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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Sedona Mystery

Quite a few years ago when I was still living in Sedona, Arizona I was driving home late one night down a two lane blacktop road there. I lived a little ways out of Sedona proper and I remember there wasn't a single other car on the road - I hadn't seen one. That was unusual.

I saw on the road...something ahead. I couldn't make it out. I started slowing down and then as I got closer I realized what it was. There were frogs everywhere on the road. It was almost biblical except that they weren't falling from the sky. They were just sitting, every one of them sitting quietly on the road.

I was still going at such a rate of speed I couldn't stop and I very carefully eased my way through there hoping that I hadn't struck any of them. Of course I wanted to turn around and go back and see if they were alright as I am fond - yes very fond of animals but I got strongly that it was important to keep going. So I said a living prayer and a blessing for their safety.

The next day first thing, I drove up to the area to see - worried that there would be dozens of injured or dead frogs all over the road. Small though it was, it is a highway. Much to my relief and amazement there were no dead frogs or signs of frogs there at all.

I remember how quiet they were which is not typical for frogs and the odd thing is that there was no water around there so they would have had to migrate a ways to get there.

My friend Sandra, around that time in that part of the world, told me that she had had an odd experience a day or two before I had had mine. She had been down by Red Rock Crossing and she had heard the frogs making strange sounds.

She was born and raised in that part of the world and she had never heard frogs making sounds like that. She was very concerned because she knew that frogs have everything to do with water and inviting water and when you're living in a desert area, even high desert, water is very important.

I can't tell you what was the outcome. I never really found out one way or the other but putting together what Sandra told me and my experience of seeing these little beings on the road I said many living prayers and did many blessings that Sedona and the environs would have all the water that the land and people needed.


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