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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You Can Change The Past, Part 1

Changing the outcome of events in the past is possible. It can only be done however to make changes that you do not understand.

Let me explain. In the minds of the human being - us yes - we often attempt to figure things out and we believe, very often, the facts but the facts all depend upon your position don't they - to say nothing of what you don't see.

Today I'm going to suggest to you how to do something about what you don't see - how to learn to use it, trust it and use it to support your life and the lives of others.

How would it be if some things in the past turned out better then they did turn out. I'm going to leave it up to you what that would be but know that this method I'm sharing with you cannot possibly be used to make things turn out bad for some people. It can only be used for things to turn out better for everyone. Still - that is possible so I want to share it.

This is what to do. Try to pick out an event that is meaningful to you in your personal life even if it involves others. This way you will care about the change.

Don't worry about its impact in some way that you cannot see or understand that is harmful. What I'm going to teach you here can only be benevolent in its application and outcome.

Pick out that event and have a visualization if you can in the way you would like it to turn out - not necessarily all the facts and what happened one thing after another but the way you would like to have felt when whatever occurred was beginning, happening and how you felt afterwards.

This is really the way much of the history that has engulfed us all in ongoing conflicts will be resolved in the present, past and future. I see no reason why you cannot start now to learn to apply it as you will be doing these things at some point and all of you have learned about many of these things between lives.

So now let us begin. Again - pick an event in your own life even if it involved others and once you have taken a look at how you wanted it to start, proceed and end then focus on your feelings because when you think of this event it often distresses you - you see - and change your feelings - meaning remove yourself from the recollection of the event and settle into a comfortable feeling whether it is peace, calm, happiness - anything like that.

Then as much as you can engage in that feeling look at that event - meaning from a distance - don't be in it. Just feel those good feelings and glimpse it like a snapshot from afar.

Then while you stay in that feeling whatever that good feeling is say this - it won't be easy to say it while you stay in that good feeling and it will take practice but it's good to be in to practice now. Say, "Benevolent change before, during and after for me now" just once. Then continue to feel that benevolent feeling you had and when you relax completely in your body you can open your eyes.

Then say, "I am asking..." you don't have to say what it is by name - that past event but say it like this, "I am asking that my past event be resolved now in feeling, in memory and in my life in the most benevolent way for me and that its outcome be at peace with others."

Then again go into that benevolent feeling - that comfortable relaxed feeling that you had before as best you can. If you fall asleep for a moment don't worry about it - that's alright but when you wake up you must continue so try not to fall asleep but if you do or even if not wait a few minutes and then get up for a moment if you have been lying down flat on your back which is good but if you have been sitting or laying on either side that's alright as long as you did not have your arms or legs crossed.

Then get up and find some comfortable place to stand, as comfortable as you can find, and turn one complete rotation to the left. You can keep your eyes open so you keep your balance.

Then stop when you've completed that rotation and look down at your feet. Then take both of your hands and put your right palm on your solar plexus and your left palm on your heart area and say, "I am asking that this resolution bring peace, comfort and benevolence to my life now and that all memories of that past event be resolved and dissolved in my mind and body."

Wait for a minute or two holding that position. Then whatever direction you need to go, turn to your left even if you need to go to your right until you get to that direction you need to go and walk slowly from that spot. Continue on with your life.

This is good practice for you now and it has co-ordination with what you've learned between lives. I recommend this for you to practice on when you are able. It will help. It might take time for some of you but it will help.

How will you know? Because the tension in your body - the tension level - will gradually drop. Some of you might note that certain things that you like doing - be they self-destructive or be they agitating to others might become less so because you're no longer compensating for that old wound or those old wounds if you've done this more than once for other events that you've thought about. Then you might also notice that you are interested in doing things that you've been shy to do in the past or things that you have had no interest in doing before.

That's all we'll do today but we'll build on this in the future - you and I together. Goodlife.

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