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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 12, 2007

A Moment

On awakening from a deeper sleep we find that our perspective has changed and that that perspective has up to that point in time been one of theatre. The old saying - the theatre of life - yes but the theatre we have been in has encompassed a large part of our life.

This part of our life has had to do with how we relate to everything.

When we are born here on Earth we experience a great many things, some of them wonderful but a great deal of them are baffling and after a time we adapt to that which is wonderful yes but also to that which is baffling. We spend most of our life trying to find what is natural for us.

Think about it, all of us here - billions of people trying to find what is natural for us. In that process we explore many things.

Some have reminiscent feelings of what is natural - occasionally we find something that feels natural and that's good but now what is happening due to there being so many of us all looking for the same thing consciously or otherwise - Earth herself as she often does has responded to our need and she has created an energy within herself to assist that process.

So you might notice now and for a long time to come that for a few moments when you wake up in the morning if there is no alarm clock involved or if no one has woken you up suddenly that they'll be a few moments when you feel as if you are in a unusual space and that space is the natural space.

You may feel, not everyone will at the same time but you may feel that sense of being in your natural world. When that occurs just know, Mother Earth is trying to help you. See if you can memorize that feeling.

Your body will be completely relaxed and you will feel as close to peace as you have ever felt. See if you can memorize that feeling so that if it occurs during your life - during your working life and during your relationship life and during your fun life that that is a reminder that it is possible to integrate into your life.

Examine the moment - what has prompted it? I will say more about this in time.


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Anonymous said...

All I notice when I first open my eyes is that the walls, the ceiling all look very particle like - as if they are re-materilaizing because they know I'm up now. Meaning they wern't there while I was sleeping. Plus how groggy I feel. Then the cats realize that I'm awake... they're not letting me go back so sleep so..