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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 02, 2009

More On Clarity, Part 1

You will hear many times this year, "Listen to your heart." You might hear it here, you might hear it there but you will hear it or read it or someone will say it or you will overhear someone saying something like that to another.

For some of you it will make complete sense because you know how to do this. For others it will be a challenge because it's maddening - meaning that of course you can listen to your heart beat: thump thump, thump thump yeah - but that's not what it means and most of you who are reading this know that of course.

What it means is pay attention to your heart and understand its broadcast feelings. What do I mean by broadcast feelings?

Broadcast feelings on a personal level mean that that which you physical feel in your body in and around your heart - and sometimes radiating to other parts of your body but originating with your heart since you feel it there also - broadcast feelings on a personal level mean that's what your heart knows is best for you and since your heart is the center of your being - that's right, not your brain even though science does have a tendency to want to suggest that, your heart is the center of your being - then this is a good guide and teacher to follow.

How to know that you are following your heart. How to know that your heart can help you this way. I have on many occasions in my blogs spoken of these matters. How to connect with your heart warmth and so on but I want to bring up an aspect that is a bit challenging for many of you - how to know that you are listening to your heart or listening to your fears.

I'll talk more about that next time but listening to your fears is what people confuse with paying attention to your feelings.

A great many people have found in the past and have written about extensively something they call feelings which has come to be known as emotions and how it's not good to pay attention to those but really what they're talking about is listening and responding to your fears and I agree that many times, not always - many times when you act on your fears alone which does produce a feeling in your body of course you will consciously or unconsciously act out in some ways that may be self destructive - meaning harmful to you or harmful to others - and by listening to your heart as I say and getting in touch with your heart warmth this is not the same thing.

I want to draw that delineation for those of you who are either new to these blogs or are a little unsure about the differentiation between listening to your heart and listening to your fears. I'll say more about this next time. Goodlife.


Margie said...

Thank you, Robert
I am enlightened once again by your words.


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your kind words Margie. Goodlife.