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The Wand Position
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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Flying With Bird Spirit

There was a time when I felt a need to be up in a high place. I remember driving my vehicle up into a high plateau and when looking down when parking by the side of the road - looking down over the edge - not to close to the edge but fairly close - the clouds were coming up in that direction and passing by.
I remember feeling the spirit of eagle and hawk and heard one go by making its cry. I put my arms out to each side and feeling the clouds go by I closed my eyes for a few minutes and could feel myself flying - not as a bird but with the hawk and the eagle spirit. It was a wonderful feeling and from time to time I would open my eyes just slightly and because the clouds were moving past the plateau - looking straight ahead it almost felt like I was flying through the clouds. This was a most enjoyable experience.
I have been blessed with the hawk and eagle spirit in my life. This spirit I believe has supported my capacity for vision as they have great and clear vision for great distances. They also have a need to be amongst their fellow beings and a strong sense of family and community.
Family for me is very much focused in the larger sense - the family of human beings and the greater family of all life - animals, human beings, plants, Mother Earth, planets, everything. In my experience of life I would have to say that that form of belief has served me well and at times when I have felt less connected to human friends there has always been spirit, animal or plants. Mother Earth I believe has offered us these options in order that we can feel at one with many forms of life at all times and at one with forms of life that we wouldn't normally be attracted to.
I've had unusual experiences with animals some of which I've shared here and I will share more as time goes on. Today I just wanted to let you know about that experience because one often thinks of children doing that - holding their arms out and pretending to fly like a bird but I will have to say that even though I was not a child when I did this that I felt greatly refreshed afterwards and I felt like life supported me and as a bird spirit once said to me when I said, "Goodlife" to a bird flying by as I have been taught to say to all life - the bird spirit said - we say may the wind support your wings. When I did that flight with bird spirit I truly felt like not only were my wings supported but that I was being supported in life itself.

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