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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spirits In The Sky

Do you know that there are always spirits in the sky. Sometimes you can see them or recognize portions of them when a cloud passes by their location and because of the energy of the spirit being the cloud temporarily defines their features.

These spirits exist because they love us, they oversee us. In some cases they are guides to those near them. In other cases they might even have been alive on the Earth and have been allowed to look in and observe for a time.

They do not often communicate but when they do, sometimes you may hear a word or have a feeling. From these spirits in the sky it is always benevolent and they have a way they can communicate by offering a blessing. This blessing is almost always offered in the form of passing clouds.

If they strongly desire to offer a blessing and there is even a little moisture in the cloud, the cloud will become saturated with the energy of that blessing and bring the blessing in the form of rain to the earth or to the sea or perhaps to touch you briefly.

Have you ever felt that kind of a raindrop? It usually feels like a surprise. Perhaps you don't even notice that there is a cloud in the sky, it might be quite sunny. When that kind of raindrop or raindrops touch you, lightly usually, it feels like something cheerful and uplifting. When that occurs and that feeling happens it is always because a benevolent spirit in the sky has desired to make contact with you and give you happiness, joy and the blessings they have to offer in that moment.

I want you to know about these things. It's easy to forget but there are those who love us and are prepared to make contact in the ways that are offered through nature.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert;

Thank you for your timely words on this subject! Twice in recent weeks, I have seen a cloud formation in the evening sky which looked like a Phoenix. Since the Phoenix is a Totem of mine, I took the appearances quite seriously. Two very intense and helpful "conversations" took place. I feel the timeliness of your blog on this subject is confirmation from the universe that these talks did take place and were significant. I am very grateful that you chose to address this subject now!



Robert Shapiro said...

Diane, thank you for your comment. I am very happy that I was able to participate in this spiritual creation you experienced.

I agree that it is a wonderful thing to have confirmation - especially when it is accompanied with synchronicity.

Goodlife my friend.