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The Wand Position
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Steps Along The Wisdom Path

When we walk the path of life it is often very difficult to notice the next step that is best for us but there is never any lack of advisors is there. People we know are happy to give us advice whether we ask for it or not eh. Still, we often do that ourselves.

How many times have our friends spoken to us and in the course of speaking about their troubles we have, with the best of intentions, shared or given or at least offered our advice on how to solve their situation. Sometimes this is well received isn't it but many times it is not so well received.

We might hear, "Oh I tried that" or "Oh, I don't know" or oh this or oh that. What do you think - maybe next time when your friend or even an acquaintance, perhaps somebody you're riding next to on the train or the bus, starts speaking of their problems in a way that might even surprise you then just this once - don't offer advice.

Now if they ask you, "What would you do in a situation like that" - if you can identify with that circumstance and only that - meaning you've had some experience yourself along those lines then I'd recommend you say to them your actual experience.

Say for instance, "Well this is how I experienced that. It may not be exactly what you had but this is what happened with me." Then tell what happened with you. You don't have to name names if you don't want to but just say what happened with you and when you're done - stop.

Don't say - you could try this - you could try that and don't say, "If I were you..."

Rather just speak your experience when it is actually asked. Now, it's important to make sure you don't project some nuance on somebody. If they're telling you their problem and you get the impression that they're asking you for advice I'd say - many times they may not be asking. I'd recommend that you wait until they actually give you a direct question.

Even if you feel like you have the magical solution then I'd say - only if you've had the feeling that they would like that would you offer it. You could give a hint of that for instance.

You might say - I can identify with what you're saying - I have a recollection there - meaning that you have something to offer and then if they ask you what that recollection is then go ahead and speak your experience always couching it in terms that this is what you experienced, this is what you did and this as far as you know are the results - because you may not know all of the results - just the results that had to do with you or those near you. This is what I recommend.

I feel it is a way to show love, honor, respect, appreciation for life. It is a way to help others to define that next step. It is what you can offer and it is best to offer it in a way that speaks to your experience.

In that way you are sharing your wisdom - not only your knowledge but you see - your wisdom because you will have something to say that this is how it worked out. I don't recommend you sharing this unless you've already got some results that you can share.

This is my recommendation for your steps along the wisdom path.


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