The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Have Been Concerned

A short message from me regarding something I’ve put in place for the benefit of all beings.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bi-location Is Happening Now

In the normal way of life when a person passes over - say an adult or even an elderly person they experience themselves, when they step out of their body with their Guide usually yes, as being how they were when they were young and vital. 

Usually if you saw someone like that you’d say, “Oh, they’re in their 20’s,” - okay - and that was often a time when they were strong and vital and were still young enough to appreciate and value life. 

So, I bring that up not because this is about death but rather for some of you now - and this has been going on for about seven years for some of you - there is something going on that is very interesting. Here’s what it is. 

This will often happen during your sleep but sometimes it will happen when you’re wide awake doing other things and you’ll momentarily, it’ll just be a split second, get a flash of someplace else. 

If you’re really busy you probably won’t pay any attention. If you’re not doing anything pressing you might think to yourself, “Oh I wonder what that was,” and not think much about it. Occasionally you’ll get more details. I want you to know what’s going on. 

What’s happening is that some of you have the ability, and were born with it I might add, to bi-locate unconsciously - meaning that you will be in more than one place at once functioning smoothly and well in both those places. 

This has been a phenomena that has happened for thousands of years on the Earth but just very rarely - now it happens more frequently but if you’re a middle age say, adult or elder adult you will appear in those other places the way you were when you were young and vital in your 20’s. 

So people might see you, they might interact with you - you might even be able to converse in those other places where ever they may be, when you were younger in that younger body - ja - and then in those places you will be unnoticed for a moment and then you will simply not be there. 

It will not be the case in almost every time that you will simply seem to disappear - poof - like that but there will be a sort of collapsing of the image of your being there if someone happens to catch it on camera. 

I mention this because it is so frequently found these days that people have cameras and might be shooting videos for other things completely and they might see these odd images where there is a person and then that person turns to the side and they almost appear to be a two dimensional image of themselves and then they’re gone. You might see some variation of that on a video. It is not likely but it can happen. 

So, you’re going to have all these questions but for today my job is just to let you know that this is happening

It is nothing to worry about. It will not cause people to walk into a light pole cuz they saw it. This will all be latent images - meaning it’s like a latent image in your minds eye, as I said before when you’re doing something. If it shows up on a video, it’s not something that a person will notice. They’ll be videoing something and it may show up in part in the background - alright - so it’s not going to distract anybody from what they’re doing but it is happening. 
I’ll say more about this another time. 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Life With A Spiritual Cat

Some years ago I was living in the mountains with my then girlfriend, whom I shall call Janice, and her cat. She was a very special cat I will call Tsish. She was a most profound spiritual cat. Here is one of the many adventures I experienced with this amazing cat being. 

One day I was sitting in the living room of our modest apartment reading, as I recall, with Tsish in my lap. All of a sudden there was a quick flash of light that moved across the room. Tsish was off my lap in a flash tearing after the light. I was up in almost as much of a flash because I wanted to see where she was going, I’ll tell you why in a moment. 

Down the hall she went with me running after her. I wasn’t calling her, I just wanted to see where she was going. 

She rounded the corner into the bedroom and I managed to get around the corner myself just in the nick of time to see this very small and very bright light zoom across the room into a corner. It lit up that corner for a second and was gone but the light lingered for just a moment and Tsish running full speed ran straight into the light and right through the wall and vanished. 

Needless to say, that got my attention for several reasons. One, I wasn’t surprised because she was a most unusual spiritual cat and two, she had been disappearing out of our small apartment for some time and we had been absolutely unable to find her. 

So, I remember Janice was in the bathroom taking a bath. She yelled out, “What’s all that running around out there?” I said, "I may just have discovered where Tsish is going.” 

When Janice got out of the bath I told her what had happened. She was still determined to look around the apartment to find Tsish. Needless to say, she couldn’t find her. 

On one previous occasion when we were looking for Tsish, I had come across her in a most unexpected place but between us, Tsish and I, we had decided to keep it quiet so Tsish could have her quiet time in her quiet space. We all need that from time to time eh? 

I told Janice that I had an idea where Tsish might show up. Janice felt reassured when I told her that I was certain that Tsish was quite safe and would be back. 

Well we waited and I could feel Janice being uncomfortable as she loved her cat dearly as so many of us love our pets. When Janice and I got together she had had Tsish for quite a few years and was, of course, very attached to her. 

So about two hours later I walked down to hall to the bathroom. Janice thought I was going to use the facilities so she didn’t come after me.

The bathroom was small and had a tall and narrow linen cabinet up high where we kept the towels. The door was latched, I think magnetically. I gave the door a pull and there was a stack of towels that was completely undisturbed but I had seen her in there once before as I said, looking very sleepy eyed scrunched in behind the towels. 

