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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Future Echos

Echos of a past not fulfilled often cause us to feel as if we are functioning in life without all of our apparatus but you know in my experience there are so many things that are available.

It's like walking through a store isn't it - we pass by an item that we've always wanted. We stop perhaps and look at it with great desire and then because we do not have quite enough or we need to allocate our funds differently we move on with a longing and yet as we walk along we see other things - perhaps get reminded of other qualities and other people, places or things that the items on the store shelf bring to our attention and that causes us to feel warm and comfortable.

Sometimes we have to leave things behind us that we wish, hope and desire for and move on down the road of our life.

This is not always easy. Sometimes it is very difficult and yet, if there is a desire for that which was unavailable to us in the past - a desire of a need for fulfillment that we felt was only attached to that which was in the past - we sometimes find that that desire can be fulfilled in our present or just around the corner in our future though we do not always recognize those qualities of potential fulfillment.

This does not mean we must lunge at everything which may or may not, we don't know - yes, be just right for us but try to pay attention to those little twinges - sometimes pleasurable twinges which may be indefinable. Perhaps not having words or even concepts that come to mind but a feeling that seems to resonate.

If it is resonating only on the basis of familiarity we cannot be certain can we - that it is something desirable but if there is a warmth or a good feeling, a relaxation, a peaceful feeling, something we can define physically as a feeling that we would say feels good to us - not just familiar but actually good then perhaps there is something about this thing that is for us.

Letting things go, even things that we desperately wanted at one time, is part of life at times isn't it and yet it is possible that that desire, that need for fulfillment will be filled in some other way now or in the future just up around a bend in the road.

Goodlife to you all.

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