The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Pathway Has A Purpose

I have begun a route that will support all of your journeys to the most comfortable place that your hearts and minds and personalities can support.

Much of the true magic I have been teaching here and on my other main blog is creating a tunnel - but it's a tunnel with windows and gaps and openings that will allow, as you do the work, a sense of capacity and creativity and a feeling of capability into your lives that you have not known before.

It is my intention in the paving of this tunnel to create something firm underfoot and yet yielding when it needs to be. The promise of magic in this benevolent way is that it serves all beings - no one is left out. In order to arrive at our benevolent future we must walk the benevolent path to the best of our abilities.

I know that those of you involved in this work with benevolent magic, living prayer and now true magic are walking that path.

I cannot guarantee a rosy future or even present but I can guarantee a sense of confidence and self-assurance. When you devote time and effort to the betterment of all beings in this pathway I am laying down for you, ultimately those good feelings become part of who you are.

You no longer have to fret about what you can't help in other parts of the world. You have the tools now, you can begin to do benevolent magic, living prayer and even lay some plans for the future for true magic that you will do to support benevolent causes for all beings.

It is my intention to lay that path a little more and then to allow you to work on your own. I will be available for questions when I can answer them but we will go on here for a time - you and I interacting together - and I shall do so as long as I am able. I am counting on you to carry on the good work wherever you are, whenever you are reading this.

Remember - if you have doubts look into your own hearts. You will find great strength there that you have not known before. This work is intended to bring that strength to your attention and to help you to feel a confidence that you deserve.

Goodlife to you all.

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