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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Was It A UFO - Or What?

There was a time in my life when I lived in the canyon - I think I've mentioned that eh - and I saw something so amazing. I want to share it with you today.

I remember I was living in the trailer park. It was a very nice park, very quiet - away a bit from the town that was a few miles away and with the creek running through there - a fairly peaceful place even in a harried world many miles away.

I recall driving to an event, I don't remember what the event was but pulling out of the park onto the two lane blacktop highway and as I went just a short distance I saw above me in the sky - it was night - I saw above me an unusual sight.

It was a bubble is the only way I can describe it, illuminated from within - a glass bubble is what it looked like but it might have been made of some other material. It was perfectly clear however.

I am not certain how big it was but it didn't look much bigger than say six feet across - perfectly round and it was floating in the sky. I remember wondering what is this?

There was a place in the road with just barely enough space to pull my car into. I pulled it in and watched the bubble approaching. It was moving very slowly.

I shut the engine off in my car to make certain it wasn't something dangling from a helicopter but it was absolutely silent.

Here's the even wilder part of this floating bubble - it was floating oh perhaps thirty feet above the road - not much more than that - it was following though, the actual pattern of the highway. I might add there were no other cars coming and going at that point. Here's the funny thing if that isn't funny enough eh - funny strange eh - as it got closer I could see that there were two people sitting in the bubble and they were talking, not gesticulating - just talking but in an animated conversation between them.

There did not appear to be anything else in the bubble - just the two sitting on some kind of seat and that was it.

It was floating much closer and you know how it is with narrow two lane highways - I made the effort and took the risk I might add to turn my car around in that space very nervously and got my car turned around quickly - got out of the middle of the road as it were and raced after the bubble as it had passed me.

I wanted to see, I must admit, if there was a helicopter involved even though it had passed by me and been absolutely silent - you know how we always look for a logical reason.

Well I got going and it suddenly, wouldn't you know, picked up speed and as the road was curving to the left I raced up there and it was gone.

Well I'd like to say, "And here's what it was" but I can't really say. It was another mystery but I'd have to say with all of the objects I've seen in the sky and unusual things of which I will present more here from time to time, that was one of the most fascinating.

Do you know, I wasn't frightened at all. It's just that it was so unusual and there were two human beings sitting inside talking pleasantly in an animated way but not gesticulating - they weren't upset - they seemed to be perfectly happy together. They didn't seem to notice me - they were just floating by - hows that for an amazing sight.

I haven't met anybody yet who has seen that but I expect there's those of you out there who've seen something like that. Believe it or not - it wasn't a dream, I was wide awake. Well, that canyon and the surrounding area were known for unusual sights and that's one of my all time most unusual. Goodlife.

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