I peeked behind the towels and there she was. Tsish picked her head up and opened her eyes just a little bit looking very dreamy and I must say with a very beautiful energy radiating all around her. I softly said to her, “I thought you might be here. I’m going to leave the door ajar so you can push it open easily when you’re ready to come out. Take all the time you need. I’ll see you later.” Also, I didn’t touch her so she could be in the energy. Tsish put her head back down and I closed the door but not all the way. 

I went back into the living room and sat with Janice. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes we heard the thump of her jumping to the floor. Janice got this happy, gleeful look on her face and she said, “You weren’t kidding,” to me. She ran down the hall and picked up Tsish with the greatest of joy and gave her a big hug. 

I think spiritual cats have been teaching us for a long time that there’s more to life here on Earth than is always obvious to us. That’s just one of my many adventures with one of my all-time favorite spiritual cats. 

I wish you all well with your cats and dogs and other beings and leave you with this, you never know when you might have a wonderful spiritual experience with a friend - either two legged, four legged or other. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oak Creek Canyon Adventures

Many’s the time, when I lived in Sedona, that on Fridays I would drive up to Flagstaff just for something different and to have a relaxing day.

Driving up there though, took me right through Oak Creek Canyon and I certainly had many unusual experiences there.

I remember once, on a hike, seeing twinkling lights above a pine tree and they just felt like little beings and that was nice. 

And of course there was the time when I had one of my most spectacular sightings when I saw a glass ball, I don’t know if it was actually glass but it was completely transparent and there were two people talking in it - two fellas. There was just room for them and the glass ball was just floating right up the highway maybe about 20 feet above me and that was pretty amazing.

Then another time when I was really not that far out of Sedona, just a few miles, there was - I saw crystal clear - a fairy just float right across the road. Looked just like one. Wings and beautiful green dress. She was really gorgeous. 

I wasn’t the only one that saw it. There was a youngster - a boy in a car going the other way - he saw it too. I remember because I was watching the fairy go by and then I saw the youngster cause I was sort of turned around. He was pointing out the back window. He was talking, probably yelling to his folks - hey, look what I saw.

And one other time I want to mention and that’s when I was up at the top of the rim, they call it. You might say the top of the hill when you’re coming out of Sedona past the switchbacks. 

I was just driving - not that far, a few miles from Flagstaff and all of a sudden I had an urge to turn onto this road. It’s what they call a fire road. I guess they cut them through the forest there to make way for fire engines if they’re needed. 

Anyway, I went way down this road. Up along the way I saw cows and a few other critters but I went way in there, miles and miles and I had a feeling to stop. There was a little clearing there and I pulled off and stopped. 

I swear I hadn’t been there more than two minutes when I saw this spirit - was just amazing. She must have been at least a hundred feet tall and she was dancing, just twirling and dancing and just looked like she was in complete rapturous joy. 

She was dancing around the trees and the trees seemed to be bending towards her. She had some kind of a green garment on - and it was just fabulous. One of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen in my life. A nature spirit you could say I suppose but she seemed like she was just something fabulously special.

So I’m just recalling these experiences. I’ve had a few other experiences up in Oak Creek Canyon. I don’t know if you’ve been there. It’s north of Sedona and it’s really a special place. So if you happen to go there keep your eyes open. You never know what you’re going to see.


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Transforming Atomic Radiation

More about benevolent transformation is shared in this video as well as suggestions for your relationship to Mother Earth. Remember to use the procedures that I recommend to do this work.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Some of you have wondered why this site here, A Mystical Man's World, does not have easily followed updates and notification systems of new posts and that is because it is important for this site which has advanced teaching that you are entrusted with looking things up for yourself. 

You have to prove, even in this small way, that you are prepared to be a serious student. Serious does not mean that you have to be grumpy. It just means that you have to be determined to learn - even things that you do not know that you will ever need. 

How to know that? First, this is something very basic that I do and I feel that you ought to get in the habit of doing it if you are a serious student of A Mystical Man's World and that is to point to things. 

Go to the Labels on the sidebar and first scan down and notice what catches your eye and make a note of it - write it down some place - alright. Then go back through it slowly. Use your finger of your left hand - alright. 

If you don't have a left hand because of some trauma then you can use your right hand or arm. 

Point to the words and slowly go down the words from the top down and notice which ones you get a good feeling for. You might get the warmth or you might feel energy. If you get a good feeling for any of those words then write those down too. 

Then after you've finished that list if you have words you want to search for then you use the search box. It's not completely accurate, it's in the upper left corner but do what you can there. So, this is what I recommend as a basic

Then even though not all of the posts have labels, but I will get around to that when I can (it is just me doing this work - alright - so things take time), then you start looking those things up - the words, the labels - that you had a feeling for. 

