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The Wand Position
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Friday, September 27, 2019

The School of Lost Causes and Found Causes

It’s at times like this, late in my life, when I feel the most humble. I’ll tell you why. I’ve been given so much help in my life when I needed it the most. This has not always saved me from suffering and pain but sometimes it has. The help is a comfort though through it all. I think that’s why The School of Lost Causes, as I’m calling it, is what I’ve been working on.
 The school is basically about things that can’t be fixed but can over time be transformed with work, patience, healing, forgiveness of others and one’s self and experience.
 Sometime lost causes can be people or events that have changed the course of people’s lives or limits and many others.
 Some of my motivation for the school came from a question, often with urgency, of, “Can’t I do something to help?”
 Sometimes there were things to do though often other people were already doing them. Now and then though, someone would say something like, “We’ve tried and tried but it’s just a lost cause.”
 I know they did try, I’m not doubting that and so I turned to prayer and spirituality.
 Eventually through the guidance of spiritual teachers I was able to discover something I called magic because it worked like magic and you’ll find a lot of what I call magic on this blog and on my other, Benevolent Magic and sometimes even on Explorer Race blog. 
 It’s taken me a lifetime to accumulate this wisdom and it is my intention to share what I can for those of you who are on a path of wanting to help.
 I feel it is best to read these blogs from their first posts to their most recent and feel what you are drawn to the most. 
 I may or may not be able to post much more on them but there is a lot that can either help you or inspire you on your own path.
 I wish you all well. Goodlife


Rapha P said...

Thank you Robert. You've touched many lives not least my own. Your wisdoms have opened my eyes and heart in ways that I haven't yet imagined but sense and feel.
Good life sir.

krd said...

Thank you for your kindness and wisdom over the years, Robert. While I was not always open, I am now, due in part to recent events. I just want to remind you once again that I appreciate your friendship. Goodlife to you, dear friend.