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The Wand Position
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

More On Why We Are Here On Earth, Part 1

It's clear to me that there are those who do not understand that feelings come before thoughts. I'm not talking about the chicken and the egg here (which came first). What I'm talking about - is the sort of feelings I'm referring to in these blogs - are those that are prompted by our physical body along the lines of instinct so that we know what is for us in that moment as compared to what might be prompted by a thought that we're having and then our body produces a feeling in order that we would understand how such a thought or experience or worry or remembrance of something uncomfortable or remembrance of something comfortable - in short our body shows us a feeling physically so that we will know whether such an experience either remembered or thought would be good for us or not.

Our body is constantly training us and I believe our reason to be here on this planet - how many times have you asked yourself, "Why am I here" is so that we would learn that.

If you look at life it is very complex, truly a tapestry but one feature stands out in terms of what we may be here to learn and that's that feelings exist as an indicator - a clue if you would - and in my mind and in my heart I believe is entirely about training so we will know and understand completely what thoughts would prompt in terms of how our body might feel.

Also there are complexities aren't there. I believe that on other planets - not everywhere but on other planets and perhaps other states of being we have thoughts without feelings at all (see part 2) and we don't realize that these thoughts affect others. I believe that we are insulated on this planet not only to protect us from things happening in other dimensions and on other planets so we wont be confused about life here since we don't remember who we are here for the most part but that others on other planets and in other dimensions are insulated from us - again since we don't remember and do not feel benevolent all the time simply because of the complexities and yes the slings and arrows of life here.

I believe we are here to learn that not only do our thoughts and discussions with each other have an impact beyond our immediate environment and even beyond our world - which is why the insulation is there, sometimes called a veil or a barrier - but also so that we can learn so well what feelings are being prompted by our thoughts that we will be able to differentiate between more than one.

I've given a lot of training on feelings here - not because I'm trying to convince you that I'm "right" but rather that I'm trying to help to show you that feelings, when incorporated and understood to be a portion of instinct, can help us to lead lives that are safer and more benevolent. A great deal of training I've given either here or in other places such as the book Explorer Race Techniques for Generating Safety has been prompted in me to produce only a curiosity on your part. This is true thus what follows is also what I believe.

So - I know that people can produce feelings with thoughts but those are not the feelings I'm attempting to help you to use. That's why all the training about the heart heat or instinct as you might find here for example and also here.

I know most of you understand this by now or you would not be reading this and hopefully applying some of the homework and discovering these things for yourself but I am still surprised when people do not understand what I believe to be the basic thread that connects the tapestry here and that is that we are here to develop in our lives - or perhaps just after life when we get a chance to examine our physical life with our guides and teachers or at the deep dream level yes when our guides and teachers are with us - an understanding that allows us to completely realize that our feelings, physical feelings okay, are our guide.

It's really like the lesson book and our physical body is the teacher. I know most of you understand this by now and that's why you come here to read these things or consider them and I appreciate that and I hope it brings comfort in your life.

This more personal note is prompted because of a couple of things good friends and family mentioned in an offhand manner that caused me to believe that the attachment to thought being the ultimate is something that - while popular in our time - is something as I say that I feel is a false path.

Thought can do many good things. It can help us to mentally understand many things. It can help us to consider concepts and ways of being. Thought is very helpful indeed which is why I'm putting out all these words on all these blogs yes but also many of the words in these blogs are to remind us that the path of who we are, and answers at least part of the question - why we're here, is feelings. Goodlife.


Margie said...

I understand exactly what you are saying here, Robert & I thank you!

Good wishes to you, my friend!


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Margie. Your friendship is always welcome here.

Thank you for your comments and your ongoing contributions with your writings and your concern for humanity. Goodlife.

Kirsten said...

Thank you for the feeling reminder, Robby! Goodlife