If you've gone through the labels and you get an uncomfortable feeling for those labels, certain ones, just do not ever look that up. It doesn't mean it's bad, it means it's not for you at this time. Later in life, who knows, it may be for you or it may be that there are only some things on this particular teaching blog that are meant for you. 

Understand that you do not have to know everything. You just need to know what appeals to you because underneath all of the things you have to do - your busy day, your busy life - your soul is still functioning. It is your spirit, it is the overall being that is you that lives from life to life and it can teach you physically what you need to know. 

You will get a good feeling, a benevolent energy when something in the labels or something in one of the posts has that energy for you, then you know you need to read that for some reason and maybe do the homework if there is any. 

You might have thought that I would have put this up first but the reason it's coming up now is that it is coming close to the time when you will need to apply what you have learned here. It may be something that is seemingly innocuous or it may be something that will be profound and important - valuable for you and others. 

One last thing - always remember - these teaching blogs, A Mystical Man's World, Benevolent Magic and Explorer Race specifically and occasionally on the other blogs are meant to help you not only to help yourself and your friends and family but to help you to be of service in the most benevolent way for all beings. 


Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's time now to further your education. Some things have been spoken about, written about and even movies and theatre productions fictionalized but the word telekinesis meaning - to move some thing without touching it - is real. It is not a trick though Illusionists have turned it into one for the sake of entertainment.

It was always and only designed to help others, to serve, to - yes - rescue and to assist. While I'm not going to teach you how to do it here as it is something that primarily has to do with an absolute devotion and dedication to being in service to others and the desire to have loving spirit support and natural energies from earth support, it is ultimately something that comes upon you that you can do. 

And here for starters I want to say - If you can do this please do it only to help and to be of service in the most benevolent way. And don't be too shy to let others know - not necessarily by saying out loud - I can do this, I can do that but to let others who need the help know that it can be done.

Many a quiet place where there is quicksand - someone has happened across them and having no other object has been able to help the person through the use of drawing them out of the sand.

I am not saying that this happens often but it has happened many times and in the past before there was radio and television and smart phones and all of that there was a quiet spoken word that if someone needed help then call on this person, call on that person and this is still known in various places around the world.

I have been privileged on more than one occasion to help out in such a way, not with quicksand, usually to support life in some way that would involve motion. Moving up, moving forward, moving this way, moving that way and some day I will tell you more about these things though I have begun to speak of it a little bit here on these blogs.

I will just allude to one thing that occurred many years ago when living in Arizona. One day out by a small airport I saw a plane flying overhead. Nothing to think about really - a small plane, single engine and the person apparently having fun it being a summertime. I was thinking, "Oh, he's doing aerobatics." Rolling the plane and doing things like that. 

There were no other planes nearby so apparently he felt it was alright. Then he was flying not far from my car where I was parked. I was parked in a quiet place that had a small but big enough parking lot for oh perhaps 40 cars if it was to be crowded.

All of a sudden the plane is flying directly towards me and at a steep angle and it is getting so close that I can see the pilot and he's speaking in an excited way into the microphone and he's getting so close now I can see that his eyes are wide. There is something wrong with the plane.

Suddenly I feel a surge of energy at the top of my head and raise my right palm up and feel some slight resistance, so I know to push up. And the plane coming in at a very steep angle, 45 degrees. It is almost in contact with the parking lot and suddenly does something that I cannot explain.

I felt… it was as if there was a flash of light because there was a moment of not seeing, just a split second - and in that split second instead of the plane crashing into the pavement which by all scientific expectations it would have done - meaning it did not look possible for anything else to happen - suddenly the plane is going up at the same angle it was coming down.

I felt another volume of energy pass through me and there was a strong heat in my chest and abdomen which I identify with the feeling of love and I felt spirit nearby.

The small plane made a long slow turn over the airfield. It just had one landing strip where planes would land or take off - just one - and it made a gentle landing.

I didn't go over and talk to the pilot. I thought he might have enough on his mind and perhaps would be calling friends and relatives and maybe even paying a visit to church or to some other place to give thanks.

I drove away from the airport feeling like I had been blessed. Yes, I had been blessed because I was able to serve in a way that was totally unexpected and that I was certain that at least one life had been spared.

If you have thoughts like this and are not looking for pats on the back and vaingloriousness then keep spiritual practices and that which I teach here in mind. It is not typical to ever be known doing work like this but it is something that happens from time to time.

I have chosen to speak to you about these matters but this is because I am getting older and I do not have too many students. I just have a few. Enough though and therefore I've chosen to share a few things with you here - not necessarily this time teaching about how to do it but with certain landmarks to recognize it. 

Don't try it before you know that it works but if you're ever around a situation where it's clear that there's going to be harm or hurt or people are in great need or animals then you can try something only if you feel the rush*, only if you feel that spirit energy that comes with that warmth, that love or that knowing that it is there to serve in the most benevolent way.


*A sudden intense feeling - a flow of energy.