside the dog tends to push out and it will naturally push anything out that is not of health for that dog, meaning that is not of the dog or its nature.
This is something similar that works for people. Sometimes people will acquire this kind of energy and if they're athletic and go to the track or even go for a run or even a good lengthy jog they'll also push that energy out because the physical energy will cause that emanation but for those who cannot be so athletic or you have an old dog or for any reason, you can make that request.